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    my amazing wife,shooting, riding harley's, nascar, hockey, football (NFL), heck pretty much any sport, good times and friends.

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  1. j-dub

    Good Morning!

    good morning Joel good morning armory
  2. j-dub


    that kid has more brain cells than aoc. hell, if given the choice, I'd vote for her over aoc
  3. I don't know where to buy them, but I would definitely buy one for now, my zombie targets will do.
  4. j-dub

    Ow! It must be Monday...

    the guy should buy a lotto ticket, talk about lucky.
  5. j-dub

    So that's how they do that....

    wonder if they paint over road kill like the road paint crew do?
  6. j-dub

    I almost cried today a Retiree's tale

    at least you didn't fall and couldn't get back up
  7. j-dub

    Good Morning!

    good morning Joel good morning armory
  8. j-dub

    The War Began Today

    never forget indeed
  9. j-dub

    Hey MAX_LT

    happy birthday
  10. j-dub

    I swear I'm going soft in the head....

    and I usually just blame my bad eye
  11. j-dub

    Good Morning!

    good morning Joel. good morning armory
  12. j-dub

    Pretty cool drawing.

    sitting with grandpa, and listening to his stories is something I will hold dear til my last breath. cool indeed
  13. j-dub

    Marine confession

    now that's funny
  14. what a jackass. that jackwagon shouldn't be allowed to own an ant farm. good looking lizard, as far as lizards go