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  1. Thanks to you guys, that's what I have been using. Thanks for the tip.
  2. I have posted mine on page six of the picture forum. http://www.ar15armory.com/forums/index.php...topic=44&st=125 ( I hope this link works.)
  3. I should have searched. Did you ever get one, or try one? I have a cheap Gen 1, but if this is as as good a they advertise, maybe an affordable NV scope will come out soon. That would be cool. I did read in a review somewhere, OpticsPlanet, I think, where the reviewer said it was good to around 100' without the illuminator. If that's the case, it is nowhere near as good as Gen III. Here's a quote from another site in which the poster was dissapointed: "'I have the weaver digital...... The weaver was really disappointing. If you have ever looked through a sony camcorder in "night shot" mode you know what to expect. The resolution is very good. The problem is that it is basically an "active" night vision. It requires a significant amount of IR light in order to work. The front has an array of "IR" LEDs, which are really not IR, but near IR. The result is that with the array on full power your range is 20-30 feet. From the front, someone could see the LEDs from much farther away than you would be able to see them. This is the big disappointment- such limited range." I guess you can't get something for nothing.
  4. Anyone familiar with this digital night vision stuff? I was just looking at the Cabela's Last Minute Holiday Shopping catalog, page 110, and they have the Weaver Nightview Monocular. The copy says performance is similar to Gen III optics. It says it's based on a Sony CCD sensor. Is this true?
  5. I have Cingular. It used to be better, but since the merger with ATT there have been issues with loss of coverage and dropped calls. Hopefully they will fix it soon. Verizon does have the broadband wireless service, and from what I've seen, it works pretty well. I have been thinking of going to Verizon, but I hate the idea of getting locked into a contract again. ( I am finally off contract with Cingular) The other thing I like about Cingular is my bill is combined with my Bellsouth bill, which makes it easy to pay. The rollover minutes are nice too. They were better though when they didn't expire after a year.
  6. It's a Stag 15-L. The bolt and bolt carrier, (as well as the upper receiver) are mirror images of the right hand model. I'm really not worried about those parts breaking, but I probably will get a spare at some point. I wonder if the average (not here) AR owner has spares laying around. I have never seen those parts for sale at a store-only over the web and at gun shows. Maybe over time other companies will start selling them.
  7. Well, not really a complex, but over on another board I frequent, which shall remain nameless(but has to do with a certain polymer Austrian pistol), I have heard nothing but negative comments about having a left hand AR. I realize it is different, but it is just as valid as any other rifle. I swear, I cannot figure out why some people won't accept anything new or different. As far as I'm concerned, it works great for me and that is what matters. I don't begrudge people their choices, but it is wrong to denigrate my choice as a "gimmick" unless you have tried it. Sorry to vent. I kind of like it here. BTW, if anyone happens to come to Florida and wants to shoot lefty, drop me a line.
  8. I ordered the MI, and some low profile rail guards. I have pretty small hands and I did not want rail guards that would increase the size of the grip more than it is now (standard plastic). I wish there was a site to compare diameters of thises kinds of things. Paul at BravoCompany was very helpful, so kudos for excellent service. I'm looking forward to some more play time this wekend.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I did sheck out the sponsors sites. So, accordingly, I have a couple more questions. The choice for me seems to be betwen Midway Industries and Yankee Hill. Of the two, what would be your preference. Does either one have the same general oval shape as the standard handguard? Is either one more comfortable to hold while shooting? I don't want to tear up my hand-I don't even know if this is something I should be concerned about.
  10. I guess the next thing I need (actually, I should say want) is some kind of forend with rails. I'd like something that just is a drop in replacement for the handguard that is there now. What are some of the recommended parts that fit this bill? Does the heat shield that is there now, under the plastic, remain or does that get replaced as well? I don't want anything that involves removing the barrel. Sorry if I have used the wrong terminology, but I am new to all this stuff. Thanks in Advance,
  11. +1 I love my 22/45 as well. Slap a cheap red dot on it and you'll have hours of fun.
  12. Of course. How could I have missed that?
  13. Are you guys familiar with the sling used by the IDF? I've seen it on the web, but can't seem to find it again. I think it has parachute cord on either end for attaching to the rfle. Any ideas? TIA.
  14. I always thought a special mens power mall would be a good idea- a fishing store, gun store, liquor store, electronics store, ham radio store , and a bar with la-z-boy's and big screens. My wife could drop me there and I'd spend an hour or two.
  15. Guilty as charged. Pretty cool, huh? I don't see many lefties in pictures. I was at a gun show the other day, and saw lot's of AR's but again, no lefties, so this is my contribution to the cause.
  16. The GG&G quick release really does come off in a flash, and it seems to lock up and form a rock solid mount.
  17. The quick release adapter doesn't add any height. It works really well by the way. The sight, when flipped up, looks right at the top of the control panel on the EOTech. This is the #38 http://www.armsmounts.com/catalog.php?action=124&item_id=32. I have done further research, and this mount is designed to allow the EOTech to clear the iron sights, so that they do not cause someone to involuntarily alter their sight picture. I guess all is well. It will be fun to try. It looks like the S.I. R. system adds the same amount of height.
  18. Hi guys- I got a great deal on an EOtech 512 today, and a GG&G quick release mount and have mounted it on a Swan Sleeve with a built in ARMS #40 BUIS. The Swan SLeeve is necessary to allow the ejection port door to operate properly on a lefty. As I understand this particular set up, it is not possible to co witness the EOtech with the front and rear iron sights. The EOtech clears both sights easily (actually, the front sight appears in the bottom 25% of the window). I guess I'm just confirming all is as it should be. TIA
  19. I took my new sweetie out shooting yesterday-had a great time, killed a few hours, but now I have more problems. I need to get a front sight tool this weekend. That's not a lot of money, but the other toys will be. Man, it's easy to get addicted to these, and the things you can buy to upgrade and customize are endless. Plus, now that I have one, I want to build another. Damn, it's not a hobby anymore, it's a problem. The lefty did shoot great though. It took a bit to sight it in-unlike a scoped rifle, you can't really bore sight it. Once dialed in though..woohoo!! I have to tell you-the left hand configuration makes all the difference for me. Night and day between that and a righty. If you are left handed, you should give it a try if you get a chance. Anyhow, I now have a wish list for the coming year laugh
  20. Exploding targets are a blast (sorry). We stick them on movie posters, and when you get a direct hit..kabloom! Car doors are kind of cool as well. Really fun.
  21. Anyone know of a place that sells these? I'm trying to find the best price, but short of buying it with a rifle, they seem to be around $90. If that's the best, then I'll do that, but I'd thought I check collective wisdom first.
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