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  1. Here is the thread I was looking for: http://www.m4carbine.net/showthread.php?t=7376 ("Oh No! I bought a BM/RRA/Stag before I knew better!") it helps those who cannot afford the top of the line ARs. Chapie+
  2. TJ the post is very helpful! THank you! Would you (or someone) direct me to a - how to get your AR up to specs ie staking castle nut and gas key and other improvements, etc thread? Thank you, Chapie+
  3. Well I won't be getting a Glock 20 of any flavor - I cannot afford it right now. But I will get a 10MM. I did some research and learned (and yes I know you all knew this already but I didn't) that I can get a conversion slide & barrel for my 12+ year old EAA Witness full size steel .45ACP to 10MM. I am very excited that I can get a 10MM for carrying in the mountains without spending over $600 on a Glock. Yeah! Chapie+
  4. I am pondering the same choice plus one Glock 20, Glock 20C or Glock 20SF The appeal of the 20C is reduction of recoil - but not if that is at the expense of getting powder back in the face, etc. Otherwise I am between the 20 and 20SF. It will be my first 10mm. Any advice? Chapie+
  5. BULLDOG, Thank you for sharing the story! Good news! Too bad it wasn't all over the news. I guess the media doesn't want to encourage responsible behavior. Chapie+
  6. Yes that is what the movie is about. The scene I was describing is at the very start of the movie. The whole movie is very disturbing. Chapie+
  7. Have you watched / rented the movie Untraceable? It is a disturbing yet somewhat entertaining movie. Near the beginning of the movie the star is working a fraud case trying to figure out who the bad guy is - to make a long story short - after a slight process of elimination the star decides that the bad guy must be the one with registered handguns and assault rifles. Next scene the SWAT team is kicking in the door and capturing suspects. The whole thing was pretty disturbing. Chapie+
  8. So how big is the bear? I would take the shot, but it wouldn't make for a great rug if it's all busted up. Too bad. Chapie+
  9. Chapie+


    I fear the sniper cat! I think I am going to have nightmares tonight. Chapie+
  10. Okay that was really frustrating. I got to the part where she's taking off her.... wait wrong game. Chapie+
  11. Good luck with the baby glock! I had its little brother - the 26 and we never got to be friends. I figure that's on me. I'm not sure about dropping 5 or 6 bills on a really neat .22 that when all is said and done is a .22. I have a 10-22 that I like a lot and a MKII .22 I like a lot, I am not sure I would spend the money on an MP5 clone in .22 - though they do look very, very cool. Chapie+
  12. Very, very cool pics! Where did you find them? Chapie+
  13. Maybe for next season instead of voting someone off they'll randomly shoot one of the "actors" and eat him / her? Chapie+
  14. I agree a .22 is not for hunting big game! That's why my AR is in .308 not .223 - it's effective. I guess we should all be thankful they weren't given AKs or ARs to spray and pray with on national tv..... Here's a question, if they had somehow dropped a Bison, etc, what would they have done next? It doesn't sound like they would have a clue about field dressing. Chapie+
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