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  1. Thanks guys. Poor_Man assuming your barrel is 1in7". According to DocGKR from Tactical Forums, the lowest velocity for 75 gr Hornady and 77 gr Nosler still fragment decently is 2100 fps. From a 14.5" barrel, a Mk262 MV is about 2500+, you are probably good for 100+yds before the bullet velocity hit below 2100 fps. I don't know about factory grade and surplus rounds, since my research was concentrated on 75gr handload. I say stick with the Hornady 75gr 223 TAP or BlackHills and try not to engage BG over 150yds.
  2. Hi All, Am trying to gather information about reloading 223 Rem for a 10.5" barrel. The bullet I am think of is Hornady 75 gr HPBT, not the Amax. The main purpose for this round is for HD and CQB. I am thinking IMR 3031 for its fast burning characteristic. Am I thinking correctly? what's pro/con with this powder? What other powders do you suggest I should look into? Thanks
  3. Here are some data for the 380ACP. Noted CCI Blazer penetrated the deepest in bare gel but didn't expand in clothed gel. I heard good thing about DPX but have not seen any penetrating data.
  4. I use Hornady XTP on my Bersa. A good compromise between penetration and expansion. According to data on the web, it penetrated 11-12 inches of gel, but only expanded to around .45"+.
  5. What scope are you using? Try a different scope sometime low end (I am not saying yours is cheap) scope won't hold zero, specially when you zoom in and out.
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