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  1. I hadn't done that in a while. Beautiful day for it- mid 70's light breeze. It was a corporate event, so we were paired in teams of four. I was with three doctors.
  2. I'm so sorry for your loss.
  3. I, for one, am finding this thread unbelievably racist. People vote the way they want to vote. There are good hard working people of all races and people sucking off the system of all races. I see a lot of people in my business- of all races- and 99% of them are pretty nice people that work and pay their bills. We complain about identity politics, and this thread is proof it's alive and well here.
  4. Really? When was that? When were the Irish enslaved in America?
  5. 1. Never be afraid to doubt a little of your own infallibility. 2. Politics is never black and white. It is shades of gray. 3. Good bosses don't tell people how do things. They set the goals and trust the employees to achieve them. 4. Hire employees you trust, and then trust your employees. It pays off in the end.
  6. It's a nice letter, full of platitudes. But it doesn't ask them to do anything. There is no direction on how to vote on a specific matter. No direction on how to vote on specific pending legislation. No description of a specific problem that needs to be addressed (which should be done in person BTW). So your congressman will never see it.
  7. Written letters have more value than email. Short, concise, one subject. Being involved and active locally in the district helps. Not necessarily politically active, but a civic volunteer, something with name recognition. Being a donor, however small helps. Making an appointment with your rep and personal contact helps a lot. When somone complains to you in your job, who do you listen to? It's no different.
  8. It is indeed an aide looking at them .They can look up your name to see if you are in their district. If not, or if it is anonymous, it gets ignored.
  9. I don't see any pictures at all. Just a "minus" sign.
  10. There are plenty of good coolers. I won't support Yeti. They are anti gun.
  11. Chinese admiral talks about sinking US carriers. While not likely to happen, a Chinese admiral isn't going rogue here. This is something orchestrated and meant to be a threat. https://www.navytimes.com/news/your-navy/2019/01/04/well-see-how-frightened-america-is-chinese-admiral-says-sinking-us-carriers-key-to-dominating-south-china-sea/
  12. What she said was a joke. It's like me saying I'm going to drive BMW's until there are no more starving children.
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