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  1. Why do I have a feeling that probably doesn't belong to him?
  2. I made my own for about 10 bucks in leather and 5 for a good buckle. The tools will run you the cost of a good leather belt but once you own them you can make top quality belts for dirt cheap.
  3. I'm jealousy. Mine won't be here till late July at the earliest probably.
  4. That's me too (with a G23). I buy all my shirts a size big so the only imprinting I have to worry about is minimal, and like you said most people never even have a clue.
  5. What are you doing to dress for the weather and still carry? What's your pistol, rig, dress? Do you have a year round system or are you adjusting to compensate for the outside oven temps?
  6. That's actually what I'm doing right now. I was just trying to find some way to speed up the process.
  7. I purchased a Safariland lined kydex holster for my G23/TLR-1s. The problem I'm having is that even after adjusting the retention screw the gun still binds on the draw. The only way I can get a clean draw is if I take my weak side hand and apply pressure to the base of the holster so that I'm drawing perfectly straight up. Apparently this is being caused by the fabric lining the holster creating friction against the slide/light. Anyone experienced a similar problem and have any suggestions on how to wear in the holster so I can get that clean one hand draw?
  8. IMHO Comp-Tac and Raven both make a top shelf product. If Raven is benefiting from the "Magpul bump" I say good for them. If Comp-Tac made a comparable OWB holster to the one from Raven I would have gone with them but as it is I don't mind waiting to get what I really want.
  9. I decided to go ahead and order one for my 23. The estimated lead time was 35-40 days.
  10. I need a new CC holster for my Glock 23 since adding a TLR-1. I'd like something open top with good retention. Any and all suggestions welcome.
  11. I actually came in here to post a question about the same company. The quality seems good but that does seem like a long wait.
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