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  1. TaosGlock

    Let the NRA know when they are wrong.

    Their DNA has been on many laws since NFA days.
  2. TaosGlock

    I got carded at Walmart...

    I rarely show my recipt. “ Sorry threw it out”. If there is a line I just go around. Don’t have time for such petty crap.
  3. TaosGlock

    Time to kick some butt

    We lived on a 5 acre pecan farm down on the border for years. Stray cats pissing on my door and skunks were easily disposed of with 22 Subsonics. I had a dedicated rifle sighted in just for them. Head shots make a different thump than body shots.
  4. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Morning yo from NM
  5. In the past week, PSA has raised the price $50 on their complete uppers. Whether it has to do with the Dems sabre rattling I do not know.
  6. Prices are already creeping up on the sites I watch I would say you have 180 days to finalize any tools, tactics or ammo you need. After that who knows.
  7. TaosGlock

    Here it comes! Republican proposes new gun law

    I am pretty sure Americans have obeyed their last gun law...
  8. TaosGlock

    I got carded at Walmart...

    That is true in this state with nearly all small base manufacturers, retail or restaurant work. We have a very high per capita crime rate. As well as a severe alcohol and domestic violence problem. So back to my glue😹😹
  9. TaosGlock

    Roy Clark dead

    RIP. Loved He Haw on the 60’s. We could only watch tv after homework and that was one show my sister and I loved. RIP Roy!
  10. TaosGlock

    I got carded at Walmart...

    Yeah, it is, but not enforced everywhere....remember, NM is a blue stain state. Laws here are for our own good.
  11. TaosGlock

    I got carded at Walmart...

    Just give them a few years....
  12. TaosGlock

    I got carded at Walmart...

    I was in the self checkout and the screen started blinking an alert with a prompt to call the cashier and a little light came on. 👮🏻‍♂️ Danger Will Robinson! 🤯🤖 All I had was powdered Gator Aide and Superglue. WTF! Anyhoo the nice lady came over and entered her code and informed me kids under 18 can get high on the stuff.😰. I guess if you are over 18 it is ok.🙄 Glad the government is protecting the 👶 “children”. But the most enlightening thing was when she said “the machine” did not know my age. Doh, really?😳 I held back any sarcastic replies at that point... anyhoo back to sniffing....👹🤡 😂
  13. TaosGlock

    AR Builders may be in Trouble

    All my reps are dimocrats, but will watch this one...
  14. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Mornin yo.
  15. TaosGlock

    Pushing a racial agenda

    I just got a FB 3 day time out for pointing out there are only 2 genders and that “everything”else is a mental disorder. Apparently facts to the liberal social engineering machine is hate speech