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  1. Wasn't that HK mag originally for the SA80.
  2. Top notch ammo, I would put it above wolf but wolf has always worked great for me. Plus you will be supporting all my friends that work there! jem375 is correct XM193 and Black hills is good stuff but harder to get ahold of. Plus you will need a 556 chamber for it to run in your AR. (some times it will run fine in 223 chambers) IMHO stay away from Ultramax it has been known to make ARs blow up!
  3. LRB is more known for his m14 semi auto! the 3 LRB ar lowers I have put together did not go so well they seem to be off especialy the mag release button. IMO I would get some one else and LRB should stick to m14s YMMV these lowers were the most difficult lowers I have ever put together. He does build a very nice m14 though! I am partial to Defensive edge lowers they are top notch and I love the overtravel adjustment screw that is in them.
  4. Class was great, as to be expected from all the classes I attend with Defensive Edge!
  5. I love my TAO1 works great. I drink the Trijicon coolaid alot though.
  6. I don't mind the cold! Much better that heat anyday!
  7. Worth every cent! Now that I am done it is nice to know I can work on any of the above mentioned shotguns and feel confident doing it!
  8. death451

    checking in

    We missed you at class on Sat, Are you takeing Precision Rifle again?
  9. Is she ready to shoot for next weekend?
  10. death451

    final option

    Most training I do at DE is for saveing my ass from a thug wanting to rob me. If you are thinking the combat fairy sprinkles dust over you and you win just because you have a gun you are DEAD wrong.(maybe he is helping the other untrained fool/thug that is robing you at that time)
  11. death451

    DPMS LR 308

    Are those chrome bore and chamber?
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