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  1. They will not work well. Grendel mags have thinner webs and the inside width still isn't quite wide enough. Stuffing Grendel cases in a 5.56 mag will swell the mag to the point you can't get them in or out the receiver without force. On top of that there will be space between the cases top to bottom and really only touch the case on the opposite side. Cases in a normal stack touch top and bottom.
  2. Everyone that designs a wildcat has a different idea about what will make it more accurate or more versatile etc. This "TAC 6" and the TAC 30 cases have been shortened a little from the full 6.8 case length to allow loading longer bullets(105s) correctly at mag length instead of shoving the ogive down below the case mouth. The shoulder is blown out to a larger diameter to increase powder capacity as is the 30 degree shoulder instead of leaving it the same as a 6.8. Most of the cats I have done have been around since 2007 but they were custom 1-2 at a time until a few years ago when I started running 100 at a time.
  3. Take a look around. The best no BS site on the net. http://www.6mmbr.com/articles.html
  4. Because we can. Here's an article from the benchrest site since you brought up precision shooting. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2009/02/melonite-surface-treatment-for-barrels-bolts-and-actions/ I chambered my first stainless barrel in 1976. I've had more than a few that shoot just fine. I spent 40 something thousand dollars on Krieger stainless blanks in 2007 alone, not quite that much in 2008 since there were a lot of Pac Nor, Bartlein and Broughton mixed in. There is no doubt stainless barrels shoot just fine...they just don't last as long as a Melonite treated barrel. Like I said if you know someone who has a bore scope it doesn't take much of a gun pro to see the difference between the shape of a ss barrel VS a Melonite treated barrel after a 4-500 hundred rounds. Those fire checks start early, the guys that don't clean have barrels with little copper roots growing out of those checks.
  5. And they still blow chunks out of the lands after they firecrack from heat.
  6. Take a can (820) rounds and shoot them in an hour out of a stainless barrel and then do the same with a Melonited 4140 or 4150 barrel. Borescope both after, that is all you'll need to do to compare. 2 cans of ammo, 2 hrs you'll walk out with 1 usable barrel and 2 usable ammo cans.
  7. This is only to show max loads- any load between 58-60k should be considered max. Start 1.5-2gr lower and work up while looking for accuracy. 120SST---------2.3"OAL-- IMO apx 30-31gr is max fill for ball powders and the 120 sst loaded to 2.295 For that reason CFE, Lever, 2520 and 748 are too slow. This test run with an 18" barrel. 33gr Lever-2497fps and 49201psi-compressed max fill 31gr 8208-2558fps and 56923psi-compressed max fill 31gr H335-2542fps and 57091psi 30gr Xterm-2506fps and 57279psi 33gr 2520-2584fps and 54789psi-compressed max fill 28.2gr 2200-2609 and 57312psi 29gr 2200-2652fps and 59778psi 29gr 1200R-2597fps and 59703psi-temp sensitive, careful in hot weather 27.5gr Norma200-2536 and 58060psi 29.5 N530-2612fps and 57kpsi-max fill with 120gr bullet 28.2gr 10X-2561 and 55900psi 95gr TTSX-Top performing powders, any slower burning powders will produce less velocity 29.5gr 2200-2801fps-54260psi--28.5gr has shown to be accurate with 110gr bullets. est pressure 51500psi 30.5gr 2200-2889fps-57928psi 30.5gr RE7-2905fps-58100psi 29gr Norma 200-2819fps-55052psi 29.gr Norma 200-2862fps-57954psi 30gr N530-2709fps-50974psi-very close to max fill 27.8gr 1680-2854-58163psi 85TSX---Top performing powders, any slower burning powders will produce less velocity 1680-30gr-3047-56728psi 2200-32gr-2994fps-53313psi Norma 200-31.5gr-2993fps-53348psi-max fill RE7-31gr-2945fps-53436psi-max fill Thermal hog hunt video https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=jfAWKfYsUUY
