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  1. Good morning boyz. Got slammed with 7” snow last night.
  2. We could sure use that water out here in the southwest. Be safe and I hope it dries out soon.
  3. Morning from New Mexico
  4. In Australia…. https://vidmax.com/video/218353-australia-to-become-the-first-country-since-china-to-implement-a-digital-id-and-surveillance-state
  5. I own quite a few in 10, 9 and 45. My 10 has a 6” Jarvis barrel which adds an easy 125fps or more over the factory barrel. See our Home Brew section in the 10MM Forums for more details. As stated above, they pretty much go bang every time with the usual challenges with the grip angle. So far I have resisted the urge to get a Glock 40. I love revolvers and I have always been a 41 Mag guy. A 1965 4” Model 58 is what I pack these days in a DeSantis speed scabbard. I also live and work in remote areas.
  6. I have a early 1900’s shaving mug with the original badger hair brush. It belonged to my great uncle. His initials are on it in in big gold leaf letters. I am too scared to use it as it is in near perfect shape. 😌
  7. Morning yo from Northern New Mexico
  8. Morning yo from New Mexico
  9. Morning yo from New Mexico
  10. 7600 estimated deletes is amazing. Hopefully we got a handle on this.
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