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  1. odn777

    .300 whisper

    223vodoo, Del-ton carries one under the name .300 Fireball. I believe if I remember correctly they are the same thing. They carry the barrels and the complete uppers. I dont know if they have them in stock or not but you can check it out here: http://www.del-ton.com/AR_15_Conversion_Ki...eball_s/105.htm Odn
  2. odn777

    .450 Bushmaster

    chasenfate, i was doing some looking around and happened upon two other sites that carry the .450 ammo. Pk firearms and Outdoor Marksmen. I know Outdoor Marksmen is out of stock, but I'm not sure about Pk Firearms. You may want to contact them and check and see. I just figured I would throw Outdoor Marksmen out there for you so you would have another option to check from time to time. I will keep you posted if I run across anything in the mean time. odn
  3. odn777

    .450 Bushmaster

    ChasingFate, Glad I could help with the endine idea. As far as ammo, I find it funny because I was thinking of asking you the same thing. Everywhere I have checked has been sold out as well. I recently got my FFL to order some for me. I got like six boxes for 29.00 a piece. He placed and order for 10 boxes and they only allowed him to have 6. You might want to check Cheaper than Dirt, Able Ammo, rrarms, Natchez, and Midway usa. As of the moment half of those places arent in stock, but Able Ammo and Cheaper than Dirt had some the last time I checked. My FFL swears to me that ammo will be more plentiful soon, its just because its a new caliber, but I dont know Im somewhat worried, to the point were Im not shooting mine for a while until I get a good, and I do mean very good inventory built up of ammo. Hope this helps, Odn
  4. odn777

    .450 Bushmaster

    Hi ChasingFate, Glad to hear your enjoying your new .450, I recently aquired one myself, and love it so far. Just thought I would throw another suggestion out there for you as far as reducing recoil. Have you thought about the Endine buffers? I have heard of alot of people that have gone big bore using them, I have one in my .450 and love it. I'm using an A2 stock and recoil dropped considerably from installing it. Just thought I would throw that out there for you. odn
  5. odn777

    Need help 204 upper

    hi ah929rr, There are quite a few companies out there making the .204 for the ar. I have been looking into this myself for a while now, from what I have seen everything is made in the heavy barrels, and typically runs in the 20 to 24" range. There may be light weight barrels out there but will probably be hard to find, and will probably have to be custom made. I know Dpms, J&T, WHite oak armament, SHilen barrels, Dtech, and as stagmodel4 said Model one all make uppers in the .204 caliber. I know there are a few other places as well the names just dont come to mind at the moment. Do a google search maybe you can come up with a manufacturer or someone who can custom make an 18" in a lightweight configuration. Hope this helps. Odn
  6. Hi Jchtrh, Having researched one of these builds myself I will pass on some of what I found out. First, the .204 uses the same bolt as the .223 so your good to go there. Second there are a few places you can get barrels, as hsracer mentioned there is dpms, I have heard great things about there .204's. You may also wish to check out White Oak armament, and Shilen barrels. Both from what I have heard (key word Heard) are great to use. The Shilen barrel comes with a matched bolt, so you would have a bolt that it fitted to your particular barrel. You can also check out Model One sales, and J&T distributing. I dont know if they supply just barrels, but I do know they have complete uppers in .204, and I havent heard from anyone as to how they shoot. Then there are also a few other companies who do barrels for the .204 in an Ar platform as well, just google it and you will find them. You will be surprised at the options you have. You can also check out this link at midway. Its pretty informative about building a .204 Even though it sounds as if you may have already learned how to build up an Ar it gives some interesting insights into parts to use. www.midwayusa.com/midwayusa/StaticPages/pdf/Instructions/AR-15%20Varmint%20Rifle%20Instructions.pdf I cant really help much in the way of triggers, or lowers. With lowers I'm not that picky, I usually grab whatever I come across that isnt an exorbent price. I've used Stag for my builds so far and havent had any problems. For a stock, you may want to consider a magpul prs. Some people like them some dont. I love the one I have on my Bushmaster v match, not only for the comfort it provides in the adjustment but also the counter balance it offers with the heavy barrel on the v-match, which is something you will want to consider since most .204 barrels are bull barrels. Well hope that helps a little. Let me know how it turns out. I have to say I am envious because I have been wanting to built a .204 for a while now, and havent gotten around to it. Odn
  7. Hello all, This was one of those spur of the moment range trips I wish to hell I would have taken my camera with me. I built a new rifle, its a stag lower with a bushmaster v match upper on it. Tasco 3x9 mil dot scope. It was the first time I had this gun out and since it was a spur of the moment trip I didnt have any quality stuff to shoot through it which concerned me at first. I wanted desperately to pick up some black hills for this gun, but havent had time to order any and no one around here sells it so I was stuck between Igman m855 ammo and 62gr wolf. I usually use the wolf through my Bushy carbine to plink around with and what not, and had no intention of running this through the new V match upper, so I tried loading up the Igman which I never used before. Well needless to say it didnt work out well. I couldnt get the rifle to cycle the stuff. It would short stroke like a b****. No problem extracting but would not load the next round to save my life. So rather hesitantly I switched to the wolf. Now I know many people dont like wolf, shoots dirty, is inconsistent and so forth. I agree. But when Im out to just shoot and have fun I dont mind. I'm not highly competitive all the time and like to just relax and enjoy being able to shoot. So I loaded a mag of this stuff got the gun sighted in and (heres the part I wish I had a damn camera for) at 100yds I was getting three shot groups that would fit in the space of a dime, consistently. I couldnt believe it. Still cant to be honest. I even told the guys I was with it wouldn't be that accurate and after they saw the first group they laughed at me and thought I was joking. On the down side, I did have one light primer strike with the wolf and one short stroke. The rifle performed flawlessly and I would recommend it to anyone that was looking at them.. I still cant believe how badly the Igman ran in it. Just to double check and make sure it was the ammo I tried to run it through my Carbine and got the same results. At least I know one type of ammo to cross off my list. Cant wait to get some quality ammo and run it through this rifle, I'll make sure I have a camera there for that one. Odn
  8. odn777

