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  1. Seattlefungus

    Rock River Arms lower with DPMS Upper

    The finish will be a little different. DPMS coats theirs with a Teflon finish. RRA uses a standard dark Mil Spec. All mil spec AR parts will fit either.
  2. Seattlefungus

    Bolt Not Closed All The Way

    With the bolt carrier design of the AR lugged bolt. In order for the firing pin to come in contact with the primer of the cartridge. The lugs must be fully rotated and seated. This action is predicated on the cam coming to a full forward at rest position. If the lugs are not seated, the cam has not come to full forward rest. The firing pin can not strike the primer, nor even break the plain of the bolt face. Eugene Stoner was a hell of an engineer!
  3. Seattlefungus

    Question about YHM Uppers

    +1 on the minimum tools... The Yankee Hill tool will seat and time the barrel nut. Then tighen and aline the lock ring. Head spacing is danger important! I've installed seventy or eighty YHM free floats. The only time I don't use YHM is on piston systems. (Too tight on overhead clearence.) and on .308 builds.. (Because they don't offer them yet!).
  4. The M4 ramps were tied up by Colt. The patents have expired. (US Law fled before 1995- Expire in 17 years. After 1995 Expire in 20). So the process can now be used in common industry. (Kinda like when a drug patent expires and a ton of Genaric's come out at 1/10th the price of the big name..)
  5. Seattlefungus

    HOW and DO free floating hand guards work?

    You can tell them that on a free float. The same threaded nut on the upper receiver which holds on the barrel is what the free float is mounted to. Ask them when the last time they saw an AR barrel fall off? Also any free float rifle less susceptible to heart beat vibration, breathing vibration and other human related interference to the bullet flight as you are not touching the barrel in any way unless you grab the barrel it'self... As holding the free float is totally isolated from the barrel and it's harmonics.... Match Guns use them, DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle) use them, Varmint rifle's use them and so does the SR25 sniper rifle.
  6. Seattlefungus

    Century Golani - Galil

    Over all, the Galil is a good reliable rifle. But the main complaint is the weight. The receiver is heavier than any other AK type rifle. It is milled and very heavy. In Israel, only the support and atty folks used them, the Infantry used the M4. The kits are currently scarce and therefore expensive. Compliance parts are not a major problem as the US parts required are 3 additional US (W/ US Receiver and barrel), due to no trunions on a milled receiver and lacking some of the other parts on the 922r. The main complaint from builders was/is the out of spec receivers made in the US prompting many good smiths to refuse to work on them. ORF is the manufacturer of the milled US receiver and there are a lot of opinions as to their quality and consistency. Lastly, the kits which were available were from South America and treated hard.
  7. Seattlefungus

    ak bolt open?

    A lot of military weapons don't lock the bolt to the rear on last round. HK, CETME and AK's to name a few.. (With the HK's and CETME, a problem having to reach up the forearm with the left hand to lock the action open.) also a lot of military hand guns use a bottom mag latch.. Means no fast mag changes for reloads.. Different shooting philosophy I guess..
  8. Seattlefungus

    Mosin Nagant, Help Please.

    +1 on checking the bore. There are nice rifles out there and the Nagants are great shooters. You will most often find the Mossing Nagant 91/30. They were designed by taking the input from two different ordnance officers. One Belgian, Léon Nagant, The other Russian, Sergei Ivanovich Mosin. The caliber chosen, 7.62X54 Russian, was the last rimmed rifle cartridge adopted by a major military in the 20th century. The tooling necessary to build the rifles was not available in Russia, the first batch were made a French arms plant, Châtellerault (1892-1895). Then during WW1 by Remington and Westinghouse (Both 1915 to 1917) to augment the production from the three principle Imperial Russian arms plants at Tula Arsenal, Izhevsk Arsenal, and Sestroryetsk Arsenal. After the revolution, they were only built at Tula and Izhevsk. For a shooter, look for a WW2 period round or hex receiver 91/30, M38 or M44. These will have import stamps on the receiver. Any of the Imperial models, Finnish models or special interest types will cost more. (in some cases A Lot More!) Most of the import WW2 models are in excellent shape, bores will be dark. The Russians Arsenally refinished all models, which included re-bluing the barrels inside and out. (Yes the barrel inside is blued!) Many were then counter bored. (A 1/2 to 5/8 part of the barrel is machined to make a clean end to the rifling to remove the damage done by the corrosive salts in the primers of the period.) Finding a Nagant counter bored is not a negative and they shoot well. Post revolution arsenal markings to look for are located on the top of the Receiver, near the chamber: Star or star with arrow in middle= Tula Triangle or triangle with arrow in middle= Izhevsk (largest WW2 producer) Arrow only=Sestroryetsk (Parts mostly) Regards
  9. Seattlefungus

    US uses bullets ill-suited for new ways of war

    On the weight issue of 5.56 vs 7.62X51 or whatever. bottom line, you carry your personal load, the team load, and the shared squad load. If you have SAW, rockets, radios, etc. the load is spred around. At least it was when I was in the Corps. That meant carrying smoke, popups, M60 ammo, personal weapon ammo, food & water. Been that way in every war and battle in US History. The faster the weapons fire, the more ammo you carry. (the reason the US Changed to the M3 -500 RPM for the Thompson 600 to 1200 RPM.)
  10. Seattlefungus

    Cops want to be paid for getting dressed!

    True.. Ninth Federal Court ruled that three or four years ago.. Required a meat packer to pay the employee's for their time for dressing in sepcial clothing required for their job. Ummm kind of like Police and Fire? Sure, and Dunking Donuts too. LOL
  11. Seattlefungus

    Theory for removing stuck cases

    I've used the ruptured cartridge extractor on an M60 MG and the G3. The fluted chamber rifles of HK roller bolt design rip the bottom off weak casings with such frequency it is a must have item... The ruptured cartridge extractors work quite well.
  12. Seattlefungus

    Theory for removing stuck cases

    I've used the ruptured cartridge extractor on an M60 MG and the G3. The fluted chamber rifles of HK roller bolt design rip the bottom off weak casings with such frequency it is a must have item... The ruptured cartridge extractors work quite well.