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  1. From the unicorns mouth. https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/celebrity-life/celebrity-photos/hilaria-baldwin-admits-fake-spanish-accent-real-name-in-instagram-video/news-story/2cee1e7622ec32659e34987aadcc1a93
  2. Ggggggggoooodddd m m m moooornniiiiinnnnggg! Damn 31* in the Fl. panhandle this morning.
  3. Since the images I put up earlier disappeared with PhotoBucket, I'll put some back up. Mini Dragunov, actually a Molot Vepr in 5.45x39 A pair of foreigners, SAR-1 left, Arsenal Bulgaria SLR-107CR---The CR found a new home since. Big bang AK, Yugo in 7.62x51 7.62x39 of a different flavor, Czech VZ58
  4. I saw another members request for mag holders and this came to mind. I use a molle panel on the inside of a safe door and then use the same pouches that I use on my carrier to hold some loaded rifle and pistol magazines. The panel is large enough to hold several pouches/holsters/other gear. Link to molle panel.https://cheer.epicsports.com/prod/123021/rapid-dominance-m-o-l-l-e-modular-organizer-panel.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAlZH_BRCgARIsAAZHSBmfE6Kckz_4-RG6sJHm8wF_lzRu5EmP0C3vVEhJUTTv7EVI2Bftt5saAoZtEALw_wcB
  5. The CMP needs to go back to the original rules of one rifle per person period. I don't know how many times I've seen people flogging rifles with the CMP certificates. I made one pilgrimage to the south store and waited outside for it to open. While my son and I walked the racks we watched as a couple of individuals took rifle after rifle to the counter. I have a 2mil serial range M1 that I bought from the first batch of CMP Specials. You put up your money and hoped that they got to you before they got to number 1000. I was lucky and got one. IIRC it was somewhere in the mid 900's. It doesn't have the look of the original rifles, but with new wood and a Criterian barrel, it shoots like a laser. Fresh out of the box Sighting target Three rounds to the left of center were the first fired. Three rounds at the top of the black were two clicks right. Last two at the "X" were two clicks up. First 8 rounds to the "ping". c
  6. andy2205

    Hey andy2205

    My god isn't that the truth. Bit the Bulleit Bourbon after a family dinner last night. Been parked watching Grit TV all day. Thanks to all.
  7. The Democratic Coo Coo nest must be getting pretty full by now.
  8. We all know that Biden was never meant to be President. Heels up Harris is gonna phuc us raw. I hope BLM and Antifa have been in mom's basement working on their shields, they are going to need them.
  9. I've been working short weeks, taking Mondays off to burn leave. I stick to my morning routine, wake up time, body functions and letting the dogs out. Today I'm finished and lying back with the laptop reading the forums and listening to Fox and Friends, when I hear a BLM type on the screen speaking about how they are not getting protection from the police. Good thing the water in the kettle hasn't boiled yet, I might have sprayed the keyboard with coffee. In case you didn't see the video, a couple in the head to toe black garb with bump helmets, took a beating from Trump supporters in DC. Everyone claimed they were non-combative and didn't deserve the beat down. Well, play silly games win silly prizes. If you are not a combatant, don't wear the uniform.
  10. 43 grains of H4350 is 1.5 grains over the max listed for the 140ELD in Honady's own manual.
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