  8. I'm pretty sure Todd uses a supressor 100% of the time. He's a paid hog exterminator.
  9. Good 6.8 video- hogs and thermal https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=jfAWKfYsUUY
  10. I just heard they are getting the 100gr Nosler Accubond up to 2600-2650 out of the same 16" Pac Nor barrel.
  11. Some of the latest testing - It looks pretty good. A 95gr Barnes TTSX going 2600fps out of a 16" barrel...H LINK REMOVED FROM NON-SPONSORED SITE originally posted by JWtharp---- I didn't know that was a link to a site, looked like part of the quote. String:,2,95TTSX,23.2gr.,1680 Accuracy:,1.3" Date:,3/15/2014 Time:,5:36:11 PM Grains:,95 Hi Vel:,2624 Low Vel:,2614 Ave Vel:,2620 Ext Spread:,10 Std Dev:,4 Velocity,Power Factor,Ft/Lbs 2619, 248.805,1446.759 2624, 249.280,1452.288 2619, 248.805,1446.759 2614, 248.330,1441.240 2624, 249.280,1452.288 String:,3,95TTSX,23.4gr.,1680,, slightly cratered primers Accuracy:,1.2" Date:,3/15/2014 Time:,5:36:55 PM Grains:,95 Hi Vel:,2645 Low Vel:,2614 Ave Vel:,2629 Ext Spread:,31 Std Dev:,11 Velocity,Power Factor,Ft/Lbs 2614, 248.330,1441.240 2624, 249.280,1452.288 2629, 249.755,1457.828 2645, 251.275,1475.627 2635, 250.325,1464.490 90gr Speer TNT- String:,5 90TNT 24.2gr. 1680 Date:,3/2/2014 Time:,4:08:09 PM Grains:,90 Hi Vel:,2693 Low Vel:,2619 Ave Vel:,2659 Ext Spread:,74 Std Dev:,28 Velocity,Power Factor,Ft/Lbs 2693, 242.370,1449.162 2656, 239.040,1409.614 2650, 238.500,1403.253 2677, 240.930,1431.993 2619, 235.710,1370.614 String:,1 90TNT 24.2gr. 1680 Date:,3/2/2014 Time:,6:13:27 PM Grains:,90 Hi Vel:,2672 Low Vel:,2614 Ave Vel:,2643 Ext Spread:,58 Std Dev:,27 Velocity,Power Factor,Ft/Lbs 2656, 239.040,1409.614 2614, 235.260,1365.386 2672, 240.480,1426.649 2661, 239.490,1414.926 2614, 235.260,1365.386
  12. Just to be very clear because I can see the direction this is going. I am not testing, developing or selling this cartridge but I did design it. The info below this was posted by Mark and Jwtharp on another forum. I reposted the info here because it's a cool little cartridge. H. Cartridge being developed by MDWS- "I've been working on a project for quite a while, and it is starting to come to fruition. It's called the .277 Wolverine, and basically it's a 5.56 case with a 6.8 bullet in it. Designed to use standard 5.56 mags without modification, 5.56 bolts, etc. All you need is a .277 Wolverine barrel and a set of dies and you're out shooting. Below is some basic info, and here's a link to the .277 Wolverine section on my website:" LINK REMOVED FROM NON-SPONSORED SITE Update: Test Barrel: Pac-Nor 16" Stainless, 5R 1:11.25 (ARP's Button), Mid-Length Gas, .086 Gas Port, threaded 5/8-24, Hunting Crown, M4 Extension Upper Build: Pac-Nor barrel, Syrac Adjustable gas block, Mil-Spec Middy Gas tube, Aero upper, Colt F/A Carrier, ARP 5.56 Superbolt Optics: Trijicon Accu-Point 3-9, Amber Dot, Mil-Dot Reticle on a LaRue LT-104 Relative Lower Components: Standard Carbine Buffer and Spring Bullets to be used for initial testing: Speer 90 Grain TNT Barnes 95 Grain TTSX Hornady 100 Grain SP Nosler 100 Grain AccuBond Sierra 110 Grain Pro-Hunter Hornady 120 Grain SST Proposed Powders to be tested with various weight bullets: 1680 Lil' Gun Win 296/H110 H4227 Re7 LT-32 AA2200 H335 Norma 200 Vihtavouri N-120 IMR 4198 H 4198 Proposed Primers to be used: CCI 41 (Other?) Production Barrels to be Ordered: Batch 1 - ARP 16" Scout Profile, threaded, melonite, mid-length gas Batch 2 - ARP 12.5" Pistol Barrel, threaded, melonite, mid-length gas Batch 3 - ARP 18" SPR, Target Crown, melonite, rifle gas Batch 4 - 10" 1:7 Sup/Sub Barrels... Manufacturer TBD There are a few things I need to say that will hopefully stand out immediately to anyone reading this to avoid some questions/comments: 1) This cartridge is in NO WAY meant to compete with the 6.8SPC's velocities. It simply can't. 2) I am not an engineer, machinist or physicist. Let's make that clear. I am receiving great guidance, however, and am pretty resourceful. 3) I had an idea, and am seeing it through. I'm not going to be disappointed if some people don't like it. 4) The name of the cartridge is the .277 Wolverine, and it's metric designation would be the 6.8x39, but has nothing to do with the 7.62x39, case or otherwise. 