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    my amazing wife,shooting, riding harley's, nascar, hockey, football (NFL), heck pretty much any sport, good times and friends.

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  1. j-dub

    Yea, It's Monday.

    blue angels are not in his future
  2. j-dub

    I'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!

    been there bud. what ever you do, don't cut them off I've started growing out a beard, fire is not my friend anymore.
  3. j-dub

    Pets. Lets see them.

    introducing Ragnar, and Rollo. we rescued these two little goofballs just over 4 years ago. they are a hoot.
  4. j-dub

    Today's Pigeon Shoot (seriously pic heavy)

    some great pictures. really like that Yankee Lady flying fortress. thank you for posting these
  5. j-dub

    A little late but.......

    who you trying to bait for jebus sakes....hancock 45?
  6. j-dub

    Senior Citizen Digestive Track

    fiber smiber porridge, and raisin bran work wonders for me.....so far
  7. I am definitely in the wrong country sounds like you got it figured out TJ. but it raises a question. what new gun is on the list
  8. good on him. hopefully good karma finds its way back to the truck driver.
  9. j-dub

    I knew it. That raid in Houston was total BS.

    this is very bad, on very many levels. Winston Churchill once said, a society with too many rules, will lose respect for law. the sad thing is, we're seeing this right before our eyes.
  10. j-dub

    Trump memes

    do you want to see heads explode?
  11. j-dub

    Good Morning!

    good morning G good morning armory
  12. j-dub

    Hey skyrep

    happy birthday
  13. j-dub

    Hey jchtrh

    happy birthday James