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  1. I recommend going to Freeze Dry Guy's website: http://www.freezedryguy.com/ There you'l find an article regarding a packing list for use with the US Army's now retired ALICE pack, one of the best rucksacks EVER made ! When the poop hits the blade it won't matter how you "look". The best priced and most effective equipment for a survival circumstance, in my opinion, is military equipment. Supplement your base military equipment with various civilian camping items and you have the best of both worlds. Just remember....you can't take everything. Three essentials....security (a weapon), water, and food. After that everything else is extra ! Again, go to this site: http://www.freezedryguy.com/ and you'll find a wealth of experience on BoB's and other issues of existing after the balloon goes up ! Delta 3-2
  2. I have a 590A1 with the Ghost Ring sights. The range officer for the state jail I retired from use to allow me to qualify with my 590 instead of department issue Remington 870s. I always enjoyed maxing shotgun qual with my 590....40 of 40 ! The ghost ring sights are awesome and allowed you to put lead right where you intended ! The 590 is dependable, well built, solid and always ready to engage. I'd recommend a side saddle mount to carry 5 extra rounds with the weapon. Enjoy your 590....it's one of the best weapon purchases you'll ever make. Delta 3-2
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