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  1. The quick release adapter doesn't add any height. It works really well by the way. The sight, when flipped up, looks right at the top of the control panel on the EOTech. This is the #38 http://www.armsmounts.com/catalog.php?action=124&item_id=32. I have done further research, and this mount is designed to allow the EOTech to clear the iron sights, so that they do not cause someone to involuntarily alter their sight picture. I guess all is well. It will be fun to try. It looks like the S.I. R. system adds the same amount of height.
  2. Hi guys- I got a great deal on an EOtech 512 today, and a GG&G quick release mount and have mounted it on a Swan Sleeve with a built in ARMS #40 BUIS. The Swan SLeeve is necessary to allow the ejection port door to operate properly on a lefty. As I understand this particular set up, it is not possible to co witness the EOtech with the front and rear iron sights. The EOtech clears both sights easily (actually, the front sight appears in the bottom 25% of the window). I guess I'm just confirming all is as it should be. TIA
  3. I took my new sweetie out shooting yesterday-had a great time, killed a few hours, but now I have more problems. I need to get a front sight tool this weekend. That's not a lot of money, but the other toys will be. Man, it's easy to get addicted to these, and the things you can buy to upgrade and customize are endless. Plus, now that I have one, I want to build another. Damn, it's not a hobby anymore, it's a problem. The lefty did shoot great though. It took a bit to sight it in-unlike a scoped rifle, you can't really bore sight it. Once dialed in though..woohoo!! I have to tell you-the left hand configuration makes all the difference for me. Night and day between that and a righty. If you are left handed, you should give it a try if you get a chance. Anyhow, I now have a wish list for the coming year laugh
  4. Exploding targets are a blast (sorry). We stick them on movie posters, and when you get a direct hit..kabloom! Car doors are kind of cool as well. Really fun.
  5. Anyone know of a place that sells these? I'm trying to find the best price, but short of buying it with a rifle, they seem to be around $90. If that's the best, then I'll do that, but I'd thought I check collective wisdom first.
  6. Maybe I'm using the wrong terminology. I mean the part of the barrel that locks up with the bolt.
  7. That's a good idea. Will it make any difference to the barrel extension if I cahnge the bolt out someday?
  8. I have shot the Ar's with the brass deflector, but I was still getting hit. Maybe it was just me, or maybe it was gases in my face, but it just was not fun.
  9. I love my Surefire E2E and carry it every day, but during the hurricanes I switched to an L4 and used the heck out of it. The LED's just have outstanding battery life, and really shine (sorry) in that department. If I was going to have to depend on a light for a long time I'd definitely go LED. I like the incandescent for throw, but life wise it's LED. The L4 is pretty bright, fwiw.
  10. It's always been a problem for me, with a lot of guns but especially the AR. Like other left handers I've adapted and compromised, but it drove me crazy wih the AR, now matter how cool it looked. The Stag left hand model is a mirror image of the right hand model, with all controls on the left hand side, except the mag release. You can get an ambi mag release and maybe I will soon, just to trick it out a little. I installed the ambi safety, which took all of 2 minutes. I've decided that if I can get guns in left hand configurations I might as wel do it. I have a Savage model 93 17HMR in left hand and it is really fun, but it took some getting used to- it's pretty neat to operate the bolt with my LEFT hand. I think the reason I like Glocks so much is the fact they are left hand friendly. As soon as I can figure out the picture stuff I'll try to post one.
  11. Just joined, and just got my first AR. I picked up a Stag lower assembly, and ordered a Stag upper-left handed, which is a Godsend for me. Every AR I ever shot sent hot brass into my chest, so I always avoided them. I didn't know that you could buy uppers and lowers, heck, I had no idea how modular these things are. Anyhow, I've seen the light. I've got myself a lefty rifle, and I can't wait to get out and play with it. If only this rain would stop..... but this week is supposed to be nice. Now I have to save up for an ACOG sight........
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