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    New to AR's, Love 1911's

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  1. Big Time

    Colt Delta Elite Night Sights

    I presently have my pre-enhanced Delta Elite at Trijicon for night sights,it is finished and on it's way back to me at my home address,I should have it in hand tomorrow(thursday)cost was about $99.00 for the sights and $30.00 for labor and return postage,all I had to send them was the slide.which cost me $8.00 to ship it to them,insured even in the cost.You are recommended to call them first before you send in your slide.
  2. Big Time


    Big Time checking in!!! :wos_armee_026:
  3. Big Time

    Bolt Question

    Can you tell me if the bolt is supposed to stay locked open after the last round has fired?This question relates to my Stag lower/DPMS upper. Thank you!
  4. 2 out 3 taurus's had to send back for repairs,So I finnaly learned my lesson,no more taurus.
  5. Big Time

    "Tookie" question for LEO's and CO's

    I believe it was way to cold outside for any riots,now if this was july or august,it would have been different.Anyone agree?
  6. Big Time

    What's Your Favorite Sidearm?

    I mostly carry my Springfield 1911,sometimes my Caspian.
  7. Big Time

    GOOD MORNING ! 12/12/05

    Good Morning! Now its the 13th here,about and Hour and 22 mins till Tookie expires.
  8. Big Time

    Who do you work for?

    Columbus,Ga. Corrections, Ex-Military,combat vet.
  9. Big Time

    Where to shoot in Dover/Philly area?

    Hello,new member here,Where's a decent place to shoot in the Dover/Philly area around Christmas time?Pistol and Ar?I'm from Georgia,but was raised in this area,my parents still live in Dover so I'll be home for the holidays.Also wheres some good gun shops in the same area?Thanks a bunch,Merry Xmas!