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  1. That is exactly how you need to ride these days. Too many distracted drivers. Always look at other vehicles and ask, What's the worse thing that guy/girl can do to me? Always leave yourself a way out. I'll be sixty next month, my current ride is a '15 Ducati 848 StreetFighter.
  2. andy2205

    DOJ Reclassifys Bump Stocks to Machine Guns

    Yes, but new legislation is coming out that mandates Velcro closures for all shoes. No more shoelaces!
  3. andy2205

    Hey ALEXA!!

    Don't have to have a navigation system in your car to track it. The TPMS sensors in the wheels are WiFi. You can scan and track them.
  4. andy2205

    Hey ALEXA!!

    Talk to your TV using a voice remote or commands? You think that thing only listens when your changing channels or searching for a favorite movie. They are just like everything else. Search for a product on Google and see how many popups you get back after that search, if you don't have them blocked. Watch a movie on Netflicks and see what recommendations you get back for your viewing pleasure. The only safe cell phone, is the one without a battery in it. Now a days, every electronic device reports back to the mothership, question is, who's piloting it?
  5. andy2205

    Pushing a racial agenda

    Another medical commercial last night/early this morning. Truvada for PrEP. Possibly the most revolting commercial I've ever seen. Play spot the Transvestite!
  6. andy2205

    Pushing a racial agenda

    Is it cultural appropriation if they wear a hoodie?
  7. andy2205

    2019 F-150 diesel

    Regardless of brand, I'm not a big fan of any of the 4 door short bed trucks being flogged today. Seems everyone wants a car with a big wet trunk.
  8. andy2205

    Pushing a racial agenda

    There is one marketing group that target's a mostly white audience, the medical industry. Been keeping some odd hours lately and since cable in the area has not been restored, I've been using a homemade antenna to watch broadcast HD. Late at night, most of the commercials are targeting older folks. Commercials for oxygen generators, catheters, ostomy supplies and mobility chairs are all whiter than Wonder Bread.
  9. andy2205

    Autopays and life in the affected area

    The hit by Verizon I can understand, but Comcast has had weeks to figure it out. Verizon's service is so bad right now, that ATT and Sprint are handing out free phones. Maybe you have service and maybe you don't, mostly why I'm on so early. As other people start to stir, the service will go to shat and tethering will come to a quick halt.
  10. Like a lot of people, I have autopays set up for bills that remain the same for each month. Now with hurricane Michael and service outages, autopays are continuing without services being provided. Verizon deducted for their service on 10/13, three days after their network was destroyed. Now, Xfinity (Comcast) is ready to do the same thing for cable services. We actually had cable service from Comcast, in some areas, after the hurricane. Since they started to rebuild their network however, it has all gone to shat. So now life goes on with shat service from Verizon and a internet service through a phone tethered to the laptop. If you call either company, they know you are in the affected area, county, street, house number, but they just can't seem to stop the suck. But, hey, they are going to get it all sorted out, or so they say.
  11. andy2205

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    The SVT-40 was the daddy of the SKS. I watched this movie (or at least tried to) on YouTube last night. 28 Panfilovtsev Plenty of classic Russian weapons. Mosin, PPSH, DShK, DPD, anti-tank rifles and SVT-40! Check it out, it has English subs, just don't fall asleep like I did. Kinda burning the candle on both ends her in the disaster area.
  12. andy2205

    Parking Tickets

    Hey G-man, go down and over to St. Pete and see what happens. Free parking is next to none. Meters take quarters and I never saw a credit card street machine where you could buy time and leave the card on your dash. What a pain in the ass.
  13. andy2205

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    The SVT will draw plenty of attention at the range, I know mine does. They were a favorite capture weapon for the German troops. I think they were a little complicated for the Russian peasant soldiers. And if anyone wants to beotch about magazine prices, try to source an original for that monster.
  14. andy2205

    My trip to the mall

    Kinda like the local Arby's, sit at the wrong table in the morning and get the death stare from across the room. Even worse when the Snowbirds are here. They will actually confront you and tell you that you are in their seat.
  15. andy2205

    Hurricane Update Bay County

    I have never seen the likes of this, old growth long leaf pines thicker than a man snapped like a match stick and they are everywhere. They are setting up in an open field across from where I live to grind them. It will take years to clean up this mess. I carry a plug kit and air bomb everywhere. The more they haul, the more likely you are to flatten a tire. Driving anywhere in town is dangerous due to the debris piles. You can't see what is coming at an intersection. Really sucked when the VP came to town today. traffic was jammed up everywhere and FHP just pulled chocks and left everyone hanging at a lot of major intersections. If they had stayed and directed traffic it could have gone much better. Earlier i was drinking a beer in front of the garage I could hear sporadic gunfire. You loot we shoot is no bullshat in the county for the past two weeks. The new normal is a lot like the wild wild west, everyone at work is packing. Gas supplies are being beefed up by emergency deliveries, so at least you don't have to wait in lines anymore. I have to go through an intersection that had apposing stations, the lines in were really freaking up traffic flow. FHP was onsite to keep order.