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  1. Gerald Bull was the leader in the development of conventional cannons. He was working on a super gun project when he was supposedly whacked by the Mossad. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gerald_Bull
  2. I had to pull a Rhib out from under the boat shed at work the other day. There is parking in the lot adjacent to the shed and I had to move three vehicles out of the way to pull it and swing it towards the ramp. First two where OK, but the third almost had my stomach turn. It had been sitting with the windows closed in the Florida heat for a few days because the guys are doing an off site training. Had what appeared to be laundry in a basket inside. I told the boss, next time I have to move that truck, I'm using the Hyster. I would have had to throw my two dogs inside to make it smell better.
  3. I guess the fact that weapons and items covered under the NFA are owned by law abiding citizens is lost on him.
  4. I had two, but sold one to a good friend. Had a Remington Police Magnum with all wood furniture. It had sat next to the bed for years. The one I kept is a Montgomery Wards Model 30. If you are not familiar with it, it is a two piece break down with an action that lacks a disconnector. It will fire as fast as you can cycle the action, just hold the trigger back. The Monkey Ward gun is much more suited to transport, it's pretty much a carbon copy of the Stevens 520 trench gun.
  5. A friend of mine once told me. "The difference between a contractor and a mercenary is: A contractor won't accept payment for killing anyone he wouldn't already shoot for free."
  6. Don't forget Dupont spinners for fishing.
  7. From the base of the building to the stairs he is on is 266yds. Give or take a couple. He is standing at 45 35'46.98" 122 39'58.36W Google Earth is your friend.
  8. Wire nuts, seen a lot of boats wired with wire nuts. I was once asked to repair the wiring in a project boat, my boss came by later to find a pile of wire laying on the floor next to the boat. He is not happy and asked what the hell I was doing. I calmly explained it was much easier and faster for me to cut out the old crap and just rewire it. Time and materials vs. trying to figure out the rats nest left behind by the previous owner.
  9. One other thing I've seen, people replacing electrical parts IE: starter, alternator, pumps, blowers...which are not rated non-sparking for marine use.
  10. Things I've seen while working around boats: Fuel down the waste outlet. Gee, it only took 3 gallons. Fuel down the rod holder. Gee, that was a lot lower than I thought. Oil down the rod holder. Piss poor Boston Whaler layout.
  11. Yesterday in Tallahassee, a man with a concealed weapons permit was set upon by another group of peaceful protesters. Watch the results here: https://www.tallahassee.com/story/news/2020/08/30/tallahassee-police-no-charges-after-gun-pulled-during-protest/5674055002/
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