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  1. luv2ride

    What have you done today to prep?

    Got some more pistol mags and one more for my 10-22. Ordered more AR and pistol ammo. Got more food storage and a few more first aid items.
  2. luv2ride

    New guy here

    Damn Yankees... . Welcome, enjoy your new AR!
  3. We all look the same..lol. Its hard to pick one from the other.
  4. Glad to hear he is doing fine. Im in Iraq right now doing my thing. Tell your son thanks for his service....
  5. luv2ride

    NOW THIS is christmas lights

    Saw TSO tonight in Nashville...amazing show! Highly recommend it!!
  6. luv2ride

    I need a hobby so......

    Never have worn them, but have heard good stuff about them. They say they are good for running in, but they are kinda pricey. I have some bellvilles that I like and bought some Danners ($$$) that I LOVE.
  7. luv2ride

    NOW THIS is christmas lights

    Got tickets to go see them this Sun. can't wait!!
  8. luv2ride

    Elizabeth Edwards

    Your trying to compare Elizabeth Edwards to Ted kennedy? WTH?...lol.
  9. luv2ride

    Watching Cinderella Backwards

    :laugh: that is great!! Wasn't expecting that either.
  10. luv2ride


    I read one called "One Second After" that was pretty good too. Just have to do a search for it. Have heard it is coming out as a movie, this book was not a happy story, if the movie is with the book, it should open some eyes!!
  11. luv2ride

    Lights Out as a movie

    When I was reading the story, this is who I kept picturing as Gunny... And yes, this would be a good movie if they put a little money into it and its holds true to the story/book.
  12. luv2ride

    Good Morning!

    Top O the mornin to ya!
  13. Thanks for the info. got my DVR set!
  14. luv2ride

    Fun at Gander Mountain

    Gander is over priced most of the time, the one here has some pretty good ammo prices sometimes, I even bought a used Glock for a good price one time. Never heard of Fleet and Farm, and our Tractor Supply doesn't have crap for shooting, and the closest Bass Pro is about 2 hours away. My local gun shops suck, unless you are 50 or older or wearing alot of cammo they won't even look at you, and their prices arent any better than Gander. I really have to do alot of searching to find any deals or decent service in my area...sucks.