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  1. Yea. Kind of crazy huh? I'm waiting for the story on how Z was seen coming out of a convenience store, speculating on whether or not he was carrying while in there, and how grateful the other patrons should be that they got out alive. I was wondering that same thing.
  2. Janitor

    Good Morning!

  3. Janitor

    Good Morning!

  4. Janitor

    Random shots

    That thing is friggen beautiful! The face is maple?
  5. Dang. Wonder what his cost/hr is to fly that thing.
  6. So best guess we have on why he got busted was that he may have made his own surpressor? I guess the person writing the article wanted to make it sound like everything about the rifle was illegal. The guy does sound a bit like a GOA centerfold.
  7. Well ... he sounds like a tool. But ... They never bother to explain what laws they thought he was breaking. Is he a felon?
  8. I think you got that right.
  9. The neighbor started looking for a room only three or so weeks ago. He found a B&B with a couple openings within 20 miles of the event. Pure luck though. Most places are booked a year ahead of time.
  10. Janitor

    Lee County Sheriff calls out NAACP in a letter

    Great letter. Too bad it won't be widely enough read by the folks who have been duped into thinking that self serving hate group was actually involved in doing some sort of good.
  11. Janitor

    Don't steal a Russian woman's phone

    :rofllmao: I love how he's just left alone laying all curled up in the middle of the floor. I'm gonna guess whimpering.
  12. Janitor

    Good Morning!

  13. Janitor

    God, Guns and Automobiles

    But ... but ... it's about used car salesmen. I've got a fiver in a bet with a friend that the next big show following a group of whacky but tactical greenskeepers around in their daily work.
  14. Janitor

    Tonight's Adult Beverage.

    Dude - that does suck. I'm sorry to hear that.