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  1. He pled no contest to a child molestation charge, even though he says he is innocent? Why would he do that?
  2. Have you seen how the Democrats are going to make it part of the platform in 2020?
  3. Not going to happen. We like to say it's a civil war, because we want to keep doing things the old way, but times are changing, and eventually things will change. A lot of us won't accept, or can't deal, with change. Now, not all change is good, but not all change is bad either. I think if you can't win at the ballot box, then you accept the votes that did win. That's how things work. The pendulum swings to and fro.
  4. I have no problem with enhanced penalties for anyone with a prior felony conviction who uses a gun while committing a crime. I think it's extreme, though, to tell someone with a prior felony conviction that they can't take their grandson out in the yard on Christmas day to shoot cans with a new .22, or go to a work function at a sporting clays course, of have a .38 to defend their home, or that they can't go deer hunting in order to feed their family.
  5. No, there has to be or have been some sort of relationship.
  6. In Florida, you can get into a fight with your roommate and lose your gun rights, but if you get into the same fight with your neighbor you don't.
  7. I think it's a slippery slope towards gun control when and if we determine that some rights are more important than other rights. When criminals have completed their sentences, we don't talk about taking away their rights to freedom of speech. I think we start to sound like anti gunners when we say that some rights are different than other rights. Then it starts to sound like privileges. It seems to me that if we start saying that an 18 year old kid convicted of armed robbery, who has served has completed his sentence, is not allowed to exercise his rights. Remember, we don't restore them, because they already exist. We prevent people from exercising them. I think it's a short jump to then say we can restrict your right because it's good for society, so you can have a single shot rifle, but not a semi auto.
  8. Not on your own property, as long as you never leave the property.
  9. Wrong. It does not say on his own property. In fact, the article says it's possible on private property, but no doubt you would have to be on private property without permission from the owner. I've seen dui's on bicycles and once on a skateboard. You cannot get a dui on your own property, as long as you don't travel off your property. You can drive on your own property without a license. You can drive an unregistered car on your own property. You can get knee walking drunk and drive your own car into a tree on your own property. All perfectly legal. Asinine, maybe, but legal.
  10. Neither one of those are about a person riding drunk on their own property. I don't see how that is possible on your own property.
  11. How can you get a dui in PA if you are dunk and on a riding mower and you are on your own property?
  12. I don't think we should have the death penalty. I think there have been too many people put to death that it later turned out they didn''t commit the crime. I used to be in favor of it, but now I'm not. I believe that if you are not in jail, you should have the right to have a firearm. If you cannot be trusted with a gun, you should be locked up.
  13. Most Air BnB, are like VRBO (Vacation rentals by owner- another site)- you get the whole place.
  14. As soon as you get your DL, or sooner even.
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