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  1. tippet

    Good Morning- It's Spring

    Good morning Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  2. tippet

    Good morning Armory

    My best to you all Sent from my XT1030 using Tapatalk
  3. tippet

    mr. tippet's wild ride

    speaking of bike trails, that's what I'm working on. It's a boardwalk/bridge system on the south side of the river on Lady Bird Lake
  4. tippet

    mr. tippet's wild ride

    My house is about a mile from the expo center, there's a big rodeo & stock show going on. Hope I don't miss it. right now the thunder and lightning just finally began producing rain. wonder if I'll see a Texas flood
  5. tippet

    mr. tippet's wild ride

    I've been working 6am-7pm all week, but today; only worked 4 hours this morning. Tomorrow I'll put in a few too, got to get this project under control before I can settle down to regular 50-60 hr weeks. Some clown broke a window out of my truck while I was in the verizon store, stole the laptop case and data collector (essential for modern surveyors), that put a hitch in m' gitalong. Next day, company fixed the window, got me a new laptop and dc, and sprung for a license for Autocad civil 3d...$7k worth of software...these guys don't do anything half-vast. So my luck holds. Even this poison ivy I have on about 12% of my body isn't bothering me as much as I expected. It's tough being apart from my wife. But we talk every day and text a lot, we're not going to let a little thing like 1300 miles keep us apart. Wish I had more time to log on here. I'd love to spend a few hours with you guys daily.
  6. tippet

    +1 SepsiS

    Bought a magpul asap sling mount. The man delivered what he said, when he said he would. 100% perfect transaction Thanks SepsiS -T
  7. tippet

    mr. tippet's wild ride

    Some of you guys sound like hens clucking. beotch beotch beotch lol. Anyway for my part, I'm very glad to be out of Cali, next step is to convince my wife to quit her job, she's making too damned much money and that's why we've been stuck there for so long. Eventually she'll choose me over the job. Hopefully sooner rather than later. As far as Austin goes, let me tell you it ain't Cali even if it's still not the heart of Texas. This is where i got a job, and a damned good one at that. I'm the project surveyor for a job in downtown on the river, it's supposed to last another year. I'm in talks with several other outfits, none of which are in Austin, so when the time comes I'll slip seamlessly out of these 90 square miles of weirdness and into reality. Probably CC or possibly San Antonio. For now, I'm happy as a clam at high tide. Oh yeah the details: week before last I decided to spam my resume out to Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Texas. I had palnned to interview with most of the people who called me back, I was going to go to Austin, Houston, CC, San Antonio, Salt Lake, Missoula, and Sidney. I came here first to kick off the tour, and they made it too frikken sweet to pass. None of the other companies would have been able to come anywhere near this offer, so I took it and no regret. I was hired within hours of getting off the plane on Monday. Next day I piss-tested and found a house, on Wed I started work. I have a company F250, a sweet laptop, and a real bright future. Need to find time to fly back to San Diego, see my wife, get my car, some guns & fishing gear, and drive back.
  8. tippet

    mr. tippet's wild ride

    holy cow, the last 10 days have been incredible. I don't have a lot of time to explain right this minute, but you might notice there's no longer a California flag beneath my name to the left. Thank God.
  9. Tom, the problem is, even if they're commited partners, most places they can't legally marry, so without this policy, the benefits available to legally married couples wouldn't be available to them, even though they're serving, same as everyone else who takes the oath.
  10. if there weren't any legal blockades to gay marriage, this wouldn't be an issue. I think it's surprisingly forward of the powers-that-be to provide this avenue for them.
  11. tippet

    Please keep my lady in your prayers

    Thoughts and prayers with you both, Smoke
  12. From HLF? That's odd. They put this run up on the site yesterday.
  13. http://www.shop.hlfmanufacturing.com/ HLF has them in right now, $200 and it's supposed to be a very fine unit better hurry up I'm surprised they still have any left
  14. tippet

    Took a knife to the leg...