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  1. regardless what the law is, you’re knowingly putting yourself/firearms at risk of the law by pulling such public stunts. While it may be “legal”, it may not be socially acceptable. If this guy wants to play the legal cards at his own expense and hassle of his local PD, let him. Lets just not hear him moan and complain about it all. He knows very well that he is stirring the pot and for that, negative things will happen. And shame on the police department for taking the firearm as evidence. Clearly per state law he did not commit a crime. Clear that the actions he took did shake the public, however it’s the publics false assumptions and for that the firearms should have not been taken into evidence based on pure assumption.
  2. Oh I know. My buddy has a 3” .357 and that thing is like a mini cannon! Never shot a .38 tho..
  3. That’s what I thought. I just wanted to make sure there were no long term effects of shooting .38 out of it.
  4. I’ll take the handle off and check it out. I haven’t had much time to fiddle around with it too much. Also to my understanding I can also use .38 specials as well? Which is better in this firearm? I have about 600 rounds of .38 special and 0 rounds of .357
  5. Yeah I really like the T grip. Seems to make the firearm much easier to handle. And this thing is like a damn brick. Compared to my XD40 at least (my daily)
  6. Got a good holster. Leather. And I haven't taken it to the range yet. When I got it in Colorado I was quite busy and didn't have time to shoot it before I had to head back out again for work. Along with a few other ones I picked up (hardest was an Springfield XD Subcompact a few months ago). But anywho I'll be headed back home to Colorado shortly and will get some good range time with it and the other acquired goodies!!
  7. I don’t feel comfortable releasing such information (someone can claim it’s stolen). Sorry. It does start out as “S27XXXX"
  8. Where would I go to find out what year mine was made?? This of course is the 4” barrel aka rocket launcher! My buddy has a 3”? .357 cannon and it was amazing shooting it but you wont get any good double taps from it (which is often what I train for with my daily carry XD40 Service
  9. Im not a revolver guy either.. but hey, for free I might as well entertain it in my safe right? The hefty weight may come in handy as a last resort when.. you know, zombies come about. Ive always been here..lurking and what not. But Im doing good!
  10. So I’ve had this firearm for a minute and would like to get some more information on it.. It looks like it’s worth about $500 on private sale. That’s a pretty hefty profit ($500) but I plan on keeping it (it was a gift) The serial number starts with an SXXXXXXX and no other model numbers look to be present on the firearm other than the serial number on the bottom of the handle and inside behind the barrel. Anyone else have anymore info on this piece?
  11. I hardly shoot my .270 and I don’t even hunt. I have a couple hundred rounds in one of my safes. I wouldn’t mind having about 1k in stash as it’s a good round to keep on tap but I haven’t really been tracking the stock piles at the local stores either..
  12. Happy Holidays, Everyone.
  13. Here in NorCal (Rocklin, CA) it’s mid 60’s all week. Low 30’s. Quite nice with no rain in the forecast.
  14. I got a PS4 myself with delivery from Sony on release day. I like it..but in the end, it’s all just hardware and user interface. Only difference is the controller and UI. Of course exclusive games. If you had an xbox before, go xbox. If you had a PS3 before, go PS4. Simple.
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