5) The Wolverine part has nothing to do with fantasy characters... it is a blend of the animal's reputation (small but ferocious), and, I happen to be a huge fan of the movie Red Dawn (The Original Version!) so there's my little personal touch. 6) I am funding this entire project on my own, and farming out most of the work so that is why it is taking longer than I want, and costing me more than I want to bring it to fruition. 7) This cartridge is not meant to be a long range DMR, Sniper, or any other long range application. Sure, you could launch one out there, but that's not the intent. The intent was to produce a CQB/Mid-Range cartridge using a 5.56 case/mags/bolt but with a 6.8 bullet. That simple. Basics: 5.56 parent case, 6.8 bullets. Standard AR15 5.56 bolt Uses standard AR15 5.56 Mags (Testing about 8 different brands shortly including Pmags) .277 Wolverine Barrel and Dies or other way to produce ammunition all that is needed Case: Parent cases used for first die set was Lake City 5.56 NATO Trim length 1.535 Shoulder bump .20 Neck Length .23 Bullets: First test bullets will be 90 TNT's and 110SPH's to show some basic versatility Second run will be 95TTSX 82Raptor, and a few others once powder combo's dialed in The "Smaller" .270 bullets (6.8 bullets) between 80 grains and 110 grains are ideal 120 grain SST, 130SP's, etc. are a little heavy for this but I'll try them, too. 200gr. Woodleigh bullets look like good sub/sup candidates Ballistics: TESTING FOR ACTUAL RESULTS IN FEBRUARY 2014 Expecting results of a 90 TNT at around 2600fps and a 110SPH at around 2400fps out of a 16" bbl. Will test a myriad of powder/bullet/load combinations and will post results of any pressure signs, accuracy, velocities and function. Concept Cartridge Case Drawing: From left to right: 5.56, .277 Wolverine, 300BLK, 6.8SPC
  13. First, where is your brass landing? If forward of 3o'clock it could be over-gassed and opening while the bullet is still in the bore. If that is the case try an adjustable gas block to slow it down, heavier buffer and opspring might help too. It could be a bad or damaged crown, use a 7-10X mag glass and look for small burrs. Make sure allof your mounts are tight and on the receiver, not touching the handguard. The twist rate is fine, you can shoot up to Berger 130gr VLDs with an 11 twist. Flat primers could be an indication of too much headspace either from the barrel bolt combo or the brass being undersized, even new brass can be undersized. Swipes could be a sign of over-gassed, high pressure or a dirty chamber. If the case is stuck to the wall of the chamber it stays stationary while the bolt spins on the base...swipe. If the case has time to contract, the case will spin with the bolt...no swipe. If the ammo has grit on it from a dusty range or the chamber is dirty then the case can stick to the chamber walls and again swipe. All of what you posted makes me think right off the bat it could be over-gassed.
  14. If you look close at 7.62x39 Russian or foreign ammo the primers are recessed, on top of that they are hard. That is why they don't fire, not because the bolt is out of spec. The extended firing pin and bolts machined to have more fp protrusion is a fix so an AR will shoot surplus 7.62x39 ammo. Even with an extra .010 protrusion some ammo still does not fire. Some 7.62x39 ammo is sized very small creating too much headspace.
  15. This time of year it takes a long time to get barrels made. The guys working in those shops like to hunt just like everyone else then there are all of the holidays plus the SHOT show so this time of year it takes 4-5 months to get barrels made. The chamber and rifling design is mine and I own the tooling required to make those barrels so yes the only way to get those exact barrels is by going through us or a dealer that sells our parts. I am receiving 264LBC and 5.56 barrels a month ahead of when I expected them, if lucky we may see the 6.8 barrels in Jan. The 18" barrels we have in stock are apx 40-50 fps slower than the 20".
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