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  1. andy2205

    Best Texas BBQ

    You can tell when someone had Rudy's for lunch, you can smell it. Been to the original Rudy's and Las Palapas in Leon Springs several times.
  2. andy2205

    Hornady ELD ammo and componant sale

    The load is as follows: 41.5grs. of H4350, 140gr. ELD match bullet, Federal 210M match primer, COL 2.800"
  3. andy2205

    Had to get new tires on Thursday from Firestone

    Years ago, I was recovering from a surgery and my wife's car needed an oil change. There was also a recall for the harmonic damper, so I told her to ask if they could check that at the same time. A couple of hours later she returned to the house nearly in tears. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that the service writer told her that her car needed a new water pump and that it would cost $1100 for all the work. Screw that, there was nothing wrong with the water pump. It wasn't leaking anything and if it was you would have to dig your way to it to see it. She said he had just opened the hood and looked inside. This was on a 6 cylinder Lexus, the water pump is under a cover and can't be seen without the cover being removed. There would have to be a drop in the catch bottle before you would notice any leakage and there were never any signs of a leak under the car. I took the work statement and made a copy of it. Then, I wrote a letter to the service manager of the Toyota dealer that she had visited explaining why he would never see one of my vehicles again and included the work order copy. Lexus is an American Toyota product and the dealership could have easily checked the damper for her. The bullshat with the water pump leak was just too much. That same car went on for years without issue, until it finally arrived at the point in time when the water pump and timing belt required replacement.
  4. andy2205

    Dayumit I think my battery just went dead.

    I'll go with a 10mm and the Coke was a good move, instant battery terminal cleaner. I've also used boiling water to clean the terminals, just don't park on any surface you don't want stained
  5. andy2205

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Philippines Demographics Profile 2018 Population 104,256,076 (July 2017 est.) Religions Catholic 82.9% (Roman Catholic 80.9%, Aglipayan 2%), Muslim 5%, Evangelical 2.8%, Iglesia ni Kristo 2.3%, other Christian 4.5%, other 1.8%, unspecified 0.6%, none 0.1% (2000 census) The problem in the Philippines is in the south, with the Muslim population of Mindanao. The Muslim extremists there run back and forth to neighboring Indonesia and likewise. It's like a freak'n mutual add agreement between Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiyah.
  6. Don't know if anyone here is a fan of the Hornady ELD match ammo, but Basspro is having a sale on the ELD match ammo and bullets. Tags listed it as 15% off when I was in their store in Spanish Ft., AL. yesterday. Saved on the cost of ammo and shipping. No other discounts apply. I have shot the ELD match 6.5 Creedmoor since I bought my RPR and have been doing very well in the monthly F Class matches. Shoots so well I searched the Internet until I found the Hornady load data for the 6.5 match ammo, been using that load data since.
  7. andy2205

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Don't have to, I found this while watching a video of a Muslim who confronted the shooter at the second mosque. Again, THIS IS VERY GRAPHIC https://deathaddict.co/videos/1118/full-uncut-video-of-new-zealand-mosque-and-more-killng/
  8. andy2205

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    When I worked with the hydrographic office, we ran a joint program with their government. At the time the country was 80% Muslim. I worked on their survey ships and visited many remote sites. I never had a problem with anyone. That said, my last trip was a cooperative survey effort in the area of Ambon island. Within a year of leaving the area, the Muslim population burned the Catholic church and attacked the ethnic Chinese shop owners. https://www.nytimes.com/1999/01/26/world/40-christians-killed-in-revenge-riot-in-an-indonesian-village.html Indonesia was kept in check by the Dutch, after the Indonesians threw them out, things got sketchy. Sukarno gained their independence and Suharto ruled over them as a military dictator. Beautiful country and for the most part the remote villages get along fine. I lived on a remote site between Catholic and Muslim villages, never had a problem. Every Sunday the local police man would come by, make a show of checking our papers and invite himself to dinner. We had business with both villages and treated them like equals. This was my home on Flores. The slope in the background is the base of a volcano.
  9. andy2205

    Christ Church NZ active mosque shooter

    Do you like first person shooter games? Can't even get back to the Liveleak site now Error 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable. Might have been a little much even for that site.
  10. As the title said, active shooter at two mosques in Christ Church. The city is in lock down. https://www.foxnews.com/world/witnesses-say-many-dead-injured-in-shooting-at-new-zealand-mosque The Liveleak site has a video posted, I'm not going to link it.
  11. andy2205

    Vehicular accident, recoverable damages

    This is what a dumb ass looks like. http://mugshots.newsherald.com/Details.aspx?BookingID=1720367
  12. andy2205

    Vehicular accident, recoverable damages

    It's Monday, local mugshots from the weekend will be updated. Get to see what Mr. Dirtball looks like.
  13. andy2205

    Vehicular accident, recoverable damages

    Thanks This is the second time one of my son's has had a near death experience due to a police pursuit. Once upon a time in St. Petersburg, there were three guys that worked in a restaurant. It was their habit on the weekend to end their shift and walk to one of the local watering holes. What they didn't know this night, was that a drunk savage in a rental car and was being pursued on 375 into downtown St. Pete. The pursuing officers broke contact, but the little savage didn't check 6. Careening through downtown he met the three guys from the restaurant as they were crossing the street. The Chef was hit and thrown into a concrete planter were he died instantly. The second guy was hit and spun in a pirouette which tore just about everything from his ass hole to his pinky toe. My son got to see his friend die and his other friend seriously injured. https://www.tampabay.com/news/courts/criminal/sentencing-today-for-man-convicted-of-fatally-striking-popular-st/2274583 I have freak all use for drunk drivers.
  14. I very rarely solicit advice from the internet, but due to the combined experiences of those on the board I'll ask. What damages can be recovered following an accident with injuries? I've started a short list: Medical expenses, lost wages, property loss, pain and suffering. Tell me what I missed. The situation: After work on Friday night, my son left on 2005 Ducati Monster 620, to meet with some friends to shoot some pool. While standing in a center turn lane, he was nearly struck head on by a 2007 Toyota Tundra. Had he not been paying attention, I'd be making arrangements for a funeral next week. He saw the truck coming, realized it was in the facing turn lane and was not going to make the turn. In a split second decision, he bailed from the bike, but was still struck by the truck. The truck went over the bike and continued to a side street about three blocks away. My son was treated at the scene by an EMT and seen at a walk-in clinic today. Heavy bruises, from mid thigh to ankle with several abrasions, nothing broken. Thankfully the only injuries. Now for the other driver: Out of town contractor, DUI driver being persued by the local police, had already struck another vehicle in a hit and run. At least he wasn't a illegal. My son is mobile and has other transportation, but his injuries will keep him out of work (he is a server at a local restaurant) and will prevent him from making progress on clean up and repairs to his property following the hurricane.
  15. andy2205

    New in wrapper

    Bought the rifle and a spam can of ammo. The rifle is great, but the ammo is loaded with cordite. Some rounds are like firing a flintlock. Click...boom! Bought some newer Greek HXP .303 and have no issues ringing gongs. Funny thing with the HXP ammo, it all came in chargers. The cost of the ammo in the chargers is low enough that if I were to shoot it all and sell the chargers for the going rate, the ammo would almost be free. I'm going to leave this link here to make you milsurp guys cry, not my purchase. I almost cried when I read this, I've never had such a find. http://www.falfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=438260