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  1. After watching 2000 Mules and reading The Real Anthony Fauci, my brain is full. May I be excused to do some patriot stuff….
  2. We live right on the Rio Grande Gorge rift. So far no shakies. Be safe
  3. Leave it to the Biden Administration to put a mentally ill physician who believes in child abuse in charge of health and welfare of children.
  4. We had a last minute cancel due to an illness. Job will be possibly pick up campers at the airport in Colorado Springs on one day to bring them to camp in Raton 2 hours away, and the daily shuttle of the campers and counselors from range to range, deliver lunches, water, supplies. You will be part of a 3 people transportation team. 3 hots and a cot. You get to drive one of the small busses around and also shoot at the ranges free when you are not working. There is a small travel stipend and free t-shirt. LOL Contact call/text Eric Whaley at the NRAWC at 575-779-8943. Dates are roughly June 7 to July 8. If you have a travel trailer or RV you stay for free in a full hookup campground. Otherwise you get a room in one of the Founders Cabins. This is one of the best jobs at camp and our Adventure Camp mission is the best way to insure our country will have youth who are well grounded in leadership, patriotism and marksmanship.
  5. Mornin yo from New Mexico
  6. What a great bug out rig. Congratulations!
  7. As mentioned above, the head of this terrifying new body is a lady named Nina Jankowicz. She is a Democratic party operative. She has spent her time since 2016 pushing the obscene Trump-Russia collusion narrative and assuring you Hunter Biden’s laptop is not real. She was quoted recently as saying that the prospect of more free speech on Twitter made her shudder. The name "Homeland Security", taken directly from the Third Reich literature of Hitlers National Socialist Party should have been the red flag of danger to everyone shortly after passage of the post 911 “Patriot Act”. Unelected bureaucrats at DHS creating a “Disinformation Board”… They know they are losing the narranarrative. In other words, the ones who have lied every step of the way about Epstein island, the fake dossier, the “Russian collusion” hoax, the jab, the spying on trumps campaign and White House, and Hunter bidens laptop are now trying to unconstitutionally censor the American people for “misinformation”. Think about that long and hard folks…
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