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  1. This works well. I found it on uzi talk http://www.uzitalk.com/forums/showthread.php?80146-How-I-clean-my-supressor-baffles
  2. Date of Test: 06-20-2014 Time: Start @ 10:00am End @ 3:00pm Location: Locust Grove,GA...........Open Field. Weather conditions: Start of test Clear , 86F, 65% humidity, 30.11inches Pressure, Calm wind End of Test Scattered clouds, 89F, 49% humidity, 30.04 inches of pressure, Calm wind This is my Addax Tactical GPU The guy hosting the event is an 07/02 SOT and recored a Huntertown Guardian 22 using a 3D Printer
  3. Well I have some of the results for those interested, First Liberty Cans Chaotic SWR Octane 45 I will update with more as I can/get time.
  4. Just a small update. I am still waiting on the info to be posted. I know he is working on getting it done but there is a lot of info to type out. Some of the silencers metered AAC Mini-4 Liberty Mystic on a AR15. SWR Octane 45 AAC Ranger 2 Griffin Armament M4SD Surefire SOCOM 762 Liberty Chaotic SWR Specwar 762 w/ Trifecta flashhider Gemtech Alpine And more.................
  5. Testing Method: 2 Sound Meters were used, all at the same time...............A Weighted All calibrated with a 4231 calibrator. 1 Meter location: 4136 mic Left Ear location (15 cm) : 4136 mic
  6. Silencer Testing Equipment: #1- Bruel and Kjaer 2209 sound meter with 4136 microphone #2-Bruel and Kjaer 2209 sound meter with 4165 microphone #3- 4231 calibrator As far as I know that is the equipment that is being used. He is pretty good about keeping the info up to date and that is what he has listed
  7. Yup the buzzsaw is full auto. It belongs to the dealer that was hosting the event I will get the info on the meters for you.
  8. Leondios Integral 300 BLK by Liberty Cans Mosin with a Can If I remember correctly off the top of my head it was 168 db without the can and around 133 db with a can
  9. I got a chance to go to a silencer metering event Friday. I was able to bring any suppressor and host and get it metered. This is put on by another forum I am a member of and the information is non bias 3rd party. Some of the host metered were a Mosin, a couple lever actions, bolt action 44 mag and of course there were AR's. I will start posting some of the results and pictures as I get them. The guy that is doing this was cool enough to stop in Georgia on his way to universal studio in Florida. I am doing this from my phone at the moment and will have to get to the laptop because this is a pain from my phone. Liberty Cans Chaotic
  10. Didn't know if I should have put this in thr Full Auto section, but in the end regardless of your feelings on Class III items the ruling could end up opening a door that does not need to be opened. I hope everyone attempted to make a comment during the open comment period. Hopefully things will go in our favor. http://americansilencerassociation.com/an-update-on-41p/
  11. I got my hostage flapper today. It is as good as all the other ones I have ordered from Jake
  12. You can thank NFATCA for bringing the 'trust loophole" to the attention of the ATF. http://www.subguns.com/boards/mgmsg.cgi?read=811702 NFATCA Board Officers, Board Members John Brown, President -Battlefield Sports, Ltd. Teresa Starnes, VP -DoubleStar Jeff Folloder, Executive Director, Sec/Treasurer Curt Wolf ,Vice President -US Armament Corp. Additional Board Members Robert Landies - Ohio Ordnance Works Dan Shea -Long Mountain Outfitters Robert Segel -Small Arms Review John Tibbetts -John's Guns, retired
  13. Lol, i just figured if there is an alien invasion it may come in handy. Seriously i wanted something different, fun gun to shoot, but the trigger sucks.
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