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  1. http://www.infowars.com/feds-preparing-to-invade-texas/
  2. All the values in the world can't save you from the worms.
  3. oak1971


    Go start an atheist thread then. Call it "Why I hate a God I don't believe in"
  4. oak1971


    Here we go again. Some people just can't mind their own business.
  5. oak1971


    Nasty fuggers need to be tazed and hosed down with bleach.
  6. oak1971


    I lent my neighbor some tools and never got them back. I guess that's giving up something. Seriously though, I''m not Catholic, but fish on Fridays is such an ingrained custom around here you'd think everyone is Catholic.
  7. But you could if you wanted too. It's hard to accept the soft tyranny of Apple, but trouble free ownership is its own reward I guess.
  8. That's what I gathered, but the thread title implied something else.
  9. It didn't mention federal police in the article.
  10. I still think that turbo v6 will
  11. I have no idea what market the new Macbook will serve. Seems odd to me. I don't care really, I bought a macbook pro. Still sad to see them making hardware upgrades next to impossible on the new macbook pros.
  12. Perhaps a stay in the pants on the ground motel will change his disposition.
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