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  1. LPDTactical

    I need help please

    prayers headed your way
  2. LPDTactical

    Valentines Day - whatcha' gonna' do?

    Yep... it's confirmed.... Doing nothing....
  3. LPDTactical

    New Tatoo

    I don't
  4. LPDTactical

    Valentines Day - whatcha' gonna' do?

    Probably nothing... getting ignored, dealing with kids.... same old shat.
  5. LPDTactical

    New Tatoo

    That wouldn't be all that brilliant.
  6. LPDTactical

    Got Promoted

    Congrats there young PFC!!! I remember how proud I was when I made PFC (perfect for cleaning)! You will make E4 before you know it, and it won't be long before people are standing at Parade Rest calling you Sergeant!
  7. LPDTactical

    Rock Island Armory

    I have one as well. Great shooter and great gun! The price listed is too high for a used one though. Offer him less!
  8. LPDTactical

    I tried to shoot straight

    Wow..... I remember a thread just last year where you let everyone know you were a poor ass real estate broker with a degree in neuroscience... Then I remember your real estate company having tough times, and you were going to move to Aussie land to manage some resort....... Quite the side jobs for a "fed".
  9. LPDTactical

    When is 24 gonna' be on?

    I have been watching every episode this season....... the trick is to set your DVR to record the entire season. That way if you miss it, you still have it!
  10. LPDTactical

    When you go out, where do you sit?

    Without fail, I sit where I can see the entrance and the majority of the resturaunt. I don't go to bars. Being a cop in the same town I eat out in, makes it a challenge. There are always shitbirds that recognize me that I might not notice right away. Some of them don't like me... imagine that.
  11. LPDTactical

    National Guard

    I'm completely serious. I am more than willing to help you out through the ins and outs of the daily life of a Guard Soldier. If your health is not an issue, then there should not be a problem. If you still interested in doing this after you go to work force, Contact me via PM. I will get with you and answer any questions you have. Remember, it will take a bit of time to enlist. It is not something that happens overnight.
  12. LPDTactical

    National Guard

    You are NOT too old..... Go for it. I can help out with any questions you have. I can also help you through the process... Get ahold of me.
  13. LPDTactical

    Please Pray for hsracer201

    prayers inbound!
  14. LPDTactical

    Traffic Stop

    Thing is..... what is the defenition of a reasonable amount of time? It might take 30-40 minutes for a dog to arrive, and in some instances, a judge will find that amount of time IS reasonable based on the circumstances. Othertimes he may find it is not reasonable.
  15. LPDTactical

    Post some inside info about your job.

    Nope... Not at Rucker... I am taking my WOCS through the RTI program here in Ohio. It is designed for Natl. Guard / Reserve Soldiers so we do not have to attend the resident course. This way we can continue to work full time jobs. I go 1 weekend a month to school just like my normal drill schedule, then in July I will go for a 2 week AT at Camp Atterbury IN and graduate on the last day of that. I was a 14S prior to putting in my packet for Warrant. I will be a 140A now. I spent my entire enlisted career as a 14S in the SHORAD world.