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    anthing .45acp AR-15 C&R weapons that I put "ALITTLE $ into" SKS and my 10/22 Fishing for anything and FORD TRUCKS and as some of you know I LOVE MY KIDS

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  1. I have a 10/22 obsession.I have 5 in the safe at the moment.When I decided I wanted a bolt action,the choise was easy for me. The Ruger American Rimfire. Good out of the box accuracy,same mags as the 10/22,and under $300.The stock has an inter-changable comb for iron sights or scope. I have spent a small fortune or my 10/22s and the American "almost keeps up with them.
  2. Thank You Sir for the info and the link.
  3. That's it? No special stamp or markings on the lower?
  4. I want to build a 7.5 pistol. I can get an Anderson lower for a great price from my local gun shop. How do I go about making sure it is a legal pistol build?
  5. Looks like a good deal.They sell new on Optics Planet for $85 and I believe you still have to pay shipping.If I had a little plinker,I'd be all over it.
  6. Thanks Neil.I've been thinking about swapping out the FSB for a railed gas block.I really don't need a free float rail,so I need a gas block that I can still use the DD drop in rails with.Any ideas?If I do this and go with a lower mount,without the spacer,would I get absolute co-witness?
  7. That's a great mount,but will it get the sight over the FSB.Right now I'm at lower 1/3.Thanks for fixing the pics Neal.
  8. http://s1141.photobucket.com/user/wesbruce/media/SDC11800_zps1f47005e.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 http://s1141.photobucket.com/user/wesbruce/media/SDC11797_zpsac2a969f.jpg.html?sort=3&o=4 http://s1141.photobucket.com/user/wesbruce/media/SDC11796_zpsce012b20.jpg.html?sort=3&o=5 Here are the links.Thanks for the help Neil.
  9. Ditto.Every one that has seen my lower that they did for us wants to know where they can get on.I just smile and tell them "It's special,you have to be special to have one."
  10. After playing with it in the house,looking out a window from dark to light,and down a dark hall way with the SureFire,I see what you mean about wash out.I'm going to keep it.But will be checking out some 1x4 scopes to replace it.Just don't want to go back to batteries.
  11. Oh,I am well aware of the honesty here DMV.Thats why it's the ONLY gun related site I use.I always value the oppinions here,good or bad.
  12. Can't get Photo Bucket to load them here.
  13. Thanks guys.Way to bust my happy bubble.LOL.I thought I did pretty good trading the old 22 for it.Yes Neil,it's the 4.5.Took it out in the cold this morning and ran a couple mags.I like it.A bit different than the EOtech,but I can deal with it.
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