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  1. TaosGlock


    That is a pretty good film. A few historical gaffes, but otherwise captures that era.
  2. TaosGlock

    Hey towtruck

    Happy Birthday bro!
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    Pinned...so I can find it.
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    My son graduates college today.

  5. In this letter below..... WTF, so no bumpstock at Las Vegas, no crime? Hmmm. Shocked I tell you. And they never worked at an angle either...
  6. TaosGlock

    Venezuela "Coup" Underway

    Even before reading down to everyones comments, and after watching that vid, all I could think was never give up your guns. Get to the range and have a plan that involves like minded buddies.
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    Good Morning!

    Good morning from New Mexico!
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    Arriving on the 20th is fine. If you arrive earlier you can get a bit used to the altitude. About 7000' or less. I will be there as early as possible on the 20th. Thanks for starting the list Longhair!
  9. Here is the AAR, sorry a few days late. Just got caught up at work. https://appleseedinfo.org/smf/index.php?topic=55759.0
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    Good Morning (Bitter sweet memory)

    Keep it going brother. In memory of G!
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    Good Morning!

    Mornin' yo from New Mexico. Gonna go lay 50 foot of sewer pipe in the mountains.
  12. :sos: :sos: :sos: :sos: :sos: And they are heading to points northward....my Las Cruces friends keep me informed so I can plan accordingly even up here in Taos. In case you have missed the local newz, Las Cruces is a mess now. El Paso is full. So to solve the problem, they shift them over a few miles thru the NM southern border. Las Cruces is a sanctuary city with "immigrant friendly status". The national newz is somewhat quiet or slanting this problem. It is a real mess. Seriously. So many people coming in by the bus load. In Las Cruces there have been hotels, churches housing the migrants for months. Then it’s decided to send them to Las Cruces’ other shelters, thus by default there is no room for the usual homeless and needy folks who are legal! They’re already busing to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos etc. and with very little warning.There are groups of 30-40 coming to their shelters and equal numbers to the other local designated spots. It is so bad the Las Cruces town commissioners decided, oops I mean, voted amongst themselves to steal 75K. Without public input! So people scramble to make it work. Then everyone wants to give, which is very generous, however - somebody has to be there to receive those donations and sort them and prepare for distribution. That is in exactly NOBODY’S PLAN!! But it still has to be done. There are not enough volunteers. Yes on the weekends- but people still come by the bus load multiple times every day, even on the weekdays. Who do “they” expect to handle all this? Then, there’s the health screening. Can’t do it at the border because that’s worse than here- over burdened. In Las Cruces, they just found their first case of the measles from a makeshift triage clinic that’s an old mobile home behind the kitchen. The ambulances are having to transport them to the hospital. There are reports of a toddler with chicken pox. Rumor has that she had been to the hospital and released because she was at the end of he pox and healing but she was still sick and itchy and crying. There are reports of scabies and lice. Then they have little in the way of clothes or things at all. They may have been given shoes at some point- many with no laces. Then the food- restaurants are donating food, but when you send fresh produce and meat and prepared meals into a kitchen run by volunteers and residents of the homeless shelter, it’s overwhelming. No consideration given to how much they can handle or store or refrigerator space. And then the Rec center that’s housing some- has NO KITCHEN. HOW are those people eating?? And then people need to get to the bus station. Who’s transporting them? So we send them with a bag of basics and they may not eat for days in travel. How’s that work? No food. No money. No english. No idea how it works here. No clue, nada. Then amazon shows up with 30 boxes that people all over the country are sending. (Generous. Yep) WHO IS SUPPOSED TO HANDLE THIS?? People haven’t slept for days. Border patrol are working mandatory 16 hour shifts. There is no end in sight. I actually agree with Trump, send them to sanctuary cities.
  13. The political parties are 2 heads of the same snake.
  14. TaosGlock

    Happy Tax Day!