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  1. andy2205

    Nine American Family Members Destroyed in Mexico

    I was think more along the lines of El Chapo's son needs to meet Seal Team Six. Then we can return his head in time for the next big soccer match.
  2. andy2205

    Pants poll!!!

    Wrangler or Wrangler Riggs.
  3. andy2205

    Its Halloween Tonight

    Pretty much describes what happens here. I live in the county, in a development that is home to mostly upper middle class working people. The homes are not densely packed and most are over 300K or better. It's a pretty rich target in an area where homes are often a quarter mile apart. My home was actually one of the models and at 2500 sqft is pretty modest in comparison to most. Each year my wife and I pick up candy for kids, but we don't make a practice of trolling for them with a front porch light on. When we got home yesterday, there were already golf carts rolling and people strolling the street. If they would have zig zagged their way down the road they would have been met with a full bowl of name brand goodies. Instead, they stuck to the same pattern as people driving a vehicle, up one side and down the other. As the decorated homes were on the other side of the street, that is where they started. By the time they got back to us, it was dark and like I said, no light on. A lot easier on the dogs, they flip out over the doorbell and I wasn't going to sit outside after the cold front came through and dropped the temps more than 25 degrees in less than an hour. The easy targets might not always be the best. Today the big bowl will go to my wife's salon for her customers to enjoy.
  4. Who spent the money?
  5. andy2205

    Scopes Close out sale

    https://www.swfa.com/ Go here and check the sample list. Sometimes good deals on Demos and customer trade ins.
  6. andy2205

    I snorted a little

    Remember, it's not waterboarding if you're using diesel.
  7. andy2205

    Simply Unacceptable and Disgraceful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now you know why people call them "Massholes".
  8. There were four war criminals prosecuted after the Civil War, all were from the South, two were from the Andersonville Prison. Henry Wirz the commander and James Duncan.
  9. andy2205

    Yesterday it was 70 degrees

    Only tried a four wheeler once. Used to ride enduro in De Soto National Forest, north of Biloxi MS. One of the group was a mechanic for Yamaha in Gulfport. His boss was tight with corporate in Atlanta. I normally rode a TT350, but on one day, "The Day of the Jap" they hosted a Japanese group visiting Atlanta to ride in De Soto with a trailer full of fun from the Yamaha shop. Got to ride a 350 Banshee which was powered by the same mill as my Robert's Replica RZ350. Again, what a hoot!
  10. andy2205

    Yesterday it was 70 degrees

    Started back in '77 with a Honda 175, peaked in '80 with an XS100. Current ride is a Ducati 848 StreetFighter. Had a bunch more street and dirt bikes in between. The Duc claims 132hp, what a hoot!
  11. andy2205

    Yesterday it was 70 degrees

    It's been in the 90's here forever, finally caught a break this morning. Down to the mid 60's with low humidity. Lov'n it! Time to crank the Ducati!
  12. andy2205

    New (to me) lapidary saw. Needs paint.

    VHT wrinkle finish paint from your local automotive store. I have had very good results using it, especially if you can put the parts in an oven and bake them. It won't damage the oven, but your significant other may not approve.
  13. andy2205

    San Francisco’s 30 year social experiment

    Time for a return of the "poor house." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poorhouse
  14. andy2205

    This is Driving Me Nuts, Misplaced Something...

    Quit having your mail forwarded.
  15. andy2205

    Went to a flea market today

    A bit of the old stuff, walking sprinkler restoration: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=MCXO_1567208524