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  1. Wow, this is so amazingly sad. One good dude. It's been a while since I've been around, I never expected to see something like this.
  2. OD45

    Hi I'm OD45

    Hi guys, thanks, can't say I can be here much but I miss, well everything gun related.
  3. OD45

    Hi I'm OD45

    And I have been absent for way to long. RL has become exceedingly way to busy. How is everyone?
  4. OD45

    New Guy Thinking of Starting New Build

    It looks like you have a great selection of parts already picked out. Since I wasn't ambitious enough to build my own I can't help you with that. I am looking forward to hearing how yours turned out though.
  5. OD45

    Wild hogs and other varmints

    Well, I guess I will just see what I can get into once I get down there. I'm sure with all of the land I will have access to I can call in some coyotes or other varmints. I need to look closer at the laws also. Looks like you guys might have a season for hogs in KY unlike Ohio. They want us to kill any hogs we find, I still haven't found a single hog though.
  6. OD45

    Itch to buy ar platform .308

    Have you decided on a price range yet? Once you do that I can give you info on everything I looked at. After about four good months of looking at every make, model and flavor of .308 AR I went with the Sig 716. I read the reviews on every one I could find. I would have probably bought a GAP10 if they hadn't told me it would be at least 10 months to get one but more likely a year. Apparently, military and police orders get bumped to the top when they are received. At the lower end I seriously considered a S&W M&P10. But, it seems they still have quite a few bugs to work out as well as being pretty limited on accesories you can use including rails at the moment. I did keep coming back to the fact I also wanted to give a gas piston system a try and Sigs system looks like one of the best. I know a few guys who have 516's and they love them. I also wanted a gas system so that if/when I get a suppressor I can adjust it unlike the DI systems by most makers. One other large selling point was the use of Magpul Magazines. I have a ton of them in 5.56 and they are flawless and cheap. They are cheap enough that when I ordered my gun I also ordered 10 mags just to put in the safe. I can't tell you how well it shoots yet. I'm still waiting on my ammo, scope and mount orders to come in. I'm sure I won't be disappointed though.
  7. OD45

    Sig 716 DMR .308 AR

    After about a month of indecision I finally decided on the Leupold Mark 4 ER/T 6.5-20x50. It has a 30mm tube, M5 Turrets, Front focal plane and TMR reticle. Now that I picked out a scope it's time to start researching mounts. The only thing I know for sure is I want a 20 moa cant. There are so many good choices, I just hope it doesn't take me as long to pick a mount as it did a scope.
  8. OD45

    Sig 716 DMR .308 AR

    The Larue mounts are nice, I have been there and checked them out. I'm in the middle of deciding on a scope right now then I will order the mount. I think I am just going to throw an Eotech on it until I find the scope and reticle I want. So many choices. As soon as I think I have found what I want I find something else.
  9. OD45

    Sig 716 DMR .308 AR

    I just happened to go into the gunstore and order one at the right time. He could only find one available from any of his distributors. He is a good friend and did a good search for me. It looks like I will be free to shoot it next weekend. I can't wait.
  10. OD45

    My SR762

    That looks awesome. I don't see a range report, yet. How does it shoot? Which acog are you using? Reticle?
  11. OD45

    Wild hogs and other varmints

    I'm going to be down near Whitesburg, KY over July 4 weekend. Anyone know of any public hunting areas near there where I could put some rounds into a wild hog or ten?
  12. OD45

    Sig 716 DMR .308 AR

    I think I am in love. I picked up my Sig 716 DMR today. No, pictures are not available yet. One word: HEAVY! Unloaded it weighs 11.2 pounds. I am guessing recoil will be minimal, I can't wait to get it to the range. The sample target from Sig shows a .88 group size. I will be very happy with that and am sure it will get better after I find the round that fires best in this rifle. My first impression is that this rifle is very well built, quality machining and what feels like a really nice trigger right out of the box. It is definitely in need of a few rags and cleaner. They very liberally oiled this rifle for shipment. It comes with a very nice hard case, carry strap, Harris bipod, magpul miad grip, magpul stock, cleaning kit and a well designed manual. That is one thing manufacturers seem to spend very little time on. I am actually impressed with the details they added to their manual. Future add ons: Magpul PRS stock, surefire socom muzzle brake (I am seriously considering a 7.62 socom suppressor) scope, mount and lots of ammo. Now to my question, I have never mounted a scope on an AR. I want a one piece mount/ring combo and will probably add a canted RMR before its done. What height mount should I get and who makes the best? Pictures to follow soon.
  13. OD45

    Mower won't start....

    There isn't fuel pump that I know of on this mower.
  14. OD45

    Mower won't start....

    Yeah, the first thing I tried. Replaced the filter and pre-filter.
  15. Any of you guys good at getting small engines going? I have a Briggs and Stratton engine on the mower. Engine Model # 31d707-0232-e1 When the problem first started I removed carburator and cleaned it out, reinstalled and it would run till I shut it off and then couldn't get it started again. So I would mess with the carburator, yes, just take it off spray it down reinstall and it would run. I then found I could just empty the bowl, start it up and it would run. Until I shut it off again of course. So, I finally rebuilt the carburator. No change. So, I have now replaced everything I thought might get it going. New fuel line, new fuel filter, brand new carburator and I still can't get it started. I pulled the spark plug today to also ensure I was getting good spark. It had great spark. The bowl has two wires that looks like it works a little needle from the bottom of the bowl. I don't know anything about this style of carburator as I haven't seen it and I am kind of wondering if those wires aren't part of the problem. Anyone have any ideas for me? I am about ready to apply high explosives and the grass isn't getting any shorter.