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  1. NighthawkCarbine

    Sig 320? Anyone?

    I have the P320 Full Size w/ Large and Medium frames and a P320SC with Medium and small frames. GREAT shooters.
  2. NighthawkCarbine

    swfa scopes?

    Nikons make great investments as long term scopes passed down the line.
  3. NighthawkCarbine

    swfa scopes?

    Owned one and for the price it was serviceable. You can do MUCH BETTER with only a slightly larger cash outlay. As a beginner optic they will do the job.
  4. NighthawkCarbine

    Glock 42

    Way too late to the playing filed. Now the Glock kool-aid drinkers will snap them up.
  5. NighthawkCarbine

    Cops Killed By Firearms?

    Sadly the number of LEO's killed in single vehicle crashes, generally high speed, have been steadily increasing the past several decades. We are surviving the gun battles but are killing ourselves trying getting to them!
  6. NighthawkCarbine

    Colin Noir response to banned super bowl ad

    I about spit my scotch on the screen when I watched this yesterday.
  7. NighthawkCarbine

    Iron Bowl 2013

    Great game and correct ending. Bama better be ready to pony up, Univ of Texas is hot to get Saban. Last rumoured offer was 10 million annually.
  8. NighthawkCarbine

    Which state became Magpul's new home?

    Maybe, just maybe that once the recall election results were in and with the recent resignation of an anti they came to the conclusion that the anti-gun climate in CO was a changing. Color me hopeful but I pay attention to minor details like that. I am quite certain they do also.
  9. NighthawkCarbine

    Which state became Magpul's new home?

    Move or not they provide a quality product at a fair price. It is really mindless ignorance to say because they did not move you won't purchase from them. Geesh.
  10. NighthawkCarbine

    Good shoot or bad?

    The wandering stupid old coot was no threat. Remain inside. That is not to say that a senile alzheimers patient cannot be a threat. In my area last year one was brandishing a gun and shooting if off. He met his maker for his troubles.
  11. I love mine. 300+ trouble free rounds.
  12. NighthawkCarbine

    Stopped at random checkpoint for no reason. Do you comply?

    Excellent advice that should be heeded by all that have two or more living brains cells.
  13. NighthawkCarbine

    Tons of Ammo @ Cabela's

    Cabelas in Allen TX has an excellent of most anything this last Saturday. However they did not have even one box of 22LR. The manager of the gun counter said his sources indicate 22LR will be in short supply for at least another year or two. The reason is simple. The profit margin on rimfire is very slim compared to the large markup on centerfire.
  14. It is emotion over Intelligence instead of the other way around.