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  1. Release triggers are dangerous, especially to the unaware. People pull the trigger, nothing happens, and then they point the gun somewhere and it goes off. There are supposed to be some stickers on the barrel if there is a release trigger.
  2. Sounds like a release trigger on shotguns. Those things are so dangerous, if you ask me.
  3. Microtech. Buy once, cry once.
  4. Great news. Just sleeping without tests every four hours will help.
  5. Some company should make copies of the Liberator pistol and sell them for $20.
  6. It's too early for me to even worry about taxes. All I know is I write checks.
  7. So I guess this means I don't get the gun? Did you get the heart pillow?
  8. Glad to hear from you, and that you are ok. They cut you open? How long will you be in the hospital?
  9. Just wondering if anyone has shot this fine firearm lately?
  10. Already!!? Happy Birthday, TJ
  11. Florida has one of the largest wildlife management areas programs in the country- almost 6,000,000 acres. Some is owned by the state and some is managed by the state. Florida also has 21 million people and a lot are hunters. The Florida Fish and Wildlife commission has to manage the WMAs and also make sure animal populations are healthy. Thousands of hunting permits for those lands are issued each year. Obviously, it can't be a free for all, or then the wildlife wouldn't be properly managed. Those lands also see a lot of use from non hunters. Especially in the winter, when it's actually nice enough to go outdoors and do stuff. There is also plenty of private land, and acreage is still pretty cheap in the interior of the state. I know a lot of guys who own interests in land, or lease hunting lands. I'm not anti hunting. I understand how it works. My own land is open to hunters, and I've seen a couple of deer stands on it, but I have no idea who they belong to. I don't mind at all.
  12. I'll take it! Br compliant and do everything they say and you'll be back to feeling great in no time. Check back when you feel like it.
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