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  1. He would, but he doesn't have any. Jay
  2. Did it pass by the required margin to overide his veto? Jay
  3. Mornin' Thank you for my favorite waitress. I'm a real DHH man. Jay
  4. Notice the boy in the background to the right. Is it me, or is he like "WTF, that's my girlfriend"? Jay
  5. Well, I'm ready to go to Brazil now. Jay
  6. I'm not into fancy pants places either. I nice steakhouse is plenty fancy enough for me. I also love a good pizza joint. I'll eat fast food, but I don't go out of my way for it. I eat it for time/convience purposes. Jay
  7. That definately looks like it has possibilities. Jay
  8. I'm chiming in late today. I have been busy at work. Mornin' Jay
  9. Depends... Relationship - Mary Ann Just Banging - Ginger Jay
  10. What??? That was funny. Jay
  11. I think Bryan meant that as a joke, but forgot the emoticon. I know that we would all love to get paid to burn powder for a living. Jay
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