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  1. I used Scott's in early spring and again just a month ago. I have very little to none, FINALLY. I've fought my yard for three years from bare dirt up to what I have now. One thing that helps is mowing the grass tall especially oner . I also water occasionally. I let my yard do its own thing last year, no water, mowed short, and no chemicals. I don't know if that helped bit my yard is the best its ever been this year. Good luck, I know its frustrating that's why I gave up last year and got on it early this year.
  2. I've built several kit guns and piece by piece guns using Del-ton, no problems at all. Customer service has fallen behind with my latest order which was at the beginning of the year. Had some order changes that took forever to get email confirmation on, I would imagine it was due to their order volume. On the flip side of that, if you can't fulfill orders and provide quality CS, then maybe you should stop taking orders until your back log is caught up. Still a quality outfit and I'm sure once they catch up CS will go back to what it was.
  3. As stated, swage them. There are several methods, but you need to employ one of them. Crushing primers is dangerous and if you've had to use excessive force on the few you have primed, you may not get consistent ignition.
  4. I've been eying that RRA OP stock for my dissy, any problems with it?
  5. Hell James, you got me excited for a good lunch and goodies. Guess ill wait til next week.
  6. Great more toys to buy my son....
  7. Wife just got over one bad enough that made her almost pass out when standing. Plug your ears and have your wife kick you in the nuts, should clear right up.
  8. Waiting for the train to hit the station on this one.
  9. I remember riding in the folded down rear of my parents old yellow bug to Colorado many times as a little boy. Brings back great memories. I've had the urge lately to buy one and start doing a custom resto for my son when he's older. I need to get on it before they completely disappear .Thanks for bronging back the memmories G.
  10. I don't miss wiping arse at all. I'm more proud of my son pooping in the pot than his first steps. Good luck man......
  11. Ouch. SE KS and the extreme SW have some outstanding natural scenery. Nice photos and yeah I will agree, there isn't much here.
  12. I remember my dad built me a detailed balsa and wax paper air craft model. The kit was all die cut strips of balsa that fabricated like a real air raft. It had a rubber band prop or you could put a little castor oil glow plug motor in it. He worked on that thing forever and it made one flight and my buddy stepped on it. Anyone notice that hi bounce balls are made of cheaper rubber and don't bounce nearly as high as they use to? Remember pellet guns that lasted forever? How about Nylint metal trucks? Cap guns made of real metal....
  13. I'm still waiting for clamp on barrel nuts for the DIY guys who can't DIY.
  14. I kid my wife all the time that she's poisoning me when I feel under the weather.
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