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    Inaugural Picture Thread

    That'll do the trick too.!! Mine is .308 and once I get the suppressor together, I'll be using 220gr Sub-Sonic, but for now it's 175 or 180gr BTHP for the job at hand.. They work just fine too
  2. gunfixer

    Inaugural Picture Thread

    Thanks Man
  3. gunfixer

    Inaugural Picture Thread

    ​My POF Revolution finally the way I want it, only sans a good "Can"... With a good "Can" this should be the ultimate Wild Hogger
  4. gunfixer

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    'Nice start Sean, be safe, learn and enjoy!
  5. Very nice rig!! Good luck w/ it!
  6. gunfixer

    Who we got from GA?

    It would be great, but honestly I never see ANYONE post here anymore, Georgian's that is... I vaguely remember Canton, when I lived in Merrietta I had a friend living there and we used to go up around Etowah Indian Mounds rock climbing allot.. I am way down in Coastal (Savannah 'burbs) Georgia now, so too far off most likely.
  7. gunfixer

    Inaugural Picture Thread

    My smaller big gun..; (16") not nearly done yet though.. Are they ever..?!? I just added some old parts bin sights and such and swapped the stock for an older Magpul.. I am altering a standard Mid-Length tapered MilSpec handguard today and adding an AFG below it possibly, these both to replace this fat assed factory straight sided one!! Fugly! The A-2 grip has got to go today as well! I will be using a different butt stock and different sights (Undecided, any idea's?), some type of rear folding BUIS and likely a different removable fixed rail height front.. Those different one's to be in conjunction w/ my XPS2 and a 1st Gen. Eotech 3x magnifier I have...
  8. gunfixer

    Safety Harbor Firearms AR 10 Compact stock

    I like the looks of it.! 'Wonder when it'll be perfected...
  9. Finally procured my .308 and am ready to finish it up... POF, P-308 Patriots Edition w/ 20" Fluted Match Barrel, 3# Single Stage Trigger and **Luth-AR Fully Adjustable Stock. (**I like the adjustability and weight of this, but can't help but feel like the Magpul PRS might be more appropriate..) At present I intend to set my Vortex Viper PST-210S1-A, 2.5-10x44, EBR-1 (MOA) Optics on her in a set of LaRue LT-123 QD rings... What would you do?!?
  10. I hope others are keeping up w/ THIS thread as it seems to be really "Hitting It" in regards to sharing some terrific information! Thanks all, I am really appreciating all this and am soaking it all in. Best, -E!-
  11. Thanks for that.. I have thus far become fairly fond of my "Luth-AR" adjustable stock; the truth is in how she feels when I finally go and "Warm 'er up..!" :D
  12. gunfixer

    Who we got from GA?

    Well.. Thanks for doing ALL that you've done for us (American's!!) Sir..!! And thanks just in case you spent time haulin' or savin' my Dad's ASS there as well.!! He was UDT early on in the war and had MANY GREAT THINGS to SAY about the Brown Water Navy and also MY personal FAVE'S the "Puddle Pirate's" over in 'Nam.. (I was SFC 12-B/30, U.S. Army and then up to GMC(P), in the USCG..)
  13. So... Haven't had a minute to play w/ my whistler yet, but I sure am wanting to... So... What kind of "Can's" are you guys most fond of for .308, and why..?!? My delicate ear hasn't "Heard" a significant differance between a $350.00 YHM and a $1200+ $$ _______ (<<< Fill in the names here...) Have YOU..?!? Thankfully/ Hopefully, my day's of hunting two legged critter's are over, so this is purely practicality here... Thanks,
  14. Shopping list for Santa; A new (at least to me...): Endless 168gr. BTHP Match Rounds. Adaptor and High quality pivoting Bi-Pod. Adaptor and Sound Suppressor. BAD Lever (That will actually FIT my rifle). Ergo Target/ Sniper Grip. Oh hell... Whatever I can think of... 'One of each of those...
  15. It's all some great conversation and I am not at all worried about that!! This scope is amazing, but I DO believe I may have just doubled the weight of my rig.!! ***BTW - How does one go about getting the banner for TWS, etc. in/ on our posts?
  16. Okay, thanks to redbarron06, I now have a more appropriate optic for my machine!! So obviously, I am no longer going w/ the Vortex 2.5-10x44... I will give details as I go... :D Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  17. I do understand it that some folks find the PRS to be excellent exCEPT that it makes a weapon quite rear heavy... Too rear heavy I suppose, or other reasons to stick w/ the Luth stock? Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  18. Okay, so I'm getting different optics; I'll letcha's know when I get 'em.. ;)
  19. gunfixer

    Inaugural Picture Thread

    Just the start of my .308... POF, P-308 Patriot Edition, 20" Fluted Match Grade and Luth-AR fully adjustable Sniper Stock. :D
  20. gunfixer

    Inaugural Picture Thread

    My "Old School" SGW/ Oly, CAR-15 A1; Dad and I bought it together in in the early '80's and it's been around ever since.!
  21. gunfixer

    AR15 Picture Topic Part IV

    How's about "Old School..?!?" My Dad and I bought this together when I can back from Central America in '83; SGW marked "Oly" CAR-15..
  22. gunfixer

    Big Bad Rifle Pic thread

    My PTR-91 Hog Gun: Trigger job, Medium Pic Rings on a B & T mount, Millett DMS-2 Optic and +1" stock extension; all inside a quarter at 150 yds..
  23. gunfixer

    1911 picture thread

    15 yo Series 1 Kimber; 'My daily carry since I re-vamped it: The pics were from not long after her re-birth; she's got a lil wear now.
  24. gunfixer

    WTB standard barrel nut

    Email me and if I have a couple I will send them to you, but... I may have given them away already, so not 100%.. - E! Mobile -