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  1. Wulf556

    Hey, Wulf556

    What ? You didn't think I'd show up for my own b-day thread. ;-)
  2. Wulf556

    Hey, Wulf556

    Yes, I stopped by. Thanks for the bday wishes all. Hope you all have been well. Family life takes up most all my time now with a daughter and two sons. Life has been good to me and I have been blessed with a wonderful woman and three awesome children.
  3. Wow, cool to see this is still going on. What's up guys. Been a while....
  4. Wulf556


    PS3 only thump. And I dl'd it too.. Awesome game. Definitely on my to buy list..
  5. oh well.. double tap.
  6. Morning everyone.. Glad it's Friday. Had a super freaky storm yesterday afternoon. 60 mph winds, hail, pouring rain, and lightning. Came out of no where about 4:00pm blasted the county and moved on. Lots of trees down ( from the past 2 weeks of rain softening the ground ). Almost had one fall on my truck going down the road, after we had to detour our route home due to a huige on across the road. Well... have a great weekend. later everyone..
  7. Hell yeah I'm looking forward to this.. I too hope they do the co-op in this one. <fingers crossed>
  8. Morning from Big Shelby, NC... ya'll have a good one..
  9. Wulf556


    Watch it Bub.. we take that word seriously around here... Thanks for the review CB.. May have to check it out my self soon.
  10. Morning everybody, Can't stay long.. web nazi's are watching and locking everything that ain't work related if you stay online for more than 30 minutes. Which is bad since part of my job is online. Well... hope ya'll had a great weekend. Talk at ya later... Wulfy
  11. You know I almost posted thatone byut I figured I'd wait and make sure everyone was cool with me posting that.
  12. Ok well I just found this from a comment in the B&G so I figured I'd own up to my ugly mug. From a few summers back on vacation visiting Shaw AFB.. and the obligatory shooting photo... Sorry if I drug this up from the dead..
  13. Nevermind... I'm not sure i want to...
  14. I have one of the lowers that has that set crew in it. Got it int he Armory lower group buy we did many moons ago. Doesn't do anything for me. But if it's a better price and a good finish, I would say they are fine. But as was mentioned I would look around here and see what the site sponsors/vendors had to offer.
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