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  1. former jarhead, K-9 handler still working for uncle sam hence the name dogboy
  2. I started out building a shop/reloading out building approximately 10X12, after I poured the concrete it ended up being 30 X 42. I had a hard time explaining it to the wife! Somehow she found a key. Dogboy
  3. I have an AP4 in 308, great rifle, plan to buy another with a 20" BBL on it soon. You will like it. DB
  4. When I order items from DPMS their turn around times they give are pretty accurate.
  5. I have two girls that will be 5 in july they will be that fast by 7.
  6. Thanks for the information, I have not seen this any where else. I will check mine. DB
  7. AKFF, I have had my AP4 for a while, no malfunctions of any sort using federal, winchester and black hills ammo. Soon as I get the money up, I plan to purchase another one with a 20" bbl. dogboy
  8. Nate, A dealer can order the parts and put a rifle together or he can order a rifle from DPMS in a wide variety of configurations. Dogboy
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