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  1. And you get to contribute to the state coffers of Massachusetts.
  2. Happy Birthday, James!
  3. Nice! You can never have too many .22's.
  4. I don't have kids either, but I think as a society, an educated populace is a good thing and worth contributing to. If that is socialism, then many of the Founders supported it.
  5. I think if people are so against socialism, then perhaps we need to start getting rid of it. Mind you, I am all for getting rid of it, (but I still want mine. ) Let's get rid of medicare. Earned income credit? That's as socialist as it gets. Anyone not paying full price for medical insurance, but getting a government subsidy- get rid of it. Full price for everyone. Food stamps-gone. Medicaid- gone. Pell grants-gone. In fact, let's get rid of dependency exemptions. Everyone should pay their full share. I'll admit it- I want medicare.
  6. That doesn't exclude socialism. Many people believe that socialism brings life, liberty and happiness.
  7. I know that, but what exactly is it? Does it mean 20 years of peals on death row, or maybe one appeal? Does it mean an illegal can come nto this country and have numerous court hearings, or is it one hearing and stay or be deported, or is it no hearing and back across the border? The point is that people swear to uphold the Constitution, but not everyone agrees on exactly what that means. Just because someone sees it differently does not mean they are any more or less of a patriot. Now I agree that the 2A is pretty clear but the other things are not so clear. Is there anything at all in the Constitution that specifically prohibits socialism?
  8. So what does "due process" mean?
  9. Still, who decides what things mean? For instance, what does "due process" mean?
  10. What if people disgree on the meanng?
  11. Bank safety deposit box. Get some pepper spray for the dorm room.
  12. I didn't give it a second thought about who was using a microscope. It seems to me the fact that it raised an issue with you is evidence that there is still a long way to go with gender equality issues. Why would you be concerned about who was looking through a microscope.
  13. I'm taking a ride up to Hilton Head. Anything I need to be aware of? I've already checked handgunlaw.us.
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