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  1. Video of engraving process (short) https://www.dropbox.com/s/6rujdecxkbpogu9/Video Dec 03%2C 13 59 47.mov?dl=0
  2. Yes, you pay via the eForm website. At the end of the paperwork, you click “verify” to ensure the paperwork is accurate. Then you click “pay” which opens a window to pay the $200. Then you are allowed to click “submit.” The system won’t allow you to submit the form without haveing already paid.
  3. When I did mine, it allowed me to submit my photo. And for the finderprints, they emailed me a cover letter that I had to mail with my fingerprints once they were complete.
  4. Correct. If you are purchasing a manufactured suppressor from a retailer...say a SilencerCo, it would be on a Form 4. If you are manufacturing the suppressor yourself, it would be a Form 1.
  5. Bump** Stamp approved in 10 days!! ! (Details in original post)
  6. Fingerprints completed and sent off. CLEO notification completed.
  7. From my limited knowledge, you have to list the shortest configuration. Then, you submit an amendment listing any additional barrel lengths and calibers. Also, here is some information on the ingraving requirements... https://johnpierceesq.com/what-are-the-requirements-for-engraving-an-item-you-are-building-on-a-form-1/
  8. Got my stamp approved! Submitted on 11/18/18 Pending on 11/19/18 Prints arrived to ATF on 11/20/18 Stamp Approved on 11/29/18 10 days from pending to approved!!! ——————-—————————————————————————————————————————————————— Good evening Gents, i just submited an eForm 1 for a SBS as an individual. I have never done the eforms. I have printed out the CLEO notification and will head the the Sheriffs office in the morning. My question is: I do then prints, mail them off and give my Sheriff an copy of the CLEO notification....that’s it right?
  9. Yeah, even tho I live I a free state, Ive seriously considered getting one just to have something different. I think a MK12 upper on their lower would be a pretty sweet setup
  10. I would go with something like this first: (I actually kinda like it) https://fightlite.com/collections/scr-rifles
  11. An assault revolver with high-capacity magazines and a revolver were recovered at the scene. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/suspect-killed-officer-injured-in-southern-california-shootout/
  12. DD M4v11 Milspec+ Troy BUIS Trijicon MRO on a Midwest QD mount Stream light TLR-1 HL long gun kit on an IWC/HSP Thorntail mount This is my grail gun. Odds are I will never in my lifetime be able to afford to do this again. Thanks everyone for the input and suggestions.
  13. Well, the Tavor is our...when handling it, since there is no trigger guard, my hand kept going up too high causing my bird finger to get in the way of the trigger. So I ordered a DD M4V11 Milspec + and a Trijicon MRO! Should be here in about a week...
  14. I think Im going to have to go to the LGS tomorrow and play with both. This is almost a once in a life time oppertunity for me to purchase either of these guns. I sold a few toys in rapid succession and didnt realize the war chest I had amassed. In all likelihood, it will never happen again. The Tavor is a gun that is different and probably something I would have never considered. The DD is a rifle Ive wanted since I started playing with black rifles. Although I have other ARs, the are all builds or cheaper rifles that have been upgraded with aftermarket parts. If I go tomorrow and I dont have the eureka moment with either gun. I will stash the cash and keep it for a rainy day.
  15. One of the items that I sold to have this cash was a Vortex Razor scope.
  16. Both rifles will have roles as range & home defense. i have rifles specifically for hunting. Both of these will spend 99% of the time as range blasters.
  17. I contacted this guy (hes local) to see if he would take $2K cash. http://www.armslist.com/posts/8144393/gainesville-florida-rifles-for-sale--iwi-tavor-sar-with-mepro-21-sight-and-upgrades--
  18. I already have a few AR’s. I really am leaning towards the Tavor just because it’s something cool and different. I have ALWAYS wanted a DD rifle and not that I have the coin to drop I’m torn.
  19. Ok guys, Im in a bit of a tight spot. I have $2,000 to spend of myself. I have never spent this much on a firearm and Im have a bit of difficulty deciding what I should get. I have it narrowed down between a Tavor or a Daniel Defence. They both cost about the same so cost isnt a factor. What say the Armory??
  20. Will do. The next time I have some spare change Im gonna try to pick up a UTX-70, but they are pretty hard to find.
  21. Ordered a UTX-85 D/E with satin blade. Should be here in a week or so. Update to come. Example:
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