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  1. Sounds admirable enough...I’ll give it my best
  2. “Good Morning” Joel ‘Learners Permit’ Good for you. I’m sure we’ll bump into one another in the future.
  3. First to TJ, yes I imagine you have the right to a good belly laugh 😆 regarding California and morals, another oxymoron, the perversion is legion, however, no one here tries to hide the deviant behavior behind the cloak of hypocrisy, that of being in a ‘Bible Belt’ it’s overt for all to see. I also make no approval of the behavior. It’s something you have to tolerate if living in any metro area in California. Now to Joel, but I think Sam fits you better. eleven years lurking occasionally, Yes. But it appears in six you’ve been a rather chatty type...you’ve more than made up for my lack of postings, I’ve reviewed a great many of your posts?...are you an admin as well? If not.....then
  4. Well I do consider myself braced and thank you for the welcome. perhaps I should have waited a wee bit before pointing out the humor and contradiction in the OP’s post...sorry ! Thank you Joel wont happen again
  5. Thomas Jefferson you seem to be on the periphery of a Paradox. The lady has been arrested I assume. Has the common law husband been arrested also, is the child in Child Protective Custody. What is the current status of all family members ? You seem to be quite anxious about being implicated, if your family are simply neighbors and nothing beyond that, you should not worry about being questioned or a search warrant issued. Your initial post gave me somewhat of a Belly Laugh! ”We’ve suspected it kind of normal around here for many” then you mention being in Bible Belt Country which is an oxymoron. your location shows as Tennessee. Incest, common law marriage((Shaking Up)) and Polygamy seem to have a storied history in Tennessee. ‘Go Rocky Top’
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