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  1. kevin8122006

    Alright Kentuckians

    Howdy all, Georgetown KY here.
  2. kevin8122006

    XS Big Dot OR Heinie Straight 8 Slant Pro?

    Chapie, I guess the one question I have for you is, what will you be using the weapong you are putting the sights on for. If it is for duty/personal defense, you want to go with a sight that you are comfortable with. Since you are comfortable with the sig style, I would go with the Hienies. I have them on two of my defense/duty pistols and love them. Keep in mind that when the $%&*! hits the fan, you can forget about any kind of precision sight alignment, and point shooting comes into play. Statistics show that most armed confrontations happen at a distance of 4 to 7 yards. This is where muscle memory and comfort with your equipment may make a difference in winning or losing, and losing is not an option. If the gun is for target/range shooting, then go with the most visible sight to help you shoot the scores you want. Either way, the most important thing here is that you be comfortable with what you get. Both sights are quality products. Good luck with your decision.
  3. kevin8122006

    "The One" 1911

    Full House Custom by Marc Morganti of Gemini Customs. The most accurate, Reliable 1911 I have ever owned or shot, and there has been a bunch of them. Cost @ $3,000. forum
  4. kevin8122006

    Dear motorist: A rant.

    NorCal, it is refreshing to see that things are the same anywhere you go. Unfortunately there is no cure for stupid. Well, there is ONE, but..unfortunately society frowns on it.
  5. kevin8122006

    Full house custom 1911 by Gemini Customs (Lots of pics)

    Good questions. As for the fluted barrel and guide rod, the most honest answer I can give you is that it looks cool. I wanted to keep the classic lines of the 1911 with this build, but have some neat custom touches. It's kind of like popping the hood on a stock looking '68 Camaro only to discover that the engine has been all chromed out. Just a neat touch that you don't notice with just a glance. As for the grip treatment, it has all of the grip you could ever ask for without any snag whatsoever. Very comfortable to shoot as well. I put about 400 rounds down range the first day I got it back and it never became uncomfortable to shoot.
  6. kevin8122006

    ATN Javelin 125W (Updated: pics added)

    Update: I finally got it mounted. The ATN Javelin appears to be all I thought it would be and more. I have had the opportunity to compare it a little more thoroughly with several Surefires, and Pentagon lights, and I'll tell you, the quality and workmanship is equal if not better. After all ATN makes nightvision equipment for the military so they know how to make something rugged. I would definitely reccommend this light to anyone looking for a rock solid weapon mounted light at a very good price. Now for the pics:
  7. Hello all, I am brand new to this forum, so I thought I would start things off by posting some pictures of my full house custom my Marc Morganti of Gemini Customs. This project has been a little over two years in the making. It took me a year to research and gather all of the parts and pieces as I did it one piece at a time due to some budgetary constraints (Thank God for L.E. discounts from Caspian and Brownell's). It took another year for Marc to wave his magic wand and turn a box o' parts into what is for me the perfect carry/defense pistol with a few added touches to catch the eye. The one thing I knew when I started out was that I wanted to keep it somewhat simple but have some truly unique touches as well, specifically when it came to the front strap and MSH treatments. Marc and I sat down and went over some Ideas and we finally came up with what I believe to be a truly one of a kind treatment. According to Marc as far as he is concerned it will remain that way until he gets a CNC machine as he had to do each cut by hand with a 1/8 inch end mill and a rotary table. The rest of the work/parts are as follows: Caspian Stainless Steel frame and slide Schuemann Ultimatch bull barrel Cylinder and Slide ignition parts Greider trigger Ed Brown grip safety Welded on mag-well Cut and recrown barrel Flute barrel, barrel hood, and guide rod Textured frontstrap and MSH Heine sight cuts Heine slant pro sights with tritium insert in front sight Light de-horn and carry bevel Hard Chrome by Tripp's research Ahrend's grips in Macassar Ebony Obviously this is not a complete list but you get the picture. Speaking of pictures I guess this is where I should put them. Please excuse my photography skills, I do know my limitations. Ichiro has nothing to worry about. I have had the pleasure of knowing Marc for about 10 years. He is the ultimate professional, and would gently guide my suggestions with such caring phrases as "That would look like mud flaps on a Mercedes". Hope you all enjoy the pics. I feel I would be out of line if I didn't throw in a couple of pics of my RRA Tactical CAR UTE 2 (Click on the thumbnails for a larger view)
  8. kevin8122006

    midwest industries mctar 17

    Go with the MI free float system. I just installed a set of the extended length carbine free float rails on my LE duty rifle. I couldn't be happier with them. 5 minutes with a dremel and the delta ring is history. Absolutely rock solid. Besides, that continuous top rail monolith look is badass.
  9. kevin8122006