    Bushmaster quality

    Hi Slater, I've got a bushmaster carbine that I love. It was my first ar and I have as of yet had no problem what so ever with it. The fit and finish on it are great. I also have two uppers from bushmaster as well, although I havent gotten to shoot them yet, one is a V-match upper and the other is a .450. Both of them as far as fit and finish go are excellent. Hope this helps. Odn
  9. odn777

    question concerning a2 stock

    Thats a good point Tigerstripe, I didnt even think of that. I did notice that the bolt that goes in to tighten the buttstock to the extension and the buffer tube goes in at an angle, and while it still threads in I wander if this could be causing it to not draw up as tight as if it were to go straight in. Nwatson99, No it wasnt purchased as a factory kit. I got it from a different site, I needed an endine to go with it, (its on my new bushy .450) so I found a place that offered the endine with the stock, that way I wouldnt have to order separate parts. I guess my main concern was if it would ultimately cause function problems. I know if it got loose enough it could swing sideways causing the rear detent to come out but at this point its no where near that loose. Thanks guys I will keep looking at it. Maybe if i get a chance tonight or tomorrow I will swap out buffer tubes between the magpul prs, and the a2 and see if it attaches to that buffer tube better, at least that way I can rule out the buffer tube . Seems like I have plenty of time to figure this one out, nobody seems to have ammo for the .450 right now. I have been searching everywhere and to no avail. Sucks too because I cant wait to get this thing out there and shoot it. odn
  10. odn777

    question concerning a2 stock

    Yes there was a spacer on the end of the buffer tube, I double checked it before installing the stock. I've looked over it, and over it and cant figure it out. Its just a little bit of wiggle on the front side of the stock where it is against the lower. I have to honestly say on this I'm lost. Thank you all so far for the suggestions and trying to help me out on this. odn
  11. odn777

    ideas on optics for .450 bushmaster

    Glad to hear it only seems to be one model. I knew I had heard something about this but couldnt remember the specifics on it, thanks for clarifying that for me guys. odn
  12. odn777

    question concerning a2 stock

    Etho, Yeah the machine screw is tight, I have it in as far as it will go. Its not bad enough that I have to worry about the stock coming off the buffer tube or sliding to the side on the lower, its just a little loose, like you can tell the buffer isnt a tight fit inside the stock. I was just wandering if it was anything to worry about, or an easy fix. odn
  13. odn777

    question concerning a2 stock

    Hello all, I just completed my second build, and got done installing an a2 stock on it. This is the first a2 that I have installed, my previous build having a magpul prs stock on it. The a2 stock is a little loose. It moves side to side on the buffer tube slightly. Unlike the prs stock which was a tight fit this one was a loose to install on the tube and I guess thats where the play is coming from. Its not enough to worry me, but I was wondering if this is normal, or if its something that needs to be or can be fixed. thanks odn
  14. odn777

    reasons for miss fires ?

    Maybe it was a light primer strike. Im no expert or anything, just throwing suggestions out there, seems to me like I remember hearing from other people that they had the same problem with PMC ammo, and come to find out it was due to light primer strikes. Just and idea....... odn
  15. odn777


    I would have to agree with what you guys are saying. My first Ak was a saiga. While its not considered a combat rifle, it truly is a nice gun for the price. I can honestly say I dont have any complaints about the two that I own right now. I have the .223 and the .410 and both shoot very well. I like them so much I plan on having one of each caliber. I havent heard many complaints at all by people who have these rifles, there dependability is up there quite high with many people talking about very high round counts without cleaning. I have rarely heard of anyone having any problems at all with these rifles. But then again they are an AK. odn