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  1. Mornin yo from New Mexico Quiet in here this AM.
  2. Mornin yo from New Mexico
  3. Nice, you are on a roll, don’t stop now.😝 Almost got one in 10 mm.
  4. It is nearly that time of year😃 Comes in apple flavor too and readily available at most feed stores and Tractor Supply. More on the stuff here…. https://www.barnhardt.biz/ivermectin/ And of course the the white robes of big pharma are running scared… https://www.barnhardt.biz/2021/09/10/these-ing-liars-someone-contact-dr-david-boulware-at-the-university-of-minnesota-and-demand-he-retract-his-lies-about-ivermectin-equine-paste-in-the-washington-post-hold-these-lying-demons-to-f/
  5. It is worse than we think, I missed this reoprt when it first came out…. https://nexusnewsfeed.com/article/human-rights/cdc-teens-injected-with-covid-shots-have-7-5-times-more-deaths-15-times-more-disabilities-44-times-more-hospitalizations-than-all-fda-approved-vaccines-in-2021
  6. Naturally the commies in Santa Fe that run my state will comply with anything from Biden Or our Soros/Bloomberg funded governor
  7. They feed off our outrage so starve them with silence. All their narcissistic power is irrelevant in the face of angry patriots who simply say, “No.” Just like our Founders knew, our cause is just. As Captain John Parker said on Lexington Green, “Stand your ground, don’t fire unless fire upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.”
  8. His words of late state in a nutshell that he is trying radicalize the unvaxxed to take to take violent action, to fire that first shot. Theae are weak words of a bully and a tyrant controlled by the corporate oligarchs. They are also the words of a senile old man overseeing a decrepit den of soulless swamp creatures terrified of losing power. They are, ultimately, the ravings of a group of above stated oligarchs so embroiled with their own power and decadence that their actions now look like the tantrums of spoiled, narcissistic two year olds rather than competent leaders of a republic. Since they are acting like children, we should treat them as such.
  9. Mornin yo from New Mexico
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