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  1. andy2205

    4064 and 4227....

    I use 4227 to load subsonic 208gr. .300 BO rounds. Hardly any noise fired through a Saker 7.62 suppressor.
  2. andy2205

    Remington 03-A3

    This might help you out a bit.
  3. andy2205

    Remington 03-A3

    The barrel is probably from a 1903. On the 1903 the front sight sat forward of the receiver, not on the top rear like the 1903-A3.
  4. andy2205

    A Little Warm?

    Spent most of the week up in Gainesboro, TN.. everyone was talking about how hot it has been. They didn't know what to say other than, "How can you stand it?" when my brother and I explained we were from FL and MS. Hell, a fresh shirt lasts about five minutes here doing yard work. Cutting the grass this morning in a slight drizzle was almost refreshing.
  5. andy2205

    Changing Face of Construction

    I took nothing but college prep classes in high school, even though I wanted to go to the local vo-tech school. I had others making decisions for me that I could not get out of. Only one of my four siblings ever finished college. So, upon graduation, I enlisted in the Navy's AEF route, finished boot camp as a seaman and "A" school as a 3rd Class PO. Next was a "C" school at Fort Gordan, Ga.. So in the space of 18 months, I went from a know nothing to a crypto maintenance tech. It sucked to sit in a class day in day out to listen to lectures and do practicals on the same thing for that long. But, now, been with the same company for nearly sixteen years and make decent bucks. My oldest son has a degree in finance, worked for the county for a year. Long story about getting their computer stuff up and running. Once complete and the year came to and end, he was discharged. Now makes more money waiting tables at a high end restaurant. For those who are struggling with foreign workers, what's your companies policy. Due they check for papers? We had a work crew leave the site when we asked for their papers. They said they were in their hotel, let never to be seen again.
  6. andy2205

    Resale shop score

    When things go to shat, some of us will be a lot better off because of the items we have in the garage. The thrift stores are sometimes a good source for those items. I know when the hurricane hit last October, everything we had was pressed into use. The Coleman stove, solar shower, crab boiler ring, LED lanterns and flashlights, stainless wash basins...It sucks to not be prepared. We also keep extra canned goods, rice and a good stock of bottled water round for the season.
  7. andy2205

    Good petition to sign

    Done and sent to like minded friends.
  8. andy2205

    NASA's Upcoming Helicopter Mission

    Terrain mapping
  9. andy2205

    Ordering powder from Grafs

    I received a shipping notice for the IMR4227 today, tell me what the difference is from the original invoice. So much for .01 hazmat fee! new invoice: Product Total: $29.99 RPS-GROUND : $9.95 Shipping Restriction Charges: $19.95 Order Total: $59.89 original invoice: Product Total $29.99 Estimated Tax $0.00 Shipping Restriction Charges $0.01 Shipping - Ground $9.95 Total $39.95
  10. andy2205

    Ordering powder from Grafs

    Thanks for the lead! I have been running over to Slidell, La and picking up stuff from Sportsman's Warehouse, but the 1# of IMR4227 is not in stock there and won't reach the store until after I return home. The shop near the range I use will special order, but they charge the same hazmat fee and add a big special order charge on top. It almost doubles the cost of a 1# can of powder. Just put in an order for a can.
  11. andy2205

    Ordering powder from Grafs

    Thanks for the offer, but I'm in the Florida panhandle.
  12. andy2205

    Ordering powder from Grafs

    Anyone here order powder from Grafs? I want to try some IMR4227 in sub-sonic .300 BO. IMR lists the load data, but no one in my area stocks it. I thought I might pick some up on a road trip this week, but it isn't in stock at the store I usually stay near. Grafs lists a minimum powder order of 4#. I don't have any other use for the powder or anyone to split it with. Is it true that Grafs has such a minimum? I didn't see that until I checked there HAZMAT statement.
  13. andy2205

    Petition The Whitehouse To NOT Ban Suppressors

    Signed and link forwarded to friends.
  14. andy2205

    LA public health in 'complete breakdown'

    TB, what a surprise. I remember when my wife immigrated here from South Korea, that was one of the things they screened for. I guess if you just fling open the door, you get what you play for.
  15. andy2205

    Yup, it's Monday again.

    It's the five days between Saturday and Sunday.