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  1. GOA is writing off 50% f the population if it starts straying from gun issues. It is telling millions of gun owners that if you support the ACA, we don't want you. Big mistake, in my opinion. In fact, we would do more to support gun rights by bringing more people into the fold, not limiting them.
  2. Perhaps, but GOA wants to turn gun rights into a conservative issue, and the NRA sees gun rights as a Constitutional issue that applies equally to conservatives and liberals. Getting involved in other issues, like health care, or abortion, or immigration is not what the 2A is all about.
  3. I was at the grocery store yesterday- There was a small amount of shelf space for Gillette men's products, and a much larger amount of shelf space for women's products. Who do you think they are marketing to?
  4. I am debating between having a scotch, or making some hot chocolate with butterscotch schnapps. Something to ward off the chill. Right now it's a frigid 65 degrees.
  5. But isn't this what capitalism is all about? Selling more products at a profit. How can you complain about it?
  6. If you are saying there are more ads on radio and TV, and you are seeing them, you've proved my point. The ads you are seeing are marketing to people that are no longer the prime target market. Are you seeing the ads on streaming services, or on your tube channels? In fact had you seen the Gillette commercial before it appeared here, or on a news site? How often do you buy any Gillette product? For me, the answer is never. This isn't going to hurt Gillette at all.
  7. I think all of you are missing the point. It's marketing. When was the last time, before this, that you even thought of Gillette? Well, now you are. We are even talking about it. It is an internet only ad. Who do you think they are marketing to? Not us, that's for sure. But those millennial girlfriends, soon to be wives, will be encouraging their husbands to buy this stuff. Does Gillette care if a bunch of old guys who don't buy their stuff now complain about an ad? Remember how we all bitched about Nike when they ran the Kaepernick ad? It didn't hurt them at all- it increased sales. Folks, we are not the target market anymore. PS, I use a Panasonic electric.
  8. I have a Ruger 44 mag Deerslayer rifle and a .44 mag handguns. I have a .45 carbine, and .45 handguns. I have 9mm rifles and 9mm handguns. I have .22 mag rifles and .22 mag handguns Everyone has .22lr handguns and rifles , at least I think they do.
  9. I can't speak about the quality, but if you like to add things to dress up your gun, go for it. It's your gun, it's your fun.
  10. That sounds pretty much like they want to be a conservative voice. That's a stretch for me.
  11. For SC, I like to use a Browning Silver Lightning FLD.
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