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  1. Still alive and trying to get something moving, but I'm not holding my breath. The long wait has taken the wind from my sales. I still sign petitions and contribute to several organizations. I tried writing and talking to some legislators, but have learned that very few really take their oath serious. Gonna keep an eye on them, but save my contributions for the conservative groups. Burnt out on the politicians!
  2. jisco

    HB 99 Moving

    Hello again! HB 99 will be getting another hearing soon. It's one of the proposed Bills that would Nullify Ohio from Federal infringement on our 2nd Amendment Rights. Something like10 other states have already passed theirs. Th hearing will be on one of the next 2 Tuesdays at 1:00. This hearing wasn't scheduled to be heard, this session, but is being worked in partly due to the executive order situation. I will post which Tuesday when I find out.
  3. UPDATE on HB 99 Hello, Just wanted to let anyone that might be interested know that I received an email yesterday from Rep. Hood. He said that the Ohio House wasn't scheduled to hear HB 99 this term but they were going to work a hearing in soon, and I would be messaged when the date was set. He also left his contact info for anyone that wanted to speak. It's also important that we make a good showing. Anyone that is interested can email me. jisco@frontier.com
  4. popeye, you are exactly right. I post on Face Book regularly whenever anything comes up that would help or hurt our Constitutional Rights. I have 150 plus on my Friends list and get the same 7 to 10 that respond. An example of their thinking would be the huge uproar when Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty was suspended for 6 episodes by A&E. I personally love the program but fail to see how people will complain nationwide over a TV program yet won't call or email their representatives to insist on protection for our Constitution. I'm a retired lineman so Monday I'll resume the calls / emails to oppose the UN treaty and the HB 99 committee to move it along. It' too easy to contact our Reps. for people to be ignoring it! Take care & keep up the fight!!! jisco S. E. Ohio
  5. Wont bother you guys again. Just want to say that the lack of interest in trying to pass HB 99 is pretty much the reason we're fighting so hard to keep our Constitution, as it was originally written. For those that took the time to read my post, I appreciate it! jisco
  6. Nwatson99, we as a nation are up against it. I went to my county commissioners in June & asked that they would take a stand against any future gun laws, nullify. They were all Republicans and agreed. BUT, they first had to run it by the county prosecutor, first term Rep. About 3 weeks later I received a call to come to the next meeting. They voted & agreed to a Resolution. The Jackson Co. Commissioners agreed to a Resolution that stated. Jackson County agrees to a Resolution, to recognize the 2nd Amendment, as originally written. Much less than I was seeking. I don't know who to trust any more. People are scared to speak up, which is what the gun grabbers want. I am a retired lineman with grandchildren, ages 11 & 12. I took the oath, to protect & defend the Constitution in 1972 as a Marine recruit, which is for life. I'm at a loss, but know the importance of the 2nd. The "Tenth Amendment Center" is a good organization which is all about protecting our Rights. Working toward, indefinite detention, drones, the 2nd Amendment and more. FWIW more people should take a look at their website and FB page. I appreciate the opportunity that this group has given me to plead our case. Good people!!! jisco
  7. Hello fellow Ohioans. Not sure if you are aware, but there are 3 Bills that could help protect our 2nd Amendment Rights. I have called & emailed the committee members for two of them for quite a while. What we have is House Bill 99, which had it's second hearing recently. We even had a representative from N A G R testify for the Bill. We also have Senate Bill 36, which is in committee. Then, there is a fairly new one, but I can't remember the number. I know this sounds sketchy, but I have all of the info on committee, members names, and email address to the members to contact. The state Republican Party has a program designed to push for 2nd Amendment candidates. Republicans hold the House & Senate and HB 99 from what I'm told can pass if we keep calling & emailing. The bottom line is, Ohio can stop future Federal anti gun laws with your help. If you are interested in passing legislation to protect Ohio, I would be glad to follow up this post with the details. Let me know if interested. For now, if you use Face Book, Type in "Second Amendment Ohio" which will take you to a closed group. Click on link to be a member. This group is the people pushing these Bills & you will get a lot of info. It's free. My name is Joe Coyan & I will help you if you need it. Send me a message or friend request & we will go from there. Let's work together & get the proposed legislation passed here in Ohio. Thanks, jisco
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