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  1. Lots of good questions and true some of it does not makes sense. It is indeed hard to seperate facts from opinion. The news anywhere from most everywhere has often been confusing contradictory and often unreliable for at least the past couple years. I heard about the 101 deployment last week but no news of any protective gear. That would be a piece of the puzzle indeed.
  2. And the scenarios are many at this point… Consider this: We have followed Gonzalo Lira on various media for about a year. He is a Chilean, married to a Ukrainian, grew up in California and now living in Ukraine. Zelenski’s has banned opposition parties and all media that questions his authority. Zelenski’s thugs once beat up Lira as he posts stuff that goes against the narrative…sound familiar? Lira sent his family safely out of Ukraine while he continues to report news from the hot zone inside Ukraine. And the Biden administration fully supports this tyranny to support our proxy war with Russia. If you can believe what he says, and if he believes the following is a legitimate threat, have a plan, or better yet, have two plans by yesterday. https://youtu.be/meBMKIe5d0M If what he says, happens, prepare for the western press to pillory the Russians and ramp up the war. Lira says this is the October surprise to win the election, but I think it’s more than that: the various world banks have created the current financial mess and they realize they can inflate their way out of the massive debt that made insiders rich off the backs of the working class. Covid was probably designed to crash everything and divert the blame, but it didn’t work. This is plan B. War has always been an historic choice to avoid economic problems. They want to deflect the public from ever realizing what they did. I hope the Russians have definitive proof, so they can reveal to the world what the west is trying to do. Let’s hope cooler heads prevail and stop this from escalating. We listen to a lot of geopolitical pundits, and several economic pundits, but so far I haven’t found one source that combines the two… I think that would truly explain what we’ve been out through and what we are facing going forwards.
  3. Most of the media was paid off to promote this poison. Example: Sean Hannidy of FauxeNewz.
  4. Meanwhile Doctors are baffled over the 90% increase in heart attacks since the jab. Lots of money in the “baffling” business. So yes stop the charade now.
  5. Brandon killed the Keystone Pipeline on day one of his installation, and stopped issuing permits to oil companies, but now says he is doing everything in his power to drop fuel prices "Because Putin"? In less than 2 years, O’Biden and his enablers have made America a weak country, destroyed our military, and ruined our relationships with China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Our relationship with these nations has always been based on our strength. The WEF must be celebrating.
  6. So Bannon accuses them of behaving like the USSR and then to show him the error of his ways, they go and prove him right. If it wasn’t for double standards these dimocrat marxists would have no standards at all.
  7. He funded the lab that created the Covid Monster. And everything downstream from that release was a direct result of him playing Mad Scientist. He advocated for lockdowns, mask wearing (remember one wasn't enough??), vaccine MANDATES!! He was the TIP OF THE SPEAR of the US Covid Chicken Little Alarmism.
  8. The "Little Boy" fission reaction that exploded in Hiroshima had a temperature of about 300,000 kelvin at the center and about 6000 kelvin on the ground below. So yes, depending on your perspective, that would “solve” climate change while warming up Europe. 😆
  9. She needs to be more like Tulsi Gabbard…..oh wait, perhaps we don’t need any more milk toast rino Republicans.
  10. Mornin yo from New Mexico
  11. Yup. This will allow the vaccine makers to escape product liability for the adult “vaccines” which means the “emergency” can end, but the liability protection lives on,
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