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  1. bruce

    Greetings from Crime Bluff

    A single AR certainly is not sufficient for living in Pine Bluff. I suggest you retreat immediately.
  2. bruce

    Wanna See What Keeps a Man Married 37 years?

    Congrats, here is to the next 37!
  3. bruce

    Dan Rather steps on his D***

    Obama is not African American (Black). He is 1/2 White, 3/8 Arab and 1/8 African.
  4. bruce

    I'm going to start car shopping tomorrow

    My wife has a 2003 Jetta 1.8t with close to 100K miles. It has had the coil on plug recall service, a scheduled timing belt change and oil changes. It has never left her stranded and I cant talk her into trading it in. She averages 30 mph. As for OnStar, it is a single box behind the dash. Why not remove it and sell it on Ebay. You can replace it with one of these http://www.costartech.com/pb/products/bluestar.html for Bluetooth functionality. A lot of people want the newer OnStar boxes to add Bluetooth + OnStar to their pre 2009 vehicles.
  5. bruce

    I'm going to start car shopping tomorrow

    I would seriously consider the new GMC Terrain http://www.gmc.com/terrain/terrain/index.jsp and the VW Tiguan http://www.vw.com/tiguan/en/us/ . My Mom has a CRV. It is relaible. Not much fun. Lexus makes some great vehicles. I have driven Japanese in the past but I try not too anymore. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_war_crimes We have two Germans in the garage and a GMC outside so I cant say I am trying to buy American made.
  6. bruce

    Springfield Xd

    My guess is that the LWC ammo was a little shorter in length and had a reduced charge.
  7. bruce

    Springfield Xd

    I have not tried SWC, all of my XD shooting has been brass cased jacketed ball or brass / nickel cased jacketed hollow point. The grip safety is my main reason for choosing XD over Glock. Having a toddler running around really reinforces this.
  8. bruce

    Springfield Xd

    I love my XD45. Thousands of rounds down the tube, one user grip failure, no XD failures. It eats anything I feed it. I am 100% certain that it will function if I need it. Its not as accurate as my Wifes Kimber and the sights are not as good. But I would rather have a $500 XD45 with 14 rounds that I know will fire reliably than a $1000 Kimber with 8.
  9. I have read a few good reviews and am considering one over a Kel-Tec P3AT or a Ruger LCP. I think I like it but I can buy two P3ATs and some ammo for the price of one P380.
  10. bruce

    Lifetime movie network

    Isn't this post similar to saying you shop at Lane Bryant?
  11. bruce

    AIM Surplus Nato 762x51

    I have seen several options for 308 at less than 50 cents a round recently. Prices are coming down.
  12. bruce

    Anyone know of a deal on 45 ACP Ammo?

    She qualified for her permit Saturday. She was the only one shooting a 45 at the class. Most of the guys were shooting 22s. The Kimber is 100% reliable with Golden Saber or Hydrashok. It and her spare mags are loaded with Golden Saber.
  13. My Wife and several of her girlfriends are going to get their conceal and carry permits. I have been helping them practice for their qualification. Can anyone suggest a good video or book to teach them shooting technique?
  14. I bought a 2007 6.2L GMC Sierra at the end of year. It was an upgrade from a 4.7L Dodge Dakota forced by our growing family. The Dakota would really throw you back in the seat in first gear. The 6.2 Sierra is smoother and more comfortable but it will really accelerate! Both the 4.7L Dakota and the 6.2L Sierra are AWD and both of them average around 15 MPG for my driving. A friend has a new body style Chevy work truck with the V6 in it. That thing is terribly underpowered.
  15. bruce

    Anyone know of a deal on 45 ACP Ammo?

    Found 500 rounds of WWB at Walmart for $165 yesterday. Not a great deal but should be plenty to get her permit.