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  1. I think an eight day week with a three day weekend would solve a lot of working life's trauma.
  2. I listen more than I speak, so please don't judge me by my post count. The folks on this site are great people and when in doubt they sort of augment my moral compass. So how many of you are of doing this?... I always thought it was kind of entitled and pathetic to have a tip jar, or a spot on the credit card for tips for take out. They didn’t earn a gratuity, they didn’t do anything that would make my life easier, etc… But; now I’m a guy who still has a job (that pays well), and these folks who are cooking pizzas, etc, to go, are sort of bad asses in their own way and have my absolute respect and gratitude big time! ...I have been tipping around 100% Are you guys looking at things like this, or am I a softy? Mr L
  3. mr-l

    I. Love. This. Carbine!

  4. The code is the code, death doesn't change that.
  5. mr-l

    There will be a test later!

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh!
  6. mr-l

    Do you think he went away mad?

    Love it!
  7. I would wager lawyers are at the root of this.
  8. mr-l

    I ain't dead yet

  9. mr-l


    This sounds like a very big number to me, maybe I'm just naive. "at least twenty shoplifters a shift"
  10. I was away from the Web for a while, sometimes work dominates my world. Your above quote says it all brother.
  11. There was a time when I was very hopeful. But, I think the last time I felt like the world was going to turn out well was when Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin smiled big and shook hands. I try not to be pessimistic, but sometimes it's hard.
  12. When I was only nine, we put a man on the Moon. Honestly, flying cars are the sort of thing I expected by now.
  13. When I was much younger, this is not how I pictured The U.S.A. in 2019.