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  1. My brother uses it all the time. loves it. My partner at work uses nothing but Air BnB whn he travels to Europe. Loves it.
  2. “The committee will study whether such actions either reflect or blur the Constitution’s separation of powers,” the report states. Separation of powers? WTF? Are these people total idiots?
  3. I will get no adjudication . It's a $100 fine, but I might be able to get that dropped.
  4. I was driving home today and got a ticket. He said I was going 65 in a 35. I actually didnt realize that- I was just going around a sloooow moving truck. So Get around him and see a motorcycle cop at the base of the bridge and I know I was cooked. He asked me for my license, registration and insurance. I told him my license was in the back seat, in my briefcase and I would need to get out and get it. I told him I had a gun in there as well. He asked me if I had a permit and I said yes, and he said ok, get your wallet. I did, gave him the license and asked if I needed to get insurance and registration. He said no, no need, it comes up on the computer. He gave me a ticket for nine over, which seemed ok to me. He said my name seemed familiar and I said NRA? Traffic court? Bingo. He had seen me there. I told him he would see me there again soon, we both had a lagh and I was on my way. Pretty painless, and quick. Nice guy.
  5. I might have a couple. I will check tomorrow. If I remember.
  6. Out of the blue, in Thursday, I got hit with sciatica. Geez, this sucks. Went to a chiro yesterday, spent last night and today flat on my back. I hope it gets better soon.
  7. I usually go to bed around 12-12:30 and get up around 6. Often I wake up in the middle of the night worrying about work.
  8. It was 90 degrees here yesterday. Supposed to be hot all week.
  9. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Good luck.
  10. I too have been thinking of selling some guns. I guess it depends on wheter or not you feel like selling them for what it's worth, or if you just want to get rid of them at some lowball price. I would be willing to bet he will want your good stuff and want it for less than it's value. You know what stuff is worth. Why not make a list, and talk to him first, before letting him root around your collection. See what he is interested in and what kind of money he's talking.
  11. Good Morning! Unread Content
  12. Gmountain


    Looks like someone I knew at college.
  13. I won't get one. They don't need to know where I go and when I go.
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