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  1. andy2205

    First F class shoot in months

    I've never shot further than 500yds. and that was with an FAL. We don't have any long range shooting in the area. There is a group working on a 1000yd. range about 40 minutes away, but that's a ways off. There is another range about two hours away, that I might hit up if I can con someone else into going. I have someone in mind and he has the gear to shoot.
  2. Not long ago, I had a conversation in a gun shop in central Florida with a VA resident. He said the same thing, the Dems are moving south to northern VA and bringing their politics with them
  3. andy2205

    First attempt at wood working. DIY desk/table

    Wow! That came out really nice. You should keep going until you have a full room.
  4. Yesterday, three of us from the range got together and shot the first F Class match since hurricane Michael shredded the area. Not a big turnout mostly due to people dealing with storm damage issues or being displaced.The facility is a little beat up, but not anything that can't be dealt with. Overhead flapping in the breeze and some pine tree litter laying in the grass. For the most part, the worst has been policed up. Weather was great, sunny and in the 60's, some wind from right to left, but not really bad. The match is shot using reduced F Class targets at 300yds. The 10 ring is 2.85" and the X ring is 1.42". Like shooting into the mouth of a tea cup. I've been shooting the match with a RPR in 6.5 Creedmoor topped with an Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27x50, using hand loads that duplicate the Hornady match rounds. Not much to say about the RPR, they are what they are a precision rifle. On the other hand, there is much to say about the Athlon optic. For what it cost, it is a very good optic, which I would put up alongside a similar product from Vortex. The glass is clear, the reticle is outstanding and the focus controls do their job. It does have one issue that can be addressed in one of two ways. The turrets do not have a distinct click when changing settings. This is caused by a greased o-ring under the turret caps. You can either clean them and find a slicker lube or remove them. Removing the o-rings does nothing to change the waterproofing. You can read up the scope in the link below. The match is shot in three stages of fifteen rounds each. The rifle may be supported by a bipod, rest or bag in the front and a bag in the rear. You are given fifteen minutes to shoot each stage. Targets are changed after each stage and you can shoot as many spotters as you like, before the match. I used eight spotters to get the scope back to where it should be, after cleaning up the issue with the turrets. The first few rounds of the first stage caught me by surprise because I had the rifle in the 10 ring with my spotters. I paused and checked things and found that the cheek rest had dropped slightly, changing my position behind the optic. This is actually the second time I have this issue, when shooting the RPR. Seems I really need to pay attention to the lever that locks the riser in place, while it's resting in the rear bag. Not a bad string, but it could have been better. The 9's didn't help. The second stage turned out to be my best, missed a 150 by 1 point. Should have thrown a click of windage in there, might have picked up some more X's. Link to Athlon website: https://athlonoptics.com/product-category/rifle-scopes/athlon-optics-rifle-scopes-ares-btr/
  5. andy2205

    Words of advice from the "seasoned" members.

    If it's worth one round, it's worth two.
  6. After PETA douses her with red paint. We can only hope.
  7. andy2205

    Private gun sales are next!!

    Here's a tidbit of info on Gabby Gifford, she did not resign from Congress until she had five years in service, insuring a pension for life. Her resignation came 382 days after the attempt on her life. Did her husband, Mark Kelly ever turn over the AR-15 that he bought "on a whim" to the Tucson Police Dept. like he said he would to get it off the street. Where is his 1911 that he bought the same day?
  8. andy2205

    Gay man knocks up transgender boyfriend

    Seems she/he wasn't either.
  9. andy2205

    QD Bases for scopes

    Don't forget when shopping to check and see if the vendor has any discounts for EX military or LE if you qualify. If you can't find it on the vendor's website, drop a line to their CS email account, it doesn't cost anything. You can also check directly with many of the manufacturers. You can also check out the GovX.com site. Quoted from their banner " Exclusive discounts for current and former military, first responders and law enforcement"
  10. andy2205

    Gun cabinet

    I have a friend who's master bedroom is done in concealment furniture. You wouldn't know by looking at it, but each piece has a sliding top, with a storage compartment underneath. Pretty nice stuff, all solid wood construction.
  11. andy2205

    QD Bases for scopes

    On a side note, ADM was the only QD mount manufacturer that answered my request for information, when my the mount on my Armasight optic developed issues. The mount would go on and lock up tight and then become loose and travel for and aft. This was on a light recoiling .300BO. I contacted several manufacturers concerning their mounts and what might be similar in their line. ADM answered my request for information by giving me the contact information for their engineering staff and after passing along a few pictures with calipers showing dimensions, I had an answer. A week later I had their mount in my hands and it works without any issues. So, if any of you other top dollar, Acog style mount manufacturers are listening in, SUCK IT!
  12. andy2205

    Both eyes, one eye?

    I know that for myself, If I use both eyes there is a POI shift if I shoot with both eyes open as opposed to using one eye. I hadn't considered it until I was shooting a Romanian AK with a Kobra red dot sight. When I was dialing the optic in at 25yds, I shot with one eye, trying to get the best possible accuracy. When I tired both eyes, there was a shift of almost 1 inch in the POI. Red dot optics are really meant to be a both eyes open, reflex sight.
  13. andy2205

    Holy crap! That was fast!

    With all but one of the satellite offices closed due to hurricane damage, I think I'll take a pass on going to the government building. Only way to do business with them right now and maintain any sanity, is to use their phone app to get in queue. I was surprised on the turnaround time from the website.
  14. Seems they had at least 7.8M chances to deport some people.
  15. andy2205

    Holy crap! That was fast!

    I've seen them accept an application here, never saw them issue a card.