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  1. TaosGlock


    Excellent post!
  2. TaosGlock

    Hey zoomy

    Happy Birthday πŸŽπŸŽŠπŸŽ‚
  3. Mornin yo from New Mexico
  4. Don’t know the history of the Portugese stuff. 1978 was a volatile year in Africa. The FN FAL was a favorite. Could be those components were part of something associated with the Rhodesian Bush War. Perhaps destined for the Congo. Or prolly not, but if they could talk.... How they ended up in the Taos Plaza? I did not ask...
  5. The gamma detector is pretty cool. Runs on a D cell. Easy to use and lots of info on them about upkeep, calibration and general use.
  6. LOL. I would not go that far🀣
  7. Now all I need is some spare time in the reloading room! Between the garden and the chickens and out retail store I am super busy.
  8. I needed a warm fuzzy with all the hi priced ammo madness going on lately.
  9. A guy renting a space in the historic 400 year old Taos Plaza asked me if I would be interested in buying some handloading supplies. Something he recently discovered. We spent a couple days negotiating prices. So finally, we decided that $400 takes it all and he threw in a Gamma radiation detector that is in perfect working condition. 13,000 primers of various flavors and age. 5000 of them are of recent manufacture, the others are older. For my M1A, 1000 pulled 147 grain bullets and 100 tracers. 800 new primed NATO Portugese brass in 200 round sealed rubber packs with a date of 1978. Also included were about 12 ammo belts with 100 stripper clips.
  10. TaosGlock

    Hey wish2no

    Happy Birthday πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆ
  11. One of our best has passed on. RIP brother.
  12. That flying chain saw was cool.πŸ₯³
  13. Amazing story TJ. My great grandfather was a pow in Andersonville prison during the CW. It is amazing that your family letters survived.
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