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  1. Damn.. the world is going mad. These folks are drunk on power. Someone is gonna say enough is enough and that may not turn out well. Our Gov. has issued stay at home orders but allows folks to shop, etc. So basically everyone is still out and about. Per the governor, two days ago, all stores must limit the number of folks by half of what the fire code says is max. So huge lines of panicked sheeple form with 6 foot marker tape to stand on making NM look like Venezuela. Good little slaves we are. The snitch network was initiated and since the State Police answer to her, they enforce any "violations"...all unconstitutional. So they have to deal with what will soon become a very pissed off population, especially among motivated small business owners and folks who want to make an honest living and survive. NM generally respects the SP as they are pretty top notch like our Sheriffs and I hope that does not change. The sheriffs have told her to pound sand. Sorry the border situation is tough down there red...stay healthy and safe.
  2. TaosGlock

    Double Tap Posts

    One to the body, one to the head. Douple tap them redundant threads. Keep the Armory streets clean brother! 😄
  3. TaosGlock

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    I worked in Silverton from 1974-75 as a geologist intern in the Standard Metals Mine. It has few roads going in or out. If the locals get fed up, with the LEO enforcing that it won’t be fun. It is a small tight former mining town so I am sure they are tolerating this BS for now.
  4. And don’t forget your wifey😍
  5. Hmmmm....You musta been a secret santa at one point
  6. John you can ask here.
  7. Our charcoal toothpaste is made from activated coconut husk charcoal. It is a by-product of coconut oil thus a very sustainable product. We we use CO in some of of our soaps for product variety and as a natural foaming agent. The toothpaste also has powdered nano-hydroxyapatite in it which is a building block for teeth and has many applications in preventative, restorative and regenerative dentistry. Eating food makes an acidic condition in your mouth which attacks your teeth and gums and our soap based higher pH toothpaste helps neutralize this. Charcoal is a great detoxifier as well and should be in any bug out bag with a medical kit. Having teeth problems in a SHTF situation has brought many a man down as toxins dump in your system slowly over time. The charcoal is also a gentle scrubber/whitener and my teeth went two shades whiter in few weeks. Our close friends also have reported good results after seeing their dentist. Everyone reading this, look at your toothpaste now. On 90% of all commercial brands there is a poison warning if you swallow it. Let that sink in... And yes, we test all of our products on ourselves, not puppies, rats or monkeys.😂 Anything Lavender is good for stress. We use as many natural essential oils as possible and keep our synthetic fragrance oils to a minimum. Essential oils are made from a natural steam distillate process like bootleg booze. We make a few EO’s ourselves from locally gathered plants, but it is time consuming. Bar soap is easier to make, is a more efficient at its job of killing germs, it a.so takes less packaging so can be made cheaper and and bar soap can be made with a much higher pH, thus virtually no pathogens can survive on it even when exposed by the sink, even with all the We do make liquid soap as well, but for these current toxic times bar soap is better. Our best sellers have a corner rack in our little retail space. They are Blossoms de Taos, Taos Ceremonial, Chieflo Pinon, Rosemary Peppermint, Lady Chatterly’s Lavender and Fire in the Sky. Our Fire and Ice is a product developed as a result of our years of rock climbing, wind surfing and back country skiing and the hard knocks we took on our bodies and joints. When age creeps in or the injuries are such that we needed to grab the old ibuprofen to help. Stuff like Tiger Balm was nice but has to many chemical based ingredients in it. So we made our own. I find it works within 3-5 minutes of gently massaging it into sore muscle areas or joints. Another good product for first aid is our Salvage. A strong herb based product for cuts, scrapes, burns, bruises and bites. It is good alternative to Neosporin type type products. Some of our friends who have had chemotherapy and the resultant burns produced by this process, used this and said it was vastly better on her than the prescribed stuff by the doc. One of our NP friends swears by it. We can’t make medical claims by law but the results of many of our products speak for themselves. We make great stuff but kinda suck at marketing so we remain a small 2 person company.🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Big Pharma hates small businesses like ours for many reasons. Then, some of our small fellow skin care product makers do stupid stuff that potentially can cause more regulation. My wife is an attorney and has a masters in geophysics so our products are well thought out, and meet the governments strict labeling standards. We keep a clean shop accordingly. Sorry, a bit long winded but this was a good first post to give a more formal intro to our business. And of course we are strong 2A supporters as are many small businesses. For those of you who have read Rawles book, Patriots, there is a chapter where once society settled in after few months, the locals got together and bartered for goods. The soapers were doing great business. Cleanliness is key to staying alive. Ah,ah,ah,ah stayin alive....sorry could not resist.🤣 Be save and healthy everyone!
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    Good Morning!

    Morning yo from New Mexico.
  9. Normally I don’t and can’t do self promoting post for business as I am not an Armory sponsor. But just for this one time due to the Covid19 situation... Remember, we do make the best hand washing soap and other fantastic skin care products. Your wives will love the extra nice touch of our creams as well as our other products. Our Governor has declared non essential retailers to be closed, even though our products can help to some extent. If you decide to order put Armory Member in the message so I know and I will be sure to include an extra skin care item for you. Fortunately our internet business is enjoying a bit of business. Be safe and stay healthy Armory brothers and sisters. Thanks. In liberty, TG https://bluefeathernaturals.com/
  10. Remember hurricane Katrina where NG and Blackwater thugs went door to door looking for guns?
  11. TaosGlock

    The Stupidity Never Ends

    The town of Gunnison, CO has completely shut its town down to outsiders with a blinking sign saying No Tourism. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8196005/Tourists-told-stay-away-visiting-Gunnison-County-Colorado-coronavirus-pandemic.html
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    John Prine has passed.

  13. TaosGlock

    Edward Avila has passed away...

    Sorry to hear this.. RIP
  14. TaosGlock

    Wisdom from Clint Smith--Video

    Thanks! I needed that!
  15. TaosGlock

    HR 5717 Gun Violence Prevention Act of 2020

    All they are trying to do with this bill is ride the wave of fear that most of the country is in right now. Never let a crisis go to waste.