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  1. Yes I do, at home. I spoke to my insurance agent (also has a CCP) and he assured me my homeowners policy would cover me at home for any SD shootings. He settles one a few years ago when a policy holder shot and injured an intruder. I did call him when I was in a SD fight a few years. (Attacker got a few days in the hospital and a year in county!) His advice was, if they sue, settle. his policy would not cover me because I was not at home. They never sued. (I was very SURPRISED!) The NRA offers liability insurance to it members for as low as $68 a year for $250K. It's a good deal.
  2. Oh, come on, just one more accommodation is OK. I think next they should allow sadist to wallow in the pigs blood and spank each other with the entrails. Just one more accommodation is fine.................. Now I hate both Tyson the fighter and Tyson chicken.
  3. Thunderbolts are my go to linking ammo. Good price, great ammo in my 10/22. (My favorite ammo is Rem Subs, unbelievably accurate!)
  4. My 16" 1in9 likes Black Hills 77gr Match the best followed by Wolf 62gr. (Black Hills 55gr was a disapointment) I've tried UMC 55gr and it fed/fired fine but was very poor groups at 100m. (Twice the size of the Wolf 62) I've got 855 and XM193 on order to test also. I read somewhere (here?) that the military surplus 5.56 is more accurate than the same grain bullet in .223. When I get the ammo, I'll test it and find out.
  5. I'm looking for a mount like that myself. Lets us know how it works out.
  6. My thoughts exactly. You won't see that thing on any of my guns, ever.
  7. Great truck! I am green with envy!
  8. $64 plus $10 for shipping, 300rds. Not bad. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?a=282659 It's on back order until Feb 22. Ship date is the 23rd. This stuff shoots really well in my DPMS M4 with the 1/7 barrel. :smile:
  9. Fast shipping, great product. I highly recommend it and Bravo.
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