    Rare 1911

    Ahh, the 1911. My favorite pastime. If I may expand on this thread just a little bit about the history and values of the 1911. Aside from the commercial variations of their model of the 1911, Colt subcontracted many other companies for WWI and WWII since they couldn't possibly keep up with the production demands. Some of the WWI subcontractors included Remington-UMC, Sringfield Armory, AJ Savage Munitions Co. (they produced only slides), and the North American Arms Company which you previously spoke of. During WWII Colt subcontracted with Ithaca, Union Switch and Signal, Remington Rand and the Singer Manufacturing Company (yes the sewing machine people. The singer is I believe, second to North American Arms when it comes to rare 1911's.). Values for 1911's and variations: Colt M1911 military mfg. 1913 condition 98% 1980 value: $975 1990 value: $1600 current: $11,000 North American Arms mfg. 1918 condition 90% 1980 value: $4,500 1990 value: $7,100 current: $25,000 Singer 1911 mfg. 1942 condition 70% 1980 value: $2,750 19990 value: $6,750 current $17,000 These are the three highest values for collectors. A superior condition Singer sold at auction a couple of years ago brought $40,000.00. (info from the Guns and Ammo Complete book of the 1911. Jan 2006, pg. 84) Thanks for taking the time to read. I love my AR too, but my full house custom 1911 from Gemini Customs is my all time favorite.
  10. kevin8122006


    New to the forum here. Glad to see an area for us hillbillies. I currently live in Georgetown, and am a Sergeant with the Georgetown Police Dept. Originally from Floyd County.
  11. kevin8122006

    Alright Kentuckians

    We do have electricity, but we don't get Saturday Night Live until Monday Morning. Oh yea, and it takes us an hour and a half to watch 60 minutes.
  12. kevin8122006

    Free Float Quad Rails

    Troy, I just got my MI extended length carbine quad rails installed today, and I couldn't be more pleased with your product. I love the extended length and the options it gives for mounting accessories further forward. I have for lack of a better term, long ape arms and I was never comfortable having to mount my verical foregrip closer to the rear of the weapon in order to mount my flashlight where it needed to be. Thanks for offering such a quality product at such an affordable price.
  13. I am currently modifying my AR (Rails, optics, Tac Light, etc.), and searched and researched several lights, the obvious ones being Surefire, and Pentagon. I ran across the ATN Javelin 125W weapon mounted light and liked what I saw. The specs and warranty looked good and the price looked even better (Optics Planet has it for $139.00 and free shipping via UPS). I took a chance and ordered one. It came in today, and so far, I am a believer. Initial handling showed very good workmanship and quality. It comes with a mount for picatinny rails and a pressure pad tail switch. The light output is stated at 125 Lumens, and it seems to deliver. It is made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, and appears to be very rugged, with tight seals in all the right places. So far I am very impressed. I have handled several models of the Surefire and the Pentagon and the ATN seems to at the very least equal them if not surpass them in quality. If you are in the market for a weapon mounted light, I highly recommend looking into this light. For the price you can't beat it. There is also a larger model that is rated, I believe for 169 Lumens, however it is longer, requiring 3 CR123 batteries, as opposed to 2 CR123's for the 125. I will be updating this post periodically to let you know how it holds up. I also plan on posting pics once it is mounted. If anyone has had any experiences please share. Thanks for reading.
  14. kevin8122006

    Aimpoint refinishing question

    Thanks for the help, I'll give the super black pen a try.
  15. Has anyone ever refinished their Aimpoint, or other similar optic? I am considering buying a used Aimpoint from a friend that is in very good working order, at a very good price. However it is a little rough looking, with some scratches and scuffs. This is purely a cosmetic question. I was wondering if any of the spray-on finishes such as Alumahyde would work to touch it up a bit. It's not that big of an issue, just was curious.