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  1. VDOT has a traffic cam at Broad and 8th street, it's the closest traffic cam to the capitol. Constant stream of people heading toward the capitol grounds.
  2. andy2205

    Good Morning!

    Good morning! Got any scrapple?
  3. You can either tell her what he paid or tell her the reality of what they are currently worth. Just because he paid $1K for a firearm doesn't mean it's worth that much.
  4. andy2205

    Still Buying Ammo ???

    So do I. 6.5 For match shooting, .308 for the back-up match rife, .300 BO, .5.56 for the black rifles and 9mm. Don't really shoot the MILSURP rifles much anymore, but have a large stash of ammo for them. Mostly run through the 6.5 and .300BO. Powder is the big pain in the butt. Don't want to shell out for the 8# jugs, but don't like the HAZMAT fees either.
  5. andy2205

    Neil Peart, Rush Drummer, Dead at 67

    RIP Neil. For your viewing and listening pleasure:
  6. Just checked the video on LL. No other info given in the description.
  7. andy2205

    Good Morning!

    Good morning! Better today then yesterday, but man what a mess outside, after the storm front.
  8. Live leak is full of videos like that. Go to the LL site and search "off duty Brazilian cop." Make some popcorn, you'll be there a while.
  9. andy2205

    Nasty Weather

    It's been blowing and going since dawn today. Storm front is over Ft. Walton now and we are under a tornado watch until 9pm. Looks like plenty of rain on the way. Finally got the hole in the ceiling plugged today. Hurricane damage left us with water damage to the ceiling next to our return vent for the heating and cooling system. Haven't run the system since I pulled down the ceiling and insulation ten days ago. Got the insulation back up and covered with new drywall. Now have to do the taping and mud. One more piece in the workings of getting my insurance money freed up.
  10. andy2205

    Good Morning!

  11. andy2205

    Cargo light switch 2007-2013 GM truck

    That's what we're here for.
  12. andy2205

    Cargo light switch 2007-2013 GM truck

    Not sure if it's the same with your truck, but check this out. "On the left side of the steering wheel.(not on the steering wheel). the button that adjusts the brightness of your dash lights turn it all the way to the right."
  13. andy2205

    U.S. Forces Now Under Attack From Iran

    Iran has won the coin toss and has elected to receive.
  14. andy2205

    New Orleans

    As previously mentioned, definitely the WWII museum. Also check out the Aquarium of the Americas. Take a ferry ride across the river and check out the Dry Dock Cafe in Algiers Point. Just a short walk from the ferry landing.
  15. A while back, I purchased a Nightforce benchrest scope for my RPR, that I use in the monthly F Class match. That freed up a scope that was better suited for my Savage model 10 which I used to use for the match. The Savage was fitted with a Leupold base and rings, but the rings weren't quit tall enough to allow for the objective lens to clear the barrel shroud of the XLR chassis the Savage sets in. I tired without success to come up with a ring height that would work, based on the info posted for the Leupold rings.I had ordered their tallest ring set for that base and they were still too short. Enter Nightforce. I called their customer service line and got a hold of a tech who was very helpful. I explained that I needed a base and ring combination that would put the bottom of the tube at .75". He asked what optic I was using and it went a little sideways. I explained that it wasn't one of theirs, but he still carried on after asking about the tube diameter and the size of the objective lens. He then asked about the rifle and I explained that it was in the XLR chassis. After a brief hold, he came back with a part number for a flat picatinny base, a 20 MOA base and two different style rings. I selected the base and rings and placed an order through EuroOptics. About a week later everything was on hand and fitted. Had it not been for the tech at Nightforce Optics, I might still be spinning my wheels. As BushXM15 pointed out in another thread here on the board, the measurements used in describing rings are not always what you need to select a set. Are they measured from the base to the saddle? Base to split? How thick is the base? All this matters and no one posts drawings. The Nightforce tech says they field these calls all the time. It would be nice to have the damn drawings available to get dimensions from. I used the scientific method of stacking taped together quarters to come up with the height I needed. Pretty hard to find ring and base heights listed in quarters, let alone inches. A US quarter is 1.75mm or .069" thick, in case you need to order a base and rings.