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  1. mollett89

    NFA Picture Thread

    here is a pic of my savage on a cold afternoon last week
  2. i ordered 10 minutes ago and they had over 200 and its already down close to 100
  3. if not im sorry and mods delete but this deal is too good not to share aimpoint comp m3 with mount for 349.95 http://www.skdtac.com/dealoftheday.asp hope you guys snag some Luke
  4. mollett89

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    here is a pic of my little savage i snapped yesterday when i took the dogs out for a walk
  5. mollett89

    NFA Picture Thread

    its the ss, i love everything about it except the weight...im going to be buying a dedicated 5.56 can for my sbr. other than the weight though it is great and yhm has great customer service
  6. mollett89

    NFA Picture Thread

    man you guys have some nice stuff here are some pics of my junk my p22 with the yhm stainless mite that im waiting on a stamp for and here is my 10.5 that i built on the anderson group buy lower with my yhm qd 7.62 can pretty crappy pic haha. its the only one i have with the acs stock here is one from right when i got my stamp back and didnt have the acs stock yet or the black widow nomar qd
  7. mollett89

    well i got bit again

    they cashed the check on 11/15/12. im super excited for this can, i already put the thread adapter on my p22, rebarreled my 10/22 with a yhm threaded bull, and bought a ruger 22/45 lite lol. im planning on buying at least 1 more host and i already have it picked out its the savage mark II fv-sr bolt action.
  8. mollett89

    well i got bit again

    haha well i guess i shoulda just bought the 5.56 can...im not sure where i read it but i was under the impression that 22lr was bad juju for a 5.56 can lol. i guess i have two more cans to buy, im going to buy a .45 can next and then for shigs and gits ill buy a thread on 5.56 can. plus i want to build a sbs, a sbr bolt action 308, a sbr ak, and at least 2 more sbr ar's haha this nfa stuff is addicting or since we arent filling out the papers till tomorrow on my lunch i could see if i can just pay the difference and buy the 5.56 can. i did only pay $263.50 for this can though....hmmm
  9. mollett89

    well i got bit again

    well the main reason was because i would like to be able to clean it...i was under the impression that 22lr is so dirty that it would eventually gunk up a non serviceable rifle can so bad that it would hamper performance, was i wrong ? plus all my ar's except my 14.5 that has a perm attached FH have the yhm qd on them already and i plan on fixing that with another sbr lower i also plan on using it on my p22 a lot and would like to let my girlfriend shoot it on her sig mosquito and i figured a rifle can would be too big and heavy for use on a small 22lr pistol. i may be wrong but that just gives me an excuse to buy another can lol
  10. mollett89

    well i got bit again

    by the tax stamp bug haha. i bought another can today...i bought a yhm stainless 22 mite. i will drop the papers off at the sheriffs to be signed on monday and hopefully get it mailed off tues or Wednesday. this will be my third stamp, 1st was anderson mfg sbr, 2nd was my yhm 7.62 qd, and this mite is my third...now for the 6 month wait :(
  11. mollett89

    My Franken-shotgun build thread

    wait a minute....where in the heck did you pick up a 930 for $325 ?
  12. mollett89

    Lets See EM!!!

    i love it ! i have it at the shortest setting and its perfect for me. its very comfortable, the shape and but pad make it so there is almost no recoil.
  13. mollett89

    Lets See EM!!!

    here is my newest purchase. picked her up this afternoon and put the magpul stuff on before i left the shop haha.
  14. mollett89

    Armory member needs your help

    im in a bit of a low fund time right now but can kick in a few bucks. its not much but anything helps in times like these. let me know where to send it i love seeing people come together like this to help a brother out !
  15. mollett89

    Project Super Hornet 919

    looks like a serious upgrade ! i swapped 07 gsxr 750 inverted forks onto my 03 sv650 and it made a world of difference. your swap looks much more involved than mine was though haha