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  1. What if any difference is there between the Spikes and CMMG?
  2. Been looking around to opt to a .22lr conversion since 5.56 ammo prices are so steep and the supply is hit or miss. Anyone have any comments?
  3. Have you taken her to the range yet? Have fun zeroing the AIMPOINT! It's a pain in your ass at first.
  4. I spray paint my base plates OD Green and numbered them. The color helps them stand out from others and numbering helps with knowing which one had any failures/ malfunctions with those mags.
  5. Correction, it's an AIMPOINT COMP ML3 not ML2. It has the fancy dust cover!
  6. Here is a picture of my M4 with the AIMPOINT COMP ML2 (2MOA Dot) mounted on the ARMS quick release mount.
  7. I bought my Comp ML2 w/ 2MOA dot in an ARMS quick release mount for right over $500. I would strongly recommend the 2MOA over the 4MOA. Smaller dot means more precise shot.
  8. Thanks for the support guys! It really means a lot to the us out here on the ground. I have another incident to add about my AIMPOINT. Yesterday, my SSgt. was picking up my rifle, and for whatever reason he decided to toss it to me. Needless to say it never reached my hands and landed smack dab on my AIMPOINT. I thought that was going to be the last of my scope. I figured i was going to atleast have to site it in again. NOPE, she shot just as accurate as the first time I zeroed her. He was supprised that he didn't break it and commented, "I thought for sure I broke something, but this thing is solid as a rock". Tack one up for the AIMPOINT on the scoreboard!
  9. I'm a Field MP currently serving in the Al Anbar Province with the Marines. I have switched my issued ACOG to my own personal AIMPOINT COMP ML2 on my M4. It is so much easier to acquire targets at close distances with the Aimpoint in my opinion. I love the both eyes open approach to shooting with the ML2. Just the other day while on a training range with my Marines, I was taking 100yd. shoots in broad day light nailing 6 inch metal disk with no problem. Before I purchased my ML2 I was contemplating the EOTECH also, but was turned off by some of the horror stories from other Marines who have used them. One was having hit the EOTECH and the lens housing cracked causing the lens to fall out. As a Marine everything you use has to be rugged, I’ve slammed my ML2 around more than I would care too and it’s still ticking. I’ve never used the EOTECH, but my vote would be for the AIMPOINT.
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