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  1. kkbait

    $400 1911?

    Does it take standard grips??
  2. kkbait

    model 1 sales

    Anyone have any input on the kits from Model 1 sales. thanks Dave
  3. kkbait


    Thanks for the replies. Great info Etho. Tiger Stripe do you have any contact info on the magazine you mentioned. Thanks Dave
  4. kkbait


    Thanks for the replies. I'm thinking of a 20" rifle kit from Del-Tron. Just not sure on what accessories to get. I know I want to scope it so I don't want the high front sight. The different options available are a little confusing.
  5. kkbait


    I am thinking about building my own AR. This site is a wealth of information. I am looking for a good book that would cover the basics of the build and possibly explain some of the endless configurations. I will be using my rifle for coyote hunting. Any help would be appreciated. thanks Dave
  6. never under estimate the power of STUPID :bigsmile: