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  1. j-dub

    Anybody Remember Woodstock???

    I was crawling lol.
  2. j-dub

    Hey Mr.Treadhead

    happy birthday
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    Good Morning!

    good morning Joel good morning armory
  4. quarantine if for the sick, tyranny is what is happening now.
  5. j-dub

    This one got to me.

    fleshwound, never feel guilty about doing right by your parents, they are looking down at you with thanks i'd bet. my father put my grandfather into a nursing home when he started suffering from Alzheimers. he spent his last months tied to his bed. hell of a way for a vet to be treated. nursing homes that are run for profit seem to be a problem up here.
  6. j-dub

    Canada Mass Shooting Updates.......

    that pretty much sums it up. ain't it grand, we have a dictatorship, no need to vote anymore.
  7. j-dub

    Good Morning!

    good morning Joel good morning armory from canukistan
  8. j-dub

    Canada Mass Shooting Updates.......

    well, the turd pulled the pin. it is a convoluted mess, but he has pushed this through. we wait and see the response from our conservatives, as they have been silent so far. not much detail, and lots left out...typical liberal/socialist shat. from my cold dead hands sounds about right. dancing on graves, who would have thought. not to mention. no word on the origins of the firearms used in last weekends nova scotia rampage. dollars to donuts, the firearms used was an issued firearm. we'd hear otherwise if not true. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/trudeau-announces-ban-on-1500-types-of-military-style-guns/ar-BB13tzfB?li=AAggNb9 Trudeau announces ban on 1,500 types of 'military style' guns 21 mins ago OTTAWA _ Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is banning a range of assault-style guns, with an order that takes effect immediately. The cabinet order he describes doesn't forbid owning any of 1,500 'military-style' weapons and their variants but it does ban the trade in them. Advertisement Trudeau says the order has a two-year amnesty period for current owners, and there will be a compensation program that will require a bill passed in Parliament. In an announcement this morning, he cites numerous mass shootings, from Ecole Polytechnique in 1989 to the killings in Nova Scotia last week, as the reasons for the move. "These tragedies reverberate, still," Trudeau said in his daily address to Canadians. They shape our identity they stain our conscience. They make adults out of children. The heartbreaking truth is that they are happening more often. "It needs to stop." Stricter controls on firearms were a promise in the Liberals' election campaign platform last fall. Public Safety Minister Bill Blair says guns that have no use in sport shooting have been a growing part of the Canadian market.
  9. j-dub

    Good Morning!

    good morning Joel good morning armory
  10. j-dub

    Canada Mass Shooting Updates.......

    the ban is happening. details unknown. our turd, Trudeau aka the turd reich, launches his new gun prohibition tomorrow. what we do know, ar15's are on the list, as are m14/m1a's, xcr's, mini 14's, to name but a few. there is also talk of muzzle energy being part of the equation. so no more .50bmg, 408 cheytac, to name a few. in fact, I think there are some good hunting chambering that will now become prohibited. we won't know if we are being grandfathered, or ordered to surrender them, or have them bought back. what I do know, and you all know full well, I hate what this country has become. funny, the turd wants his seat at the un security council, but we rely on your country for our security. yup, that is how delusional liberals have become. the only thing we have to fight are courts, which is just buying time, and non compliance. wish us luck folks. I've been saying it for years, the liberals won't be happy until all the power is theirs.
  11. j-dub

    This one got to me.

    up here we are bailing out college kids, to the tune of 9 billion dollars. yet the people who helped forge this country, our vets, our elders are left to die in pathetic conditions at nursing homes. socialism or death, I choose death, but at the hands of my enemy.
  12. j-dub

    Happy Birthday FLOTUS!

    happy birthday Mrs Trump.
  13. j-dub

    Hey Dark Prophit

    happy birthday
  14. j-dub

    Good Morning!

    good morning Joel good morning armory
  15. j-dub

    Canada Mass Shooting Updates.......

    it was a bad day for certain. the rcmp look completely inept these days. here are the facts. -the pos shooter was deemed violent back in 2002. -the pos shooter did not have a firearms possession acquisition licence (pal) not fac, fac's went out 20 years ago but the mounties know their stuff. -the pos shooter had a legit (stolen) rcmp uniform. -the pos shooter had two almost exact replica patrol units, knowing eyes knew the numbers weren't right (5 digits instead of 4). -the pos shooter ran loose for 13 hours killing and burning, not one emergency alert issued. -the pos shooter had a handgun and long barrel rifle. those are the facts. added to this mess is the fact that up here the rcmp lose firearms on a fairly regular basis, but that's ok, they're professionals. we lost a lot of innocent people last weekend, under the rcmp watch. the only reason this rampage ended, is because the pos shooter stopped at a gas station to fill up, and a couple of pumps over was a officer filling his patrol unit. pure happen chance. that is how the cops up here work. the police help figure things out after the carnage is over. they do not keep people safe, who knew. first chance our pm socks, aka the turd, wants to further his gun control, dancing on graves is the liberal way. he says he had all the plans in place before the pandemic took place. only thing, the liberals do not have the power, they have to have support from our conservative party, and I don't see that happening. even if he does use oic, the paper work that will flood the courts will backlog any possible seizures for up to a decade. his plan is to buy back every single restricted firearm from legal owners. so he wants to throw upwards of 2billion dollars to confiscate firearms from the most vetted and trusted in Canadian society. as restricted firearms owners in canada, we are vetted every single day by the rcmp. we have some of the strictest gun laws available, only if these azzhats would realize, CRIMINALS DO NOT OBEY THE LAW. Rumpster, you can't really call out canada as far as gun control, you have some real doozies down there, but you have a stroke of pure genius, thanks to the ff. the 2nd A. we have no such provision, in fact, if you said on the application you where buying a firearms for self defense, you would be denied outright. to say shame on us, or how can we let it happen is not accurate. the truth is conservatives are being pushed out by the liberals. they out number us, they own the media, and use it very efficiently. alberta is looking to separate from the confederation, and are gaining a large amount of support. if they manage to work it to fruition, I see a move in the future. either that, or I will jump the border and claim asylum. scary days, but petitions only go so far, and i'm about tired of pumping them out. to ad. I have the utmost respect for leo's who actually get on board for the right reasons. up here, its a gravy train, so many in our law enforcement are on the sunshine list it boggles the mind. the sunshine list is a listing of paid civil servants that earn over 100k per year, it is a long long list. the liberal meddling has seen it remove requirements for officers to have physical fitness testing. its discrimination. a 4"8" woman who has done nothing but wait tables can be a officer, faster than a 6'2" man in excellent physical condition can. the bottom line, we have become far too soft, and the results are world wide these days. shut down the world to save less than 1% of the population hmmm. I don't know, and can't think of a society that prospered with that thinking. hurt the many, to save a few, what more could a liberal want.