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  1. bambambam

    HM Defense raider m5

  2. bambambam

    HM Defense raider m5

    I purchased their F5 Guardian model which is no longer available.It does not have the monobloc gas block or the newer bolt that they offer now.I called them up when I recieved it and asked about it not having this.The president of the company answered the phone and answered my question.Since my rifle was some of the first production run he told me this feature was not available on the this model.But if I had any problems that they would refit my rifle with the newer parts.I bought it new from a local gunshop and the only problem that I have had was that it doesn't like some brass ammo.It will jam on a live round.Since I can buy the Tula ammo from walmart war cheaper that brass I just run that thru with no jams.The 55 gr Tula will shoot about 1moa at 100 yards.The best add on I did was to put a Primary Arms prism 5x scope on it.Enjoy the rifle. I paid under $600 for it.
  3. bambambam

    Little Johnny again...

  4. bambambam

    replacing cotter pin

    KNS makes a replacement pin that will fit flush to the carrier.
  5. bambambam

    Reloading..die brand? progressive press use?

    I use a Dillon 550b with Dillon dies.Had my first depriming pin break in 25 years.I have never had a case get stuck in either pistol or rifle.So I am going to stick what has worked well for me.When I started out it was on a Lee pro 1000.Never could get those disks to not spill powder but it would crank out the ammo.
  6. bambambam

    PSA Magpul MBUS set for less than $50

    It has been a week since I ordered these sights,have not recieved any shipping notice or tracking number
  7. bambambam

    Looking for opinions on these 2 rifles

    I see that you live in Ohio,take a look at HM Defence.They are made in Ohio.I got one on a whim and I am really happy with it.Plus they come with a 5 year warranty.They have a new style of bolt that should be stronger than the current mil spec.They also have the mono bloc barrels in which your gas block is milled in the barrel. Look at their website has all the info there.
  8. bambambam

    Copes Distrubuting

    I live 20 miles from them.Grew up in the area.Their place is Man Heaven.If I went there very often I would go broke.
  9. bambambam

    Strange thing with ammo accuracy.

    I have gotten the best accuracy using 19.0 grains of 4198.My barrel is a 1in7.
  10. bambambam

    Got another family gun running

    I have one,it is the 187A fun gun
  11. bambambam

    Lower Reciver Trouble

    Bill Goodman's is coming up 2-25 go there and see if you can find one also at the Shelby county fairgrounds on the 25.I live just north of Troy.
  12. bambambam

    Cocktail time

    Woodford Reserve on the rocks
  13. I had a pro 1000,now I have a Dillon 550 it will load both pistol and rifle.Buy the best once.
  14. I am just the opposite I have one and don't like it. Maybe it is my old eyes... it is just hard to sight with.