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  1. Brotherpatriot

    Foreclosure crisis has ripple effect

    Foreclosure sux. Im still fighting to save my house. When one goes from 50K a year down to 18 to 19 K a year changes sux. But Im fighting to keep it. Its only costing me more now than when it did when I had a good job. For me it was never about living above ones means. Its just I have so much history in this home. Cant bare the thought of leaving it after all of my kids are growing up here and Ive been in it for 20 plus years. May cost me a dinner or to but Ill pay until its done. I read where people just walk away from the mortgages. I cant imagine that. Ive tried to get the co. to put it all on the end of the note and help lower the intrest. Not happening. Just as well. Seems like they want me to walk away from it...even sadder.
  2. Brotherpatriot

    Bp's caption this thread.

    ( Actually theres 4 decent bucks in this cam shot.) HAH. look, he's taking pictures to make it last longer!, sweet dreams deer slayer, muhahahah But dont worry, I still harvested a nice buck, 3 times....LOL, besides you cant eat horns anyway. Bp
  3. Brotherpatriot

    Break in at the Caveman’s Cabin

    But we know and undertand what you mean, and agree..
  4. Brotherpatriot

    Bp's caption this thread.

    This is all you'll see of me buddy. take a picture, it'l last longer
  5. Brotherpatriot

    Bp's caption this thread.

    I got you now sukka! you just dont know it.
  6. Brotherpatriot

    Bp's caption this thread.

    scuse me, these belong to you sir? Or Hey move out of the way dumb arse! Or Coming through, scuse me! Or you might wanna MOVE!!!
  7. Brotherpatriot

    What do you think about buying a bunch of AR lowers

    I would love to, especially a 308 upper. But funds dictate what I can and cant do, buying loweres or uppers of anything I cant. Would love a 308 upper flat top with a threaded bull barrel. Would just simply love it! but dont get me wrong, I really enjoy my Colt. But having the 308 upper woud be a bonus because I am a hunter of venison. Fo sho! But If I could sell the Carbon 15 pistol there may be a chance. But around here I simply just cant give it away! Oh Well..maybe one day.
  8. Brotherpatriot

    Ooooh, That hurt! (Taxes)

    The one thing you can always count on with MIL's in they love the salt rubbing upon ones wounds, always! Especially upon the son in laws! And just think, the one you love and married to will most likly turn into the same thing
  9. Brotherpatriot

    Break in at the Caveman’s Cabin

    In any case, if you harm anyone with a booby trap you will be libal for the injuries they get. It sux yeah but thats what it means if you hurt anyone with a trap. But nothing says you cant scare the crap out of them. A 12 gauge boom where the round goes up in the air, raining lead shot from above, like bird shot? LOL would be cool to see the facal expression on that one. Set a PC in a bulding or atic space with web cams. It has to have total connection meaning 24/7 online. Once webcams set up with the domain you can view your cams from anywhere via home PC. For that matter, we all could check in on it. Cost would be nominal, price of webscams, a good PC, Domain for webcam hosting, Storage for recording which can be re started daily, so you would need one that would hold at least 8 to 12 houres straming. Or, set it up to take web photos every few seconds which leads to smaller drives. Theres a deer ranch where people hunt but can check out the live webcams daily on those throphies they want. It can be done, just have it set up by someone that knows the insides and outs on these things. No matter what you decide to do or go with, I wish you luck. But realisticaly, I doubt these same crooks will return. JMO... But its worth a lot to be ready if it were to happen again. Bp...
  10. Brotherpatriot

    Wasp Injection Knife... YIKES!

    That would be a lot of pump in ones gut. OUch anyway you look at it.. Would be cool to have for a conversation piece but not for 300 bucks. JMO And the CO2s would be pricey, because I would want to play with it like crazy.. You know, show a buddy, when he reaches for it push the button...
  11. Brotherpatriot

    Pawn sleuth fights theft

    Its amazing what people will try to pawn off. A friend manages a large pawn shop here. Its getting to where they wont pawn nothing but fire arms. Giving the fake IDs floating around here and they have been hit hard over that alone. No Electronics, but will take on TVs 46 inch or bigger and newer than 06. LOL, they figure thieves wont bother with TVs that big..Wrong! We have a Pawn cop here as well, but havent heard of them doing any good.
  12. Brotherpatriot

    Break in at the Caveman’s Cabin

    What is that Honda? A 50?
  13. Brotherpatriot

    Break in at the Caveman’s Cabin

    The ATV and mini bike I bet will turn up. Is it a small community around there? Or large city like area? May take a bit but I bet the ATV will turn up abandon somewhere. If its a small community someone will talk if the reward is thrown out there as bait. The minibike though is a good candidate for Ebaymotors. No paper work etc. You do have the Vin & serial numbers right?
  14. Brotherpatriot

    Wasp Injection Knife... YIKES!

    Yeah, what he said..WOW!
  15. Brotherpatriot

    Break in at the Caveman’s Cabin

    bdhsnake posted a good link on what the Bushnell Nite cam is capable of. But to make it worth your while it would have to be some what close etc for a close up shot. High up some where maybe? Its a good cam though but not real cheap either.