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  1. coltm4sp1

    What have you done today to prep?

    I got 420 rds of XM855 on stripper clips , for the stash
  2. coltm4sp1


    this is some great info. thanks
  3. coltm4sp1

    New Kershaw Leek

    I always carried kershaw k.o. and i found the leek to be the perfect size also
  4. coltm4sp1

    A newbe saying hello

    I just wanted to say hello to you all , found this website . thought I would give it a try . so far looks very good . now i will have to split my time between arfcom and ar15armory.com
  5. coltm4sp1

    How the U.S. seeks to avert nuclear terror

    sometimes we are our own worst enemies , but thats the price of freedom