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  1. andy2205

    Thanks UPS!

    Best source I've found for any type of bolts or screws. Order any quantity. https://www.boltdepot.com/Catalog.aspx
  2. andy2205

    Yup, it's Monday again.

    Could have saved yourself a lot of trouble with a P38.
  3. andy2205

    Individual impact of shutdown

    I've noticed a lot of cars in the neighborhood aren't leaving the driveway anymore. The pilot next door, the military (Air Force) couple down the road and another couple that I'm not too familiar with. Also noticed one couples daycare has been replaced by the grandparents. For the first time in years, my family is all under one roof. I'm on payroll, but not working. My wife closed her shop (beauty salon), She has an attached rental space, which shares the climate control, that is occupied by a home healthcare company. They are traveling nurses for persons that would be considered high risk. My oldest son works for a health care provider that cares for HIV/AIDS patients, he's on leave without pay. And my youngest son is on payroll, but not scheduled to work. He worked for a restaurant chain. My best to everyone, stay safe, stay put if you can.
  4. Rode with a Yamaha mechanic that owned a 500 thumper. Also two guys from my unit that owned Huskies, one managed to burn a hole through a piston using octane booster.
  5. Things that stand out from my motorcycle days. When cigarette companies still sponsored moto GP. Daytona the year they switched the 200 to the box bikes and away from the GP bikes. Shirts reading "Even a bad GP bike will do 200mph". Hearing "Thor's Hammer " rounding the track at Daytona. Kidd and Poovey on the flat track. Terry Vance describing breaking 200 in the 1/4 mile. "It's like that scene from Star Wars." Sliding down Hwy 67 is Saucier, Ms. The death of the XS1100. Wearing bread bags to shower. Getting rooted by a pine tree on the KDX 250, the avulsion fracture of my right arm. Kevin smoking a deer on his XR650. Little bastiage ran between the front wheel and engine. Flipping a Husky upside down without the spark plug to pump water out of it. Fellow rider failed to negotiate a water obstacle. New owner of the KDX 250 telling me I sold him a lemon after he seized it. Nope wrong color, it's a lime and he was stupid for using cheap oil. Seeing a water moccasin clamped on a friends riding boot (freaking snake bit him on the ankle, but the Hi Points weren't letting go). Removing most of the skin off my nose and chin with a Simpson vented helmet after nose diving into a ditch on the KDX. My son calling me to tell me he was sorry, but the 620 was a goner. Like I cared about the bike. Laughing my ass off, triggering car alarms with the Thruxton.
  6. My RZ was a "cop magnet".
  7. That's Nice! My RZ350 sported the "colors" and Kenny Roberts' sig on the cowling.
  8. The Duc 848 is the last in a long line of bikes for me. Started on a Honda 175 and went to: Yamaha 650 Special, Sold Yamaha XS1100, Crashed Kawasaki KDX 200, Stolen Kawasaki KDX 250, Sold Yamaha TT350, Sold Yamaha RZ 350, Sold, Shipped to England Ducati 620 Monster, Given to son, totaled by DUI driver Triumph Thruxton 900, Sold Ducati 848 Streetfighter, Still in the garage At the time of the XS1100, Yamaha had not built the FJ yet, the XS1100 was the big bad boy. The Kawasakis and TT350 were from a period of "high speed pine tree dodging" seemed safer than the street, but produced more injuries. The RZ350 was the most fun I had had with clothes on, a pair of Makuni smooth bores, K&N filters and a set of Spec II pipes, thing sounded like a demented chain saw at 11K rpm. It was sold and shipped to England. the Ducati 620 was a plunge back into riding. Bought for a decent price as a "Leftover", got decked out in billet and carbon. While deployed, my wife caved to my son and told him he could ride if he took a motorcycle safety class. Well no shat, you need it for a license here anyway. Bought the Thruxton to replace the 620. Built up with a set of big bore flat slides (rattlers), gutted the air box and battery tray and replaced the pipes. Harleys might sound bad ass, but this thing made HP when it sang. Eventually sold it, cafe racers are not very comfortable. Went to my son's graduation from college and we all wound up in a Ducati dealership, he asked what we were doing there and I told him I had a surprise for him. The 620 had suffered the fatal Ducati fuel tank leak and had been sitting for a long while. I had replaced the tank with a track fuel cell and was working on getting it running again. Walked around a corner of the sales floor and found "the red stuff". Hopped on the 848 and that was it. A week later I was buying one from a dealer near home, while dropping off the 620 to have a fuel issue resolved. So, while approaching 62, I still ride the 848 now and then. My son survived (lucky to be alive) being whacked by a DUI driver in a pick up and he has a Ducati Monster 7 something with some really nasty scars on his lower left leg to remind him he is a mortal. If you ride, keep your head on a swivel and cover your ass and assets with insurance. My son would have been in the shat all around if he didn't have insurance. His lawyer got what the other guy's insurance company had. It seems the law takes a dim view of a person driving away from one accident to the scene of another. Had he not covered the bike's billet and carbon, it would have been totaled for pennies. Receipts and pictures are a good thing to keep around.
  9. andy2205

    Foray Into The Dead Zone

    One of the reasons we are not overly concerned about food here, is the fact that, we have a stockpile of food just for hurricane season. It was a jump start on what we need to get by now.
  10. andy2205

    Where do we stand: Covid-19

    There needs to be a national response, not this dumb ass hodge podge of state responses. As much as I hate to agree with Cuomo, you can't shut down bars, cinemas and sports events in one state, only to have them run next door. Here at home, the schools are open, when the rest of the state has shut down and gone on line. And let's not forget the big money "Spring Break" here in Florida. What could possibly go wrong there? I'm sure they are all practicing social distancing.
  11. Florida sucks, if you want to lean over you need to find a clover leaf.
  12. andy2205

    Calif Implements Emergency COVID-19 Testing

    Can't I leave it on the sidewalk and just give them the grid cords?
  13. andy2205

    Good Morning!

    Morning, damn time change, never slept this late before!
  14. Most of the home electronics I own are for entertainment. I mostly use a laptop for the internet, but I also own a smartphone. You really can't be involved in any business, in a management position, without a smartphone. As far as entertainment, you can lease your equipment form the cable company or you can buy your own. I did some research and purchased my cable modem and router. I make sure that router has the latest firmware and a good VPN installed. Most of the televisions you purchase now are smart TV's that will connect to your home network. Makes for easier video streaming and video casting. The only thing I haven't gotten around to is a camera system with a DVR. If you can run cable through your home and use a couple of simple hand tools, an IP camera system using POE power is the way to go.