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  1. TaosGlock

    We are screwed.

    When I was 13 my dad handed me a dozen Victor #4 traps, showed me how to de-scent them and told me to see what I could catch. I still have them. I also got my first 22, a Monkey Wards Western Field single shot. Later in high school I was learning to handload for my 264 Win.Mag my uncle traded to my dad for a Browning shotgun. I won my first match with that rifle and shot a small group at 100 yards that I still have in my original reloading book. Later I shot my first deer with that rifle. My son has continued many of these traditions.
  2. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Mornin yo from snowy New Mexico
  3. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Morning form New Mexico
  4. TaosGlock

    Hey redbarron06

    Happy Birthday bro!
  5. TaosGlock

    New Jersey Turned Warzone......

    This^ For 2019, Albuquerque is now 1 percent higher than Chicago in overall violent crime.
  6. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Morning boyz.
  7. TaosGlock

    2020 Armory get together

    Here is my schedule for 2020...so far. These dates won't work for an Armory shoot. But we have plenty time to decide if we want to roll with it once again this year. UKD: May 9-10 UKD: Aug. 22-23 KD: Oct. 3-4 ALL of our KD/UKD events are held at the COORS RANGE! PLEASE NOTE: These are the dates for our regular 2 day Project Appleseed ONLY: April 18-19 Coors Range July 25-26 Cooper Range
  8. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Mornin boyz.
  9. TaosGlock

    Intro to Long Range Shooting

    I like his approach. Keep it simple.
  10. TaosGlock

    Let These Sink in for a minute or two

    And yet the Klintons will never be prosceuted. There is the justice system for the politicians and the just-us system for everyone else..
  11. TaosGlock

    Glock Reveal 9:00 am

    10 rounds...eh gads. With their technology they could of prolly at least got 25 rounds in a standard G19 size mag. You can be sure the aftermarket mag folks are all over this as we speak.
  12. TaosGlock

    Cancer sucks

    Prayers sent for a quick victory over the cancer.
  13. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Mornin yo from New Mexico
  14. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Mornin boyz!
  15. TaosGlock

    Good Morning!

    Morning yo from New Mexico!