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  1. i just can't figure this out. i look at the numbers, and nothing makes any sense. 8billion on the planet, 4million dead after 18 months, says the kill rate is .0005%. the WHO said last month that there are now over 200,000,000 confirmed cases, with 4million deaths. that says the kill rate is .04% iirc. i can't make sense of any of this. there are phuckers out there saying they survived the worst pandemic ever, worse than the spanish flu which killed 2.5% of the population at the time. we are living in strange times my friends. i don't see normal returning, i see china drooling, along with the liberals licking their lips. turn off the tv, this will end real quick. i'm surprised the messengers haven't been targeted yet...cnn, msnbc etc.
  2. j-dub

    Hey Pepper

    happy birthday Pepper. all the best brother.
  3. nice, hope its a good shooter for you. good thing about 1911's, you can still use it to beat them when they run dry.
  4. j-dub

    Hey j-dub

    Thank you Joel, and the motley crew lol. another one down, hopefully many more to come. thank you everyone, this is appreciated.
  5. chiappa 1886 12inch 45.70 takedown, fun gun, and seconds for a flame thrower. welcome to the armory.
  6. good morning Joel good morning armory
  7. bad things are brewing. the turd called a snap election in hope of garnering a majority, if he wins, canada is toast. scandal upon scandal, and he is a huge admirer of the new Zealand pm...who just locked down her country for 1 case. liberals, their moral compass is so broken fear, and weakness is now king.
  8. gorilla warfare is ugly, if it gets ugly, the left will own all of it.
  9. 3 2 1 , they'll blame Trump.
  10. good morning Joel good morning armory
  11. lady justice is in a liberal induced coma. rule of law needs to return, for the sake of your union. look at us, we're are royally fooked, thanks to a castro love child. remember omar khadar, yeah, Trudeau is a c&%ksucking goof. those in power do as they please, so long as they lean left.
  12. I equate non surgical masks right up there with chain link fences to stop mosquito's. it is a sign of compliance, and virtual signaling. of all the people who got the jab, I would wage a very high percentage only got it so that they could travel, and get back to normal. well, how's that working out? racism is real, the most racist, are the most vocal. no need to look any further than the main stream stooges. GET WHITEY!!
  13. the biggest wealth transfer in human history, over a bad flu. the media is owned, and doing its job, fear is now virtuous, courage is disdained. I wish I had a glove like thano's did, one snap, problems solved, only direct it at leftists this time around. what I find weird is the math. 8billion people on the planet, 4million dead after 18 months from the kungflu, that makes it .0005% of the global population taking a forever nap. 80% of those are elderly. did I miss something, have we become so weak that we must now sacrifice our children's well being. now the delta variant...may be very transmissible, but seems to be much weaker than the og. liberals are evil, proof is all around us, yet no one speaks against it. I am tired, very tired of all this, this nonsense, this seems to be a liberal wet dream, and never ending.
  14. good morning Joel good morning armory
  15. j-dub

    Hey Longhair

    Happy belated brother
  16. happy birthday brother
  17. dark days lie ahead. be strong. God Bless Donald J Trump, and God Bless The United States Of America.
  18. good afternoon Joel good afternoon armory if I don't make it back in time, I want to wish you all a merry christmas, and a much better 2021